• MFRC630 Authentication Mifare 7UID

    I used MFRC630 chip  i succeeded mifare classic 4UID card Authentication. But Now happens error in mifare classic 7UID.    MFAuthent Command is consisted of 60h or 61h, (block address), (car...
    hwang bora
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  • Are CRLC663 and Android HCE incompatible?

    Hello everybody, I have a NXP CRLC663 based board that merely opens a lock by means of a NFC card. Now I'm requested to write an Android application which emulates an NFC card to use it as it was a card. I studied al...
    Massimiliano Gimondo
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  • PN5180 resistor value for RXP and RXN

    Kan_Li,   In the document "AN11740 - PN5180 Antenna design guide" section "4.5.1 External Rx components", it mentions that the resistors R1A and R1B are typically in the range of "1...10kΩ". Does this mean ...
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  • Where can I find AN11456?

    [Cross posted from the NXP IoT Solutions Center Community Page]: Where can I find AN11456?   Hi,   The NTAG216 documentation makes a reference to the following document: AN11456 NTAG215/216(F)/NTAG I2C Usin...
    Rodney Richardson
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  • How can my android app get the tag information read by NFC via BLE?

            How can my android app get the tag information read by NFC via BLE?     My board: QN9020+CLRC663(BLE+NFC)           
    Di Wu
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  • PN7462: unable to program flash

    Hello.   I am no longer able to program the flash of some PN7462 parts.   I know about SECROW feature, which I didn't intentionally change using the phhalSysSer_OTP_SecrowConfig call. I would like to kno...
    Piergiuseppe Tundo
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  • Cannot change Access Rights

    Hello     I have an NTAG 424 tag and seem to be having a problem changing access rights with TagXplorer.   When experimenting, I changed access rights on all 4 accesses (read, write, R/...
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  • Where can I find the document about the libnfc-nci?

       I can't find a demo about write typeA card in libnfc-nci demoAPP(i mean raw exchanges),so i have to code by myself.But when i run the code on my board, it return some data i can't understand:  ...
    fu xiangshang
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  • Status of I2C bus interface pins

    It is necessary to determine the status of I2C bus interface when nt3h2111 power is turned off, whether I2C pins are high resistance,could you help give confirmation about NT3H2111 I2C clk and I2C data pin?
    Hanson He
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  • FIT (MTBF) Reliability data for PN553

    Hello sir.     How can I get the MTBF(FIT) value for  PN553. In the datasheet it is nothing.Thank you!
    Saesbyeol Bu
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  • How can i set a specific UID to PN7150 when i run in HCE mode?

       when i run the libnfc-nci demoapp in share mode,the reader device shows that the uid of  pn7150 is "040302010400",but how can i set a specific UID to PN7150?    what document i can re...
    fu xiangshang
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  • ISO15693 Write Command Response Issue

    Dear All,  I have an issue regarding ISO 15693 Write Command. Using Address Flag (0x22) command works fine and also getting success response, but as I am sending frame with Option flag with tag UID (0x62) data g...
    Amol Borase
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  • PN7150 built in driver

    Hi all,     I need to load the nxp-pn5xx as a built-in driver. But from the below link its generated as .ko module and using insmod to install the module. Is there any alternative way to load the module ...
    Sivasubramaniyan P
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  • Turn-on Time to First I2C Use for NT3H2111

    I'm using the NTAG I2C Plus (NT3H2111) in an application where we are switching the power to the I2C portion of the chip--turning the chip off to save power except when there is NFC activity.  I've looked at...
    Tony Garland
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  • Tagwriter for iOS13?

    Is there any plan to release NFC Tagwriter for IOS. This seems to be the best tool out there but it’s not available for iPhone. Now that iOS 13 supports writing, was hoping this is in the plans. Any update appre...
    Mike Adler
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  • PN7150 error during configuration

    Hi,   We have many devices operating correctly.   For some reason, at some point in time, the device fails to initialize (no mater how much we reboot or reset it).   When I send this configuration: ...
    Ibrahim KAMAL
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  • NXP Tagwriter 'Lock' option no longer available?

    Hi all,   Hope you are well.    The recent update to the NXP Tagwriter app has taken away the ability to 'Lock' Tags during the process of encoding to the Tag.   Would anyone happen to know how ...
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  • are there any windows 10 drivers for a pegoda cl rd 701

    need drivers for the 701.  Can only find drivers for the 710, but this looks like it uses a different chipset
    kevin synott
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  • [MRFC630] Can't response from APDU command

    Greetings,   I have met the issue of response from APDU. I checked the RATS's response. However, when I send the APDU's command to mfrc630, I can't response anything. command of APDU is as below. ...
    Jeongtae Park
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  • How to run and use NXP NFC Cockpit for PN5180 on Windows XP?

    Hi,       I've installed NXP NFC Cockpit for PN5180. However when I run the exe, the GUI can't be displayed on my PC running Windows XP.   I can see the NXP NFC Cockpit running...
    Karim Mohamad
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