• Create Crypto Object: error 0x6985 (conditions not satisfied)

    I have been working with the SE050ARD for a few months now without problems.   Doing some code cleanup I enabled the option SSSFTR_SE05X_CREATE_DELETE_CRYPTOOBJ. After this, I can no longer function s...
    Jorge Ramirez Ortiz
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  • Is there more information about SE050-MW policy functionality?

    I have a question to policies and how these are handled when using the NXP plug&trust MW. Is there a more comprehensive description available to the following aspects:   - Authentication Object ID: its...
    Markus Feuser
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  • What security feature differences btw SE050 and TPM

    I would like to know the security point of veiw on SE050 compared to TPM. What kind of seucurity feature is SE050 superior than TPM? Need more tamper security features. 
    Hj Cha
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  • SE050 + NTAG5 Boost

    Hello NXP-Community,   I am using at the moment the development Board OM2NTA5332 (NTAG5 Boost) + the OM-SE050ARD (SE050) in which the NTAG5 Boost is the I2C Master and the SE050 is the I2C Slave (...
    Julian Sauer
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  • SE050: How to load P521 and Brainpool 512 over APDU? Just get Bad Data!

    Hi Experts for SE050,   after searching all the forum and documentation I feel a bit helpless. I want to implement the SE050 in APDU Level which is usually not a problem. I can do everything I want including sin...
    Michael Walser
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  • JCOP 3 Tool install for eclipse problems

    I'm having trouble with the accessing the JCOP 3 licensing wizard to activate our JCOP tools. The wizard doesn't show if I try to create a new project. I have the Oracle JCDK 3.1 installed and it also uses a Java Card...
    Tony Sims
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  • NXP Tech Session - Getting Started with Edgelock SE050 for Industrial

    View Webinar Recording
    Ethan Fernandes
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  • SE050 feature support

    Can SE050 supports TPM2.0 specification?   #Security
    Muneeswaran R
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  • SE050 APDU - ECDSA

    I am trying get the Public Key (FastSCPGetECKAPublicKey) from the SE050 Dev Board and proofing the private Key possession with a ECDSA Signature from this Public Key (FastSCPGetECKAPublicKey).   Do I need to cre...
    Julian Sauer
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  • Digest Operations using SE050

    Hi Guys,   I have an input string say 1000 chars long and I'd like to generate a hash value for it. I initially used the DigestOneShot function by sending in the input string by chaining them. Unfortunately ther...
  • Trouble generating an EC Key pair using EC curve Secp256k1

    Hi guys, so I'm trying to create an EC Key pair (private + public) using the WriteECKey APDU command. Below is my command: 80 01 61 00 09 41 04 00 00 00 05 42 01 10 My object identifier is 00 00 00 05 I set th...
  • Debugging FRDM-K64F on macOS

    I am following the Quick Start Guide for EdgeLock SE050 development board with FRDM-K64F. To prepare the board, it is suggested to start FRDM-K64F board in bootloader mode and put the latest OpenSDA firmare applicatio...
    Nandan Joshi
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  • SW_CONDITIONS_NOT_SATISFIED when reading RSA key pair or executing RSASign operations

    I've been working with the OM-SE050ARD demo board connected via the external I2C interface to a proprietary circuit card. I have generated an RSA-2048 key pair, and according to the APDU specification, I should be abl...
    Daniel Bissler
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  • APDU Commands via VCOM

    I am trying to send my APDU Commands via VCOM to the SE050. I am using Windows 10 OS and a FRDM-k64fd.   The Plug and Trust Examples using the SSS-API work fine but as soon as I want to send the APDU Commands I ...
    Julian Sauer
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  • Advantages of SE050 over SmartMX3 for Secure Identification?

    If the requirement of the use case is to solely identify the hardware, how does SE050 differentiates from SmartMX3 Secure Controllers?   Even Common Criteria Evaluation Documentation puts P71 (SmartMX3 Controlle...
    Nandan Joshi
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  • SE050 using Energy Harvesting

    We are planning to connect SE050 as I2C Slave by using NTAG 5 Boost (passive mode) as I2C Master. Can NFC Readers like mobile phones, such as iPhone 11, induce enough power to make SE050 operational, if SE were to be ...
    Nandan Joshi
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  • Why there is a se50 while MPU has trustzone?

    Hi , I have a question when I learnt through Advance your IoT Security Leveraging Hardware Protected Keys on Microcontrollers | NXP . It says we need a se50 or other secure element to achieve highest level ...
    wei zhao
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  • SE050 Docs for Java

    Are there any Docs using the Middleware via Java? In the Webinar they often mention a Android Development with the SE050
    Julian Sauer
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  • SE050 Dev Board - Communication via NFC

    Can the SE050 Dev Board be tested via NFC. We want to communicate with the SE050 via a Android Smartphone via NFC.   Is this possible?
    Julian Sauer
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  • I2C communication with SE050

    Hi, I am using FRMD-K64 and SE050. I would like to do secure boot using SE050. For this, I have injected a ECC key-pair in SE050. Now I would like to get public key from SE050 in boot-loader. As I am changing ...
    Darshan Shah
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