• NFC not clonable and auth from smartphone

    Hi everyone!   I need to select a NFC tag for user identification in a closed-loop system payment. I have been looking the encryption of different tags such as MIFARE Ultralight C, NTAG 413 DNA or DESFire E...
    Marta Buenaventura Camps
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  • SE050 Minimal External Components

    Hi All,   I would like to use an SE050 in an environemnt with very very limited space. I do not want to use ISO14443 and ISO7816 and also not the Low-Power Feature.   Just I2C and that's it for an µ...
    Michael Walser
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  • What security feature differences btw SE050 and TPM

    I would like to know the security point of veiw on SE050 compared to TPM. What kind of seucurity feature is SE050 superior than TPM? Need more tamper security features. 
    Hj Cha
    created by Hj Cha
  • Do not use ISO7816/14443 interface in SE050

    Dear NXP team,   We will use SE050 for our new product. However, our product does not use ISO7816 and ISO14443 Interfaces.     ISO_14443_LA ISO_14443_LB ISO_7816_RST ISO_7816_CLK ISO_7816_IO I...
    George Fukutomi
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  • Rasperry Pi/OM-SE050ARD Jumper Configuration

    Hello,   right now I am trying to connect the OM-SE050ARD board to a Raspberry Pi. But it seems that there is a small error in the documentation (Quick start guide with Raspberry Pi). Which configuration is corr...
    Tobias Büning
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  • Is it possible to add extra applets to the SE050

    Hello NXP, I'm reaching you to clarify some of the capabilities that I understand the SE050 might have. According to the "AN12413 API description SE050 IoT Applet", SE050 is being executed on top of JCOP 4.7.&#...
    Unai Mujika
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  • Difference b\w PCF7961XTT and PCF7961MTT

    dear team, i have an enquiry to know the difference between PCF7961XTT and PCF7961MTT.Can we proposed PCF7961XTT in place of PCF7961MTT
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  • SE050: ISO14443 Can support also the B type ?

    Dear all, I see that the SE050Cx supports the ISO14443 RFID HF standard, but in the d.s. and other documentation is not clear if it supports also the ISO14443B standard, I see that it supports the Mifare that is an IS...
    Antonio Cinelli
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  • Copying a NTAG 424 DNA without opening the URI

    Hi, I'm interested in NTAG424 DNA.  I understand that the SUN message is based on URL, UID, and counter, so that the generated string is different each time is read. I guess that the server keep trace of each U...
    Gabriele Barbesta
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  • A70CM Update to OpenSSL 1.1

    We currently have a product with an A70CM Secure Element that connects to a cloud. It is currently using OpenSSL 1.0. Due to security concerns we need to update to OpenSSL 1.1. Is there an update to the hostlib librar...
    William Durocher
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  • SE050 error while connecting to GCP from FRDMK64F

    Getting error: "sss:ERROR:SM_RjctConnect Failed. Status 7002" while connecting to GCP from FRDMK64F following this document (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN12401-SE050_secure_connection_google_cloud_io...
    Pavan Kumar Vadhri
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  • A71CH OpenSSL Engine compatibility with OPEN SSL 1.1 API

    Hello, we use an A71CH with an iMX6 UL and want to use OpenSSL 1.1.1 (current LTS Version) as the current supported version 1.0.2 (former LTS) for which the support ends this year.   Is there an OpenSSL Engine ...
    Roland Marx
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  • SE050: Mifare SAM functionality + current consumption

    Hello,   I have several questions about the SE050.   - The data sheet says that the SE050 also has a "MIFARE SAM functionality". But I didn't find any further information about it, neither in the datasheet...
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  • A71CH user authentication

    Hello everybody, I've bought A71CH Arduino evaluation kit and it looks like a perfect fit for my IOT needs. Only missing thing is that for certain use cases I want to protect private keys with PIN or password. Look...
    Andrey Romanov
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  • A71CH: Supported Commands mismatch with Doxygen documentation

    Dear NXP Team,   I am reaching you regarding the A71CH functions and more specifically the documentation of the Config tool. After playing a bit with the base functions, it seems that the option "-c 20" suppose...
    Quentin Cabrol
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  • A71CH Memory addresses

    Hello, I'm trying to interface with A71CH using STM32F Hal functions hal_mem_write.  Which writes to a specific address with size, a byte of data command PCB.  What are the adddresses and what it should b...
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  • A71CH on Raspberry Pi3: I2C errors

    Hello to the NXP Community team,   I am reaching you because I am running into troubles while trying to interface the A71CHARD demo board to my Raspberry Pi3.   Here is what I did already: modified the A7...
    Quentin Cabrol
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  • A1006 Write permsiions in "Authentication Operation" mode

    I’m a little confused about the write operation of the NXP A1006 when it is in “Authentication Operation” mode.   In “sd276413 - Objective short data sheet A1006, Secure Authentication I...
    Jim Kiely
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  • A71CH: Unable to build using A71CH Configure tool as mentioned in AN12135 document

    Unable to build using A71CH Configure tool as mentioned in the 7.2 section of the AN12135 document https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN12135.pdf getting the following errors in visual studio.
    Pavan Kumar Vadhri
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  • OM6716: HT-AES and HT-PRO

    Good Day   Can you tell me if this kit includes anything for HT-AES and HT-PRO? Because I can't find any details, although the short description of the product specifies these protocols.   Thank You!
    Mircea Petrescu
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