• How to send deleteALL APDU if RESERVED_ID_FACTORY_RESET pin is forgotten?

    Hello Kan_Li,   I am using NXP se050 smart card with FRDM-K64F NXP microcontroller eval board and APDU player tool from Plug & trust Secure element family to communicate with MC-SC.   I created an auth...
    Priyanka Priyadarshini
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  • Connecting with Edgelock SE050 and Raspberry Pi to AWS IoT Core

    This example shows all steps for a onboarding process of a device to AWS IoT Core using the pre-provisioned credentials of the EdgeLock SE050 secure element. AWS IoT authenticates client certificates using the TLS pr...
    Michael Salfer
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  • SE050-PLUG-TRUST-MW compilation issue

    We are using imx6solox conected to SE050 using I2C . I am facing compilation  issue like this ===================   cc1: error: '-Wformat-security' ignored without '-Wformat' [-Werror=format-security] | c...
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  • Why APDU Command VERIFY returns 6a88

    I  am trying to run the VERIFY APDU command but the result is 6a88 (Referenced data not found). My PIN is "012345" and based on some examples my command APDU is: 00 20 00 00 06 30 31 32 33 34 35I hope the answer ...
    Michael Gomez
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  • I2C Communication between STM32 and SE050 - R-APDU body missing

    Hello team,   I'm performing an i2c communication between OM-SE050ARD (SE) and STM32F030R8 Nucleo (Master). I'm able to get the response. But whenever I perform an operation (say "Get_Version" or "Digest_OneShot...
    Elshadai Genesis
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  • protect firmware code in target hardware

    Hi, how could SE050 possibly contribute to a concept to prevent firmware from being hacked during and after a remote update process? Our question in detail: During firmware remote data transfer the firmware code is p...
    Bernd Scheuffele
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  • SE050C2HQ1/Z01SDZ- Termination finish

    Hello team,   We need your advice regarding the termination finish of #SE050C2HQ1/Z01SFZ.   a. In the case of 100% tin please advise:       i. What kind of tin is used, ...
    Shai Berman
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  • SE050: key rotation: DoAPDUTxRx_s_Case4 returns 0x6a80

    Hi all,   I am running the sample code from SE05X Rotate PlatformSCP Keys Demo on the SE050 ARD board (OEFID = 6). I am using simw-top version 2.14.   The APDU request from the sample code returns 0x6...
    Jorge Ramirez Ortiz
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  • SE050: ECDH - Se05x_API_ECGenSharedSecret

    Hi, I am calling this API from my context session (SCP03 encrypted), using a valid object id that identifies a valid EC key that exists in persistent memory and passing the public key and length    Se05x_A...
    Jorge Ramirez Ortiz
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  • Is it true that no need se50 if CAAM exists

    IMX serial has SNVS and CAAM to encrypt user data, such as IoT credentials. I have two questions. 1. So I do not need an extra encryption chip such as se50, is it right? 2. SNVS will detect RTC,if a tamper event hap...
    wei zhao
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  • SE050ARD Antenna Design/Specification

    Regarding AN12395OM-SE050ARD hardware overview the application schematic says, "Route Antenna as shown in reference design". However the reference design is not included in the documents that can be downloaded f...
    david ward
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  • Configurable/Modifiable SE050 Product Variants?

    Is there a new SE050 product variant that allows for custom applets?
    Matthew Hardeman
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  • Create Crypto Object: error 0x6985 (conditions not satisfied)

    I have been working with the SE050ARD for a few months now without problems.   Doing some code cleanup I enabled the option SSSFTR_SE05X_CREATE_DELETE_CRYPTOOBJ. After this, I can no longer function s...
    Jorge Ramirez Ortiz
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  • Using the A71CH/SE050 with multiple applications using the OpenSSL Engine

    Hello,   right now we have the problem that only one application at a time can use the Secure Element. We are using the Legacy OpenSSL Engine for the A71CH that comes with the newest version of the Plug&Trus...
    Tobias Büning
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  • Is there more information about SE050-MW policy functionality?

    I have a question to policies and how these are handled when using the NXP plug&trust MW. Is there a more comprehensive description available to the following aspects:   - Authentication Object ID: its...
    Markus Feuser
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  • Porting SE050 example to RT1060 MCU

    Introduction This is an exercise porting one of the SE050 examples from the NXP Secure Element Host library (se_hostlib) to another NXP MCU.  Appnote AN12448 EdgeLockTM SE050 Plug & Trust middleware porting g...
    Derek Snell
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  • What security feature differences btw SE050 and TPM

    I would like to know the security point of veiw on SE050 compared to TPM. What kind of seucurity feature is SE050 superior than TPM? Need more tamper security features. 
    Hj Cha
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  • SE050 + NTAG5 Boost

    Hello NXP-Community,   I am using at the moment the development Board OM2NTA5332 (NTAG5 Boost) + the OM-SE050ARD (SE050) in which the NTAG5 Boost is the I2C Master and the SE050 is the I2C Slave (...
    Julian Sauer
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  • SE050: How to load P521 and Brainpool 512 over APDU? Just get Bad Data!

    Hi Experts for SE050,   after searching all the forum and documentation I feel a bit helpless. I want to implement the SE050 in APDU Level which is usually not a problem. I can do everything I want including sin...
    Michael Walser
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  • JCOP 3 Tool install for eclipse problems

    I'm having trouble with the accessing the JCOP 3 licensing wizard to activate our JCOP tools. The wizard doesn't show if I try to create a new project. I have the Oracle JCDK 3.1 installed and it also uses a Java Card...
    Tony Sims
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