• BOOT OPTIONS ON iMX8M mini board

    Hi,   I need a clarification about boot options on iMX8M mini processor. I am developing a custom Board based on iMX8M mini. I have 2 BOOT options. - eMMC (on uSDHC3). In this case NVCC_NAND = 1,8V - uSD port...
    giacomo biancalani
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  • How build u-boot that support DDR4 on IMX8MINI

    We have a IMX8mini EVK, which is not LPDDR4, but DDR4.   For the formal NXP Yocto Linux code:   repo init -u https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest -b imx-linux-sumo -m imx-4.14....
    Yang Songxiang
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  • imx6ull: random crashes when setting REFTOP_SELFBIASOFF

    On my custom board based on imx6ull, which has the IMX_THERMAL driver enabled in U-Boot and Linux. We see on Linux boot random crashes (random means not on every boot, also not even the same crash dump/reason in ...
    Christoph Niedermaier
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  • JTAG_MOD settings for i.MX 8M Nano

    According to the reference manual of the i.MX 8M Mini, in order to enable the IEEE1149.1 standard features of the JTAG interface, the TEST_MODE, BOOT_MODE1, BOOT_MODE0, and JTAG_MOD have to be set to 1110. I now saw t...
    Peter Lischer
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  • l contact the board(i.MX 8M MiNi EVK) for the first time and l need some help

    It always show me "Error: fail open file: >u-boot-imx8mm-evk-uuu.imx<-[?25h" when l try to executive the command of "uuu.exe uuu-android-mx8mm-evk-emmc.lst", How should l do?
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  • i.MX6q SDIO error by large size data read

    Hello community.   Now we are using i.MX6 quad SABRE AUTO board and faced a problem on SDIO. About software, Linux for i.MX (4.1.15-1.2.0) is used.   We are using device IC that has 4bit SDIO version 2.00 ...
    Kota Yonezawa
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  • Unleashing a world of smart possibilities with iWave, Crank Software & the NXP i.MX8 series.

    iWave Systems and Crank Software partnered up to support rich graphics on the powerful NXP i.MX 8 series system on modules and SBC boards. Powered by NXP i.MX8 application processors, the SOM and SBC are optimize...
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  • Questions about DDR3 configuration details, iMX6DL

    Hi, I am working on SW for a product that is based on iMX6 Dual Lite processor. SDRAM clock frequency is 400MHz (clock cycle 2.5ns). We are planning to change SDRAM to a bigger one and one candidate for the new SDRAM...
    Jari Peltonen
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  • MIPI CSI Line Interrupt

    Hello, I have a question about the LINE_END interrupt of the MIPI CSI of i.MX8Mmini. I set LINE_INTR of "Line Interrupt Ratio" to 0x1. In this case, when is the LINE_END interrupt timing of "Interrupt source register...
    Tetsuya Sugiyama
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  • IGNITION Vehicle Data

    Hi All,   What is Ignition ON and Ignition OFF Vehicle Data in Android Automotive ?   Ignition ON - Engine ON Ignition OFF - Engine OFF or DEEP SLEEP   Am I right ?     Thank You, Vinoth S,
    vinothkumar s
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  • i.MX8MNano FlexSPI QSPI NAND Flash Boot

    Does the i.MX8M Nano support booting from a serial NAND Flash via FlexSPI?   If Yes, how are bad blocks managed by the boot ROM?
    T Prueckl
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  • imx28 spi-gpio bit bang support

    i am using linux version,     problem now i cannot move to yocto dtsi configuration so i need to use the exist one am little bit confuse in adding a...
    shashikant h
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  • How to download Linux image files through the usb2.0 interface on imx8qm

    Hi NXP:           By default,Imx8qm dewnload linux image files through the type-C interface. As shown in the picture "Default Download". But now i want download linux image files througt the ...
    yingjin yan
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  • How to run uuu for automatially setting environment variables?

    Hi,   Is there anyway to run uuu on customized imx6evk to set up multiple environment variables and run bootcmd automatically without manual set up in u-boot?   Thank you.   Kind regards,   - j...
    jupiter hce
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  • What is the cheapest iMX product to support active tamper?

    Hi,I am looking for the cheapest imx product supported by Active Tamper. Looking at the application notes (AN12210), imx7D supports active/passive tampers and iMX6UL supports passive tampers. However, looking up th...
    Youngjoo Kim
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  • iMX7D OpenAMP and Libmetal Porting

    Does iMX7D supports and have been ported to use OpenAMP framework and Libmetal library?
    Roger Lumo
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  • LVDS display is 2 port I/F.

    Dear Sir or Madam,   Hello. My customer would like to connect i.MX6D and LVDS Display. The LVDS display is 2 port I/F with (1920 x 720). Can i.MX6D output odd / even number lines at the same time?   Ref...
    Keita Nagashima
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  • where to download imx-vpuwrap-4.5.4.bin?

    Hi All,   I use yocto imx-linux-zeus branch to build linux image for i.MX6. There is a recipe that want to fetch imx-vpuwrap from git://github.com/NXP/vpu_wrapper.git, however, this link is broken, I checked th...
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  • Booting from SD card but running on QSPI for IMX6ULL

    Hi everyone, my application starts from SD card flashed from custom kernel coming from 4.14.78-r0. My intention would be keep the boot from SD card but use the application ruuning from QSPI.   Is it possible t...
    fabio mario poiatti
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  • Power Management on i.MX8QM

    Hi All,   I am working on IMX8QM-MEK with Android 9 Automotive. I checked some functionality, Power OFF/ ON and Reset by using switches (button).   And I checked the possible in software (only suspend...
    vinothkumar s
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