• UCODE I2C Reference Design

    I am looking for a reference design for the UCODE I2C device SL3S4011FHK. I have designed it into a product from the system level but now need to have proper schematic implementation. The areas of concern are the powe...
    Jon Ledwith
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  • PN7462+SAM av2

    Dear Members & NXP Support, We are on a project right now that we want to integrate the SAM AV2 with PN7462. I saw that there is on the community one task that it seems very useful for us:  https://community....
    Ekain Cuesta
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  • How to get RFID – PCB Antenna Designer online tool?

    I am going to https://nxp-rfid.com/support/ want to used RFID – PCB Antenna Designer online tool. But web page showed This Design Tool is out of service. For further information please ...
    lin yi tse
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  • How to choose NFC chip

    HI,      Our project needs to use NFC chip to read ID card. Our platform is Qualcomm msm8909 or msm8953. How about pn532? Is this chip old? Pn547, can you provide reference design drawing? How to g...
    明镜 明
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  • LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down

    LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down. We have a project that requires the LPC8N04 to wakeup from DPD by NFC, RTC or WAKEUP pin, the problem is detecting the source of wakeup - as the LPC8N04 cannot be debugged in DPD ...
    Ken Roberts
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  • PN532 target mode with andoid issue

    Hi guys,   I want NDEF communication between PN532 target mode and android phone. When I init my PN532 board in target mode and read it with the "taginfo" app. The Galaxy S3 recognizes it as MiFair and can tran...
    Yongduck Lee
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  • PN7462: unable to get GPIO configuration

    Hi.   I can't get phhalPcr_GetGpioStatus from HAL API to work since it gives an hard fault at each call.   I'm calling it as in the following snippet to know the status of GPIO4: (...) phhalPcr_GetGpioSt...
    Piergiuseppe Tundo
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  • Does Active Load Modulation in the NTA5332 work without external power?

    Can I use the Active Load Modulation feature of the upcoming NTA5332 without a battery connected? Will energy harvested from the field be used to power ALM? Do you have any guidelines on the antenna design and a ...
    Malcolm Mackay
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  • Tag ID reading and NDEF writing on android 10

    Hello,   I have a problem. On android 10 android beam is not available anymore. So P2P sending NDEF does not seem to work. I tested with an android mobile with android version 8 which works (debug: 2P TARGE...
    Andreas Feil
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  • MIFARE SAM AV2 C library

    From where i can get the SAM av2 C librry?
    Tharake Gunatilake
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  • Activation error Cockpit v.2.3(PN5180)

    I could download SW3524 and install PN5180 NFC Cockpit v.2.3. According to SW35234 page 17 to 18, I tried to activate MIFARE, and encounterd error at 3rd step(pressed the ...
    中磯 俊幸
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  • NFC Cockpit Tool - HALIO_TIMEOUT error

    My customer would like to use the OM25180FDK: PN5180 NFC Frontend Development Kit to read a NXP ICode SLIX (ISO 15693) 6mm tag.   They have the NFC Cockpit Tool communicating with PNEV5180 eval board and are abl...
    Rob Mitrunen
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  • How secure are the Ntag213 - Ntag215 password protections?

    Hi Guys,   So we are currently working on an project where the ntag213 or ntag215 are going to be used. (in public areas, guests can scan it, to access an site)   The idea is: To write specifik data to the...
    Johnny L.
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  • Update TED KIT 2 for NCF 29A3X

    Where can I find an update for the Ted Kit 2 to read/write the new transponder device NCF 29A3X ?
    Peter Wieners
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  • PN7462 ROM code bug: phhalCt_Init() calls phRomhalCt_RegInit() but PRES_PUP_EN and PRES_CON_NO are NOT configured as expected

    It seems the ROM API phRomhalCt_RegInit() does NOT change the values as expected for the fields: bPullupSetStatus bCardPresConnectorStatus   Code snippet from PN7462AU_ex_phExCt with modifications: /* By...
    Robert Beekmans
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  • MiFare DESFire Light Session key generation and CMAC algorithm

    Hi All,   I am using #MIFARE DESFire Light for one of my customer. I can successfully authenticate the card using DESFireEV2First algorithm. After that I'm trying to get the session keys (SesAuthENCKey...
    Tithi Patel
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  • Help with adding NFC to Android

    Hello,   I am trying to setup a non NFC enabled Android tablet device to run as card emulation so that I can scan it with an NFC enabled android device. Does anyone know if this is achievable out of the box? I ...
    Craig Pryor
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  • nhs3152 adc problem

    dear sir     i encounter a question about test the battery voltage with the ADC function . my schematic diagram is below    2 my source about test the vcc voltage code is below&...
    向 雪姣
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  • UART in basicDiscoveryLoop Example

    Hi, I am using clev6630b board and i run though basic discoveryloop example where i am able to detact nfc tags.Now how can i use uart in this example to send the detected card details to other mcu(which is connected ...
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  • RF Configuration Register

    Hi all,   I tried to configured RF gain (register address: 6316h) to the highest gain i.e. 48dB, by setting the register value to 0x78, but on reading the same register(CIU_RFCFG)immediately after writing the va...
    Ankita Kulkarni
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