• I.MX6Q Mic. Recording Problem!!

    Good Day! My name is Jason Oh from Korea(South).   I have ported android 7.1.2 successfully to our custom  i.mx6q board. CPU       : i.MX6Q OS     &...
    Jason Oh
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  • i.MX8-MEVK UART Input No Response

    Hi experts,   I was recently working with i.MX 8M Evaluation Kit, while the board's debug UART ports get very slow response to the keyboard inputs.   For device, I tried: 1) the preloaded Android imag...
    Shengye Wan
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  • u-boot for Android can't find partitions from eMMC

    The script to set up the android file system (fsl-sdcard-partition.sh) includes the following:   1) dd partition-table.img to card dev (/dev/sdN)  note actual command has bs=1k count=${valid_gpt_size} wher...
    Dennis Muhlestein
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  • imx6q android recovery fails

    Hi all,   I'm working with the Android aosp for imx6q devices, version 7.1.2. We've managed to compile everything OK but when starting on recovery mode, the recovery.cpp application fails.  It shows this me...
    Carlos Fernandez
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  • Audio play issue through GUI

    Hi,   I am using Android pie 9.0 release in our custom board. Here I am facing a issue related to audio. I can play audio using tinyplay command, but if I  try to play any audio file through GUI using music...
  • Default display orientation in Android 8

    Hi,   on an i.MX6 SabreSD based board using the Android O8.0.0 release I'm trying to change the default display orientation to portrait mode.   Up until Android 7.1.2 this could be done setting ro.sf.hwrot...
    Thomas Elste
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  • how to use OpenCL in OpenCV?

    hi I am a green hand. i want to use OPENCL with opencv .I know that OpenCV support Intel's GPU default, And how I can use Imx8's GPU with OpenCV? If I need to compile with OpenCV source with OpenCL ? And I look for I...
    Li Huan
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  • about imx6q android 8.0 oreo screen rotation

    Hi,    I'm working on imx6q android 8.0.0. When I run following commands, the screen didn't rotate, does anyone know how to rotate screen in android 8.0.0? settings put system accelerometer_rotation 0...
    Yen Chao
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  • Hard to get android source(Android/kernel/U-boot)

    I want to download i.MX6q Android O release source code. I had Android proprietary source code package imx-o8.0.0_1.0.0 under the ~/. directory, and follow the steps below. $mkdir ~/bin $curl https://storage.goog...
    Xiyuan Zhou
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  • Display support

    I'm using the Android Things Starter Kit with the PICO-PI-iMX7 board and the included 5" display.   I'm looking to get a larger display but I'm not entirely sure what the compatibility is. The included display u...
    Subhan Habib
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  • I.MX8QXP Android9 camera APP can not open issue

    Dears,   I used I.MX8QXP board android_p9.0.0_1.0.2-auto,and  used M4 console call EVS app can open camera, but used the android camera app can not open camera,log: 03-12 01:25:08.865 1868 3223 I Ac...
    Xu Ji
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  • Supported JPEG file format of Android BSP

    Hello community,    In Android BSP document, it have no information about support format of JPEG still image file. Only MJPEG have little information in NOTE of iMX_Android_Extended_Codec_Release_Note.pdf....
    Takayuki Ishii
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  • google play service issue

    Dear all, I have a question about the google play service, how can I achieve the google play service on I.MX6 6D processor and our is android 6.0 platform. We tried many version google service framework, all failed. ...
    Alice Xu
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  • How to install Widevine Keybox in IMX6Quad?

    We want to install Widevine Keybox in IMX6Quad processor.   We could not find a suitable application in the link : https://www.nxp.com/support/developer-resources/evaluation-and-development-boards/sabre-develop...
    Anand M
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  • opencl

    I want to use opencl to use GPU in imx6q.However , i cant find libopencl.so , can you give me some help? IMy IDE is the Android Studio.
    Li Huan
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  • imx6q: Android: List of sensors/devices supported by aosp

    Hi,   We are planning a custom board based on imx6q and we are planning to use android.   We want to use sensors/devices like : IMU, NFC, Temperature sensors etc.   Is there a list of supported senso...
    Prasant J
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  • How to enable fastboot in imx8mq with android.

    Can anyone guide me how to enable fastboot in imx8mq evk with android?
    Devang Panchal
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  • could not update u-boot command line via mfgtool

    Hi community, I'm working on i.MX6 Quad sabre-SD platform and build Android 6 for my image. Now I have faced strange phenomenon. Here is the situation.   I update my image via mfgtool. And below is my u-boot...
    tsung li wang
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  • Keep repeating starting kernel....

    Hi All, I'm using imx6 Dual Lite with 1G and take Android6.0 as my OS system. I'm having an issue with repeating starting kernel.   After I burned my image in, I repower the machine and the debug log shows as ...
    tsung li wang
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  • how to switch from X11 to Frame buffer

    what changes i need to make in yocto recipes/configuration to switch from X11 to Frame buffer. currently we are facing some screen lockup issue due to X11. we would like to switch to frame buffer.
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