• Linux / Android CCID driver for PN5xx

    We are using a PN553 NFC on a snapdragon board running Android Pie. The PN553 is connected to the main controller through I2C. We are trying to implement a CCID driver for the PN553. We could not find any open source ...
    Ashwat D
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  • Lost Page Write on Ultralight EV1 even after read verify

    Is there any chance that an Ultralight EV1 chip could lose a write? Is Read after write from Flash or RAM? (Ultralight EV1)   I have a situation where I use a CLRC663 with the C NFC Reader Library whe...
    Jeffrey Chan
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  • Felica card support in PN7150

    Hi all,     I have successfully ported PN7150 in my custom hardware (msm8909) which is running under Android Nougat. How to enable Felica card support in PN7150. Please provide the documents or libraries ne...
    Sivasubramaniyan P
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  • Sending ISO-7816 APDU to smartcard with NFC device

    How to send an ISO 7816-4 APDU to a smartcard using a NXP NFC device in a Windows 10 UWP application?   I have a Windows.Network.Proximity.ProximityDevice object, and I think the method to use is PublishBin...
    Andrew Webb
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  • Deleted.

    Wilmer Suarez
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  • NFC USB Dongle NXP-NCI_Linux_example

    Hello, I'm pretty new to C programming   I'm trying to get the MIKROE-2540 NFC dongle working on my linux VM running Ubuntu 18.04.   I tried running the the linux example with bash, but I get an ...
    Mouta Chiang
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  • mifare sector read only

    Hi,I am using MIFARE CLASSIC EV1 for my vending machines but I can't write to sector 3 because it is read only. I have already made sure that the keys are correct. how can I write to it? Thanks.
    lorenzo poliba
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  • NFC PN7150 and iOS13 - Card Emulation

    I am trying to send infromation from PN7150 to ioS app using NDEF format. I see this sometimes working and sometimes NDEF information is not shown on the app which I developed using the ioS NFC SDK. For android, the b...
    Purshottam Purswani
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  • MIFAREdiscover fail to work with Ntag424dna

    Hi!  I try to program my NTAG424Dna using MIFAREdiscover program: - We purchased Pegoda MFE710 kit - Installed win10 drivers - Updated  Pegoda firmware - Started MIFAREdiscover - Succeed to perfor...
    Eugene Grekov
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  • Working with two NFC readers on Android Pie

    We are working on a device with Qualcomm snapdragon running Android Pie. Because of the workflow needs we are using two PN553 NFC readers on the device. At any give time only one of them will be used for reading tags....
    Ashwat D
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  • EdgeLockSE050 with NFC Controller

    1) does NXP offer a solution where a EdgeLockSE050 with a NFC Controller can communicate p2p with a Smartphone via NFC (the EdgeLock will receive the power from the Smartphone via NFC Harvesting)?   2) if no is ...
    Julian Sauer
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  • mrfc630 lpcd wakeup (mifare card)

    i developing using mfrc630 chip and reading coin mifare card. hardware board is complete. but lpcd value is not constant.  exmple All 10 Samples are different lpcd value. i used nxp develop board (CLEV6630...
    hwang bora
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  • NFC Reader Library how to know if phone read is success or fail

    Hi,   I'm using the NFC Reader Library to run the PN5180 in card emulation mode (NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T.c). I can successfully read the NDEF content with a phone. However, I noticed that if I move the phone too qui...
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  • Unavailable file links in old NTAG I2C plus documents

    Hello I am designing a prototype that uses NT3H1101 chip. For this, I use your AN11276 antenna design guide. This document contains sample file download links for class 6 antennas. But these links do not work. Can you...
    ömer faruk uçar
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  • Using 125khx Prox with CLRC663

    We have a product which uses the CLRC663 and have a requirement to work with 125khz prox   I have found the PRH601 which is multi frequency On the datasheet it mentions the CLRC663 - but i don't understand ...
    Jacob Hinson
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  • How to prepare NDEF message?

    Hi! I am programming NTAG424. I based AN12196 Where can I read about how to prepare NDEF message include UID mirroring, MAC etc. I mean create its binary, like TagWrite application.   Thank you
    Eugene Grekov
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  • CLEV6630B Reading multiple ICODE-ILT tags

    How to read Multiple ICODE ILT tags using clEV6630B board ? (CLRC663 plus transponder)   I have tried the  advance discovery loop evaluation example by changing the MAX_DEVICE_LIMIT to 50. But it is able to ...
    Mahesh gaonkar
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  • I need to connect "AD5933 Chip" to NFC circuit by I2C connection

    Hey, I want to connect my circuit through "AD5933 Chip" to NFC by I2C connection, I looked at several products that have NFC technology, but I am not sure that those products are relevant to my project....
    Aviad Megira
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  • ready-to-use antennas for PN532

    Hello everyone.   For a project I need a NFC chip as a communication interface to a mobile phone. It would be ok to communicate directly with the phone or to write to a MIFARE Classic tag which is then ...
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  • G2IM+ SOT886 impedance at 866 Mhz

    Hi,    I'd like to know Impedance at 866 Mhz for G2IM+, SOT886 package,  in normal mode (no external supply, read range reduction OFF). Datasheet declares it at 915Mhz but not in 866Mhz, see attachmen...
    Fabrizio Bottazzi
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