• NFC service always on settings

    Hi All,          We have successfully ported PN7150 in MSM8909 which is running on Android Nougat. Once the device is going to sleep mode, the NFC service will be disabled automatic...
  • It's possible to port de NXP Library to a PIC32MX?

    Hi there,   I'm making a RFID project with your products, namely the CLRC663 and it's development kit. The ideia it's to learn and test several things on the development kit and then I intend to use the CLRC663...
    Miguel Melo
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  • PN553 PN80T for Android 8.1

    where is the library, driver and docs for PN553 work on Android 8.1 the processor is rk3399 http://www.rock-chips.com/a/en/products/RK33_Series/2016/0419/758.html  thanks
    li fusong
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  • UCODE G2iM+ UCODE G2iL+ demoboard

    Please tell me "How to purchase UCODE G2iM+ or  UCODE G2iL+ demoboard" and "The demoboard number" .
    Koshiro Yanai
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  • ICODE ILT inventory reading

    Hello ,   I am using CLEV6630A V2.0 board for ICODE - ILT evaluation. i want to read a stack of ilt cards (100 cards). i didnt find any icode ilt inventory reading  example in SW2978 . i do find the example...
    Mahesh gaonkar
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  • ICODE ILT multiple tags

    How to read Multiple ICODE ILT tags using clrc6630B module ?  I have tried the Basic and advance discovery loop evaluation examples. But it only read one tag . I have modified the device limit to 50 and getting t...
    Mahesh gaonkar
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  • CLEV6630B Reading multiple ICODE-ILT tags

    How to read Multiple ICODE ILT tags using clEV6630B board ? (CLRC663 plus transponder)   I have tried the  advance discovery loop evaluation example by changing the MAX_DEVICE_LIMIT to 50. But it is able to ...
    Mahesh gaonkar
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  • NxpNfcRdLib, Tag 4 B, CLRC663, NDEF

    Hello, I have now, for several days been trying to use the NxpNfc library to use an CLRC663 plus with a K64F microcontroller. I want to read and write NDEF messages on a Type 4 B Tag. First the problem was, that al...
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  • I2C communication issues using OM23221ARD board

    i'm having issues communicating with the NTAG device on this board, and wanted to first confirm the pin assignments on the base board connectors....  here's a picture i found online: the OM29100ARM adaptor boa...
    Bob Frankel
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  • PN 512 : Problem config for reader tag

    Hello, Currently in one of my applications I use the PN5320 to make the card reader to manage access. For cost reasons, I want to switch to the PN512 model. It's been a week since I try to make it work in the same wa...
    Valentin Ploteau
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  • Cannot get NXP Tag Xplorer to Open

    I cannot get NXP Tag Xplorer to work on my windows PC.  It worked fine before.  I deleted and reinstalled, reinstalled JRE, and nothing.   It's  windows 10 PC
    Chris Norton
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  • Use CLRC663 to read HID iClass UID

    Hi,   I am able to use CLRC663 to read the iso14443 card uid easily. However, there is no response from HID iClass card which assumed to be compiled with iso15693. All I need is the uid of the card. The CLRC663 ...
    Henry Wong
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  • NHS31xx NFC Program Loader fails to write firmware

    Hello, I'm attempting to load firmware onto the NHS3100 Smart Sensor chips using the NHS31xx NFC Program Loader app. I'm using a .bin file (app_demo_dp_tlogger) generated using the NHS3100 SDK v12.3. I know that I se...
    Cory Lord
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  • OM25180FDK with Cockpit V4.8.0 - "Clear Gear Values" messed up the board

    Hi,   I am using the OM25180FDK kit with the Cockpit (V4.8.0) for the first time. I tried the DPC correlation and calibrations tests, and they were working correctly as the NXP videos show. And the default valu...
    ahmed omar
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  • CLRC663 - Selecting an AID on a DESFire EV1/2 transponder

    I'm writing a CLRC663 driver for use on a Microchip P18 via SPI.   I have implemented basic MIFARE classic read/write functionallity and RATS/ATS + PPS for MIFARE DESFire, but when trying to select an AID (inclu...
    Søren Bang
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  • MIFARE UID Byte Lengths

    Hi, a client wants me to purchase 26-bit MIFARE DESFire cards, but I'm not sure if that's even a thing.  I've been reviewing this document: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN10833.pdf&...
    Andrew Villagran
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  • What firmware does PN532 C6 chip have by default?

    PN532 C6 has NFCIP1 compatible firmware. Is this firmware factory default or should it be flashed separately?
    Alex Z
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  • What firmware does PN532 C6 chip have by default?

    PN532 C6 has NFCIP1 compatible firmware. Is this firmware factory default or should it be flashed separately?
    Alex Z
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  • Implementation of Peer to peer mode in CLRC663

    Hi, I'm using clrc663 for my project.I want to implement peer to peer functionality in my project.In NXP NFC reader library version5.22,  EX3_NFC_FORUM is meant for PN5180.But i want p2p example for clrc663.Can ...
    shobana J
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  • PN7150 I2C error

    hello,     I am debugging the I2C communication between stm32 and PN7150, using the hardware I2C of stm32. The problem is that after stm32 sends slave address to PN7150, PN7150 does not reply, I do not...
    shuli wang
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