• Writing data to NFC tag

    Hello, I need to program Data to 10K NFC TAGs. Also, I need to write different address for each TAG. Is there a writer or tool to recommend? Thx
    Mitch Yu
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  • OM5569/NT322ER -- Windows smart card reader not working

    hi, i recently purchased an OM5569/NT333ER kit....  using the android demo, i am able to interact with the explorer board....   i also installed the *latest* drivers for the cloud 3700 reader included with...
    Bob Frankel
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  • What's Peer-to-Peer mode speed (Throughput) ?

    Hello,   I am running separately two NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum examples on two PN7462 boards.   First board Server (NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum.h):         #define ACTIVE_MODE ...
    Gytis Kazlauskas
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  • IFD driver for PN553

    We are using a PN553 NFC on a snapdragon board running Android Pie. The PN553 is connected to the main controller through I2C. We are trying to implement a CCID driver for the PN553. We have been able to get communic...
    Ashwat D
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  • Problems with NTAG DNA 424 - WriteData - Length Error

    Hello,I am trying to use the NTAG 424 chip for my anti-tamper application. For this I implemented the AES authentication and cryptographie for sending and receiving commands.   However when I am trying to issue&...
    Philippe Petit
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  • Documentation for raw Mifare card reading

    I am trying to customise a raw read transaction with a mifare card using a PN7150. I am using the NXP NCI MCUXpresso example project, which is successfully working with the device.   In the NXP-NCI MXUXpresso ex...
    Joel Fergusson
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  • Which NFC Product is Right?

    Hello,   I'm new to this topic and would be very thankful when somebody can explain, how it could work out. For example, I have a passive device, that can store data for access control, IDs and payments. This d...
    Dima K
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  • SL3S4011: Writing with I2C into a locked EPC area

    Hi everybody, I am currently testing the RFID tag SL3S4011. I can write with the I2C interfaces into the unlocked EPC area. But now I’d like to write into the locked EPC area, so that the data is only rewrita...
    Dennis P
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  • Qualcomm msm8976 android 8.1.0  PN7150 nfc servise stop running

    about Qualcomm msm8976  android 8.1.0 Transplant NFC PN7150. After porting according to the official NXP documentation, the NFC service is prompted to stop running, the err log :   01-01 02:14:49....
    zhen li
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  • HTRC110 reference design information

    Are there any reference designs available for HTRC110? Even a paper design?   Best regards, Ilya  
    Ilya Chepurin
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  • I need info about OM25180FDK 30x50 antenna

    Hi,   I need information about the small antenna 30x50mm that comes with the PN5180 eval board OM25180FDK.   Regarding the main 65x65 antenna, its information is mentioned in the AN11744 PN5...
    ahmed omar
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  • initialize NT3H2111

    I have a NT3H2111 on a 100kHz i2c bus connected to a TI CC3220 processor. Reading the chip's contents with i2c works fine. Also the tag is detected fine with NXP's NFC TagInfo app (iOS) but cannot be detected with NXP...
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  • PN7150 unknown NCI command response

    I working with the PN7150 and I'm just trying to send CORE_RESET_CMD but I am getting the status code 0xA3 in the response. I referred to NCI spec (1.0) but that code is just listed as reserved. What does this code me...
    Bryan Valletta
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  • Reading Gemplus/Systag Ario 10 SL tag

    Hi,   tag info: 13.56MHz 26K HF communication baud rate. Don't know the ISO. May be 15693 due to the 26KHz 1/4 pulse position coding.   Tried the various examples in UM10883 for the PN7462 demo board with ...
    Viggo Joergensen
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  • PN7462AU -Hard Power Down Mode

    Hello ,   I have been  working on PN7462 NFC controller.i am building my application on Door access code. we have designed our own custom board and we are at a stage we are looking at power co...
    sanath rai
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  • PN7462 - NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum - Standby Mode

    Hi everyone,  Currently, I'm working on NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum project. I have a issue is: How to apply standby mode at this project ?, It was found at:  Thank you so much
    Huynh Tai
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  • PN7150 library under FreeRTOS

    Hi,   Using the latest version of the software library for NFC / PN7150 integrated in FreeRTOS I found the following deficiency: When the only task that is active is task_nfc () everything works correctly and af...
    Neculai Agavriloaei
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  • Using 125khx Prox with CLRC663

    We have a product which uses the CLRC663 and have a requirement to work with 125khz prox   I have found the PRH601 which is multi frequency On the datasheet it mentions the CLRC663 - but i don't understand ...
    Jacob Hinson
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  • How to continue the PN7150 Crystal oscillation?

    Hi all,   We are validating products using PN7150. And it includes the XTAL matching test. But usually XTAL oscillation time is few seconds   Is there any way to keep XTAL oscillating?   Best Regard...
    George Fukutomi
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  • NFC Tag Emulation & iOS + Android

    Hi,    Have an application whereby I need a NFC Controller, a user scans the device and is directed to a web-site. The URI must be programmable and prefer a controller over a frontend.    C...
    Sujit Nagarajan
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