• failed to build fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga

    I failed to build fsl-yocto-L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga, build-x11/conf/local.conf PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_ipk"   please help me. thank you !   system :   WARNING: Host distribution "Ubuntu-16.04" has no...
    东方 杨
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  • VPU encode on i.MX8

    Hello,   Does i.MX8 VPU encode support V4L2_Y12 format input source to make avi or mp4? use unit_test/V4L2_VPU/ or GSTL VPU used demo       Thanks
    Xu Ji
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  • Bluetooth audio local-echo

    Hi, I am working with imx6ull-evk with a bluetooth board . I use bluez and HSP profile . When I connect a smartphone(TEL0) over bluetooth, tha board imx6 is the audio interface of the smarphone. When I do a call from...
    sergio d'orazio
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  • ENET1 frame errors/rx_crc errors

    Hi,   We designed a custom board based on IMX6UL. Everything works well except the ENET (phy chip: KSZ8081RNB).  We got a very high error / frame rates (around 30-50%)in "ifconfig". Error number ...
    Shu Liu
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  • i.MX6ULL using both ethernet ports, but ENET1 won't work

    I'm using a customized board based on the iMX6ULL 14x14 evk board. My board uses 2x SMSC 8710A phys. NXP Linux Kernel 4.1.15 ENET1: link up is shown, didn't get a IP address ENET2: link up is shown, got IP ad...
    Christoph Niedermaier
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  • Native chip-select support on spi-fsl-lpspi.c

    Hi, I'm using the 4.14.98 GA BSP where I need to use native chip-select (i.e. dedicated SPI chip-select pin instead of GPIO chip-select) for one of our device. I have gone through the "spi-fsl-lpspi.c" file where t...
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  • EIM random clock-level in idle-state

    Hello, i want to use the EIM-Interface for comunication between an IMX6Q and an FPGA for data transmission. I am using it in 16bit multiplexed A/D synchronous mode, using CLK, CS1, LBA, OE, RW, 0..15 of Data and want...
    Michel Renker
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  • OTA recovery process failure for iMX8mm

    Hello , NXP community.     I'm trying to confirm OTA update by recovery process for iMX8mm  with Android 9 OS. however the recovery process is not complete because of the error after reboot for recov...
    Seiji Inamura
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  • Failed to play Bluetooth audio

    Hello,  BSP:IMX8 MINI EVK Linux imx8mmevk 4.14.78-imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga+g21fc82c   I am using IMX8 Mini EVK (yocto)and I try to play music using Bluetooth A2DP. So far, I am able to pair and connect to my pho...
    yougang hu
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  • imxeglvivsink inside a GTK window in Wayland

    We are using an imx6-based board running Linux with Wayland. I need use the Vivante GPU's imxeglvivsink to display video inside a GTK+3 window with GStreamer. The problem is that the video with the imxeglvivsink plugi...
    Samuel Jimenez
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  • Bitbake not installing files from recipe to rootfs

    Hello!   I'm currently using yocto to build the system imx6sxsabresd (IMX6 Solo X). I have successfully built the image however I want to add some a script to init.d to turn on a led. I'm appending to the linux-...
    Jon Clay
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  • Re: : i.MX6 LTIB installation, can't find download link

    Hi Yuri   I need "L3.0.35_4.1.0_130816_source.tar.gz"   I can't find "L3.0.35_4.1.0_130816_source.tar.gz" file   Could you send me "L3.0.35_4.1.0_130816_source.tar.gz" ??
    kim boram
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  • (i.MX8) How SPI driver control the LPSPI3 CS1 pin if it can not config to GPIO ?

    Hi,     I am using i.MX8QXP custom board with 4.9.88_beta 2 SDK to develop. We connect 2 spi slave devices to the LPSPI3 port, but I found the SPI3_CS1 can not config to GPIO.     ...
    Andy Huang
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  • Imx6 yocto photo display distortion

    Hello  I met a problem on NXP imx6 yocot system, that is the photo display is distorted. The phenomenon is as follows photo files. please helps to analyze what causes it and how to solve it Version: Linux 4.14....
    feng chen
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  • EPDC resolution in i.MX6UL

    Hi all,   I have a question about resolution for EPDC. I found two different description of resolution for EPDC.   Datasheet P7: 2048x1536 resolution at 106 Hz Reference Manual P1035: 1650 x 23...
    created by ko-hey
  • Android Source Code Download for IMX processor

    Dear NXP,   I am working in Android porting on imx8 processor for download the android source code I am following the "Android_User_Guide,pdf".    3.1 Getting i.MX Android release source code The i....
    Lee Shuai
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  • IMX8 issue】

    hello, i use mcimx8-8x-bb ,linux kernel is started,USB connection is normal with USB flash drive,and can read data。 but connect to the computer, the computer(win10) does not have any prompt. usb cable is fine,becau...
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  • i.MX8MM USB OTG ID Documentation

    Hello,   The description of USBNC_n_CTRL2 register in i.MX8MM Reference Manual V2 (chapter 11.1.42, page 2822) mentions DIG_ID_SEL field and IOMUXC_USB_OTG*_ID_SELECT_INPUT registers, however these registers are...
    Felix Radensky
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  • How to get into AR8035's 100M/1000M Ethernet Test mode for Compliance Test

    Hello everyone,   I have a custom board with imx6qp and ar8035, and i want to get into ar8035's 1000M Ethernet test mode.I had already set the reference clock to 125MHz, but it can't ping the gatewayip in u-boot...
    bo xu
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  • How to set IMX8MM colour space for G2D conversions

    The IMX8MM reference manual section on the G2D specifies support for BT.601 and BT.709 YUV to RGB color conversions, including the formulas used. How are these set as they are not exposed in the G2D API?   ...
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