• OM25180FDK with Cockpit V4.8.0 - "Clear Gear Values" messed up the board

    Hi,   I am using the OM25180FDK kit with the Cockpit (V4.8.0) for the first time. I tried the DPC correlation and calibrations tests, and they were working correctly as the NXP videos show. And the default valu...
    ahmed omar
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  • Tagwriter for iOS13?

    Is there any plan to release NFC Tagwriter for IOS. This seems to be the best tool out there but it’s not available for iPhone. Now that iOS 13 supports writing, was hoping this is in the plans. Any update appre...
    Mike Adler
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  • NFC PN5180 Antenna Sensitivity Problem

    Hi,   I have a custom board with the PN5180 and I'm using it to emulate an NFC tag. I am able to read the tag with a phone at a distance of about 2.5cm, but after doing this once or twice, the antenna sensi...
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  • RC522. Communication with an active PICC

    Hi to all,   I'm trying to work with the RC522 reader and an active PICC (AS3953 from AMS). So far I have been able to set both at ISO 14443A Level-4 Protocol Mode. So now I should be able to communicate in both...
    Carlos Canon Torrecillas
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  • Cannot change Access Rights

    Hello     I have an NTAG 424 tag and seem to be having a problem changing access rights with TagXplorer.   When experimenting, I changed access rights on all 4 accesses (read, write, R/...
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  • What is the latest Android version supported by PN548 ?

    I know that PN548 is about to stop production,  and supported on Android P(9.0),   can you tell me what is the latest Android version supported by PN548 ?
    sam liao
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  • Tag ID reading and NDEF writing on android 10

    Hello,   I have a problem. On android 10 android beam is not available anymore. So P2P sending NDEF does not seem to work. I tested with an android mobile with android version 8 which works (debug: 2P TARGE...
    Andreas Feil
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  • HID iClass cards and NFC lib on CLRC663 plus frontend

    Hello community, I am using OM26630FDK: CLRC663 plus NFC Frontend Development Kit in my development. Among many different card's techno I have to implement support for HID iClass DL cards (picopass 2k). My questi...
    Alexey Bulgakov
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  • PHRTOS_MAX_DELAY is defined with a 36-bit value but should be a 32-bit value in phRtos_NoRtos.h

    See the file .\PN7462AU\phCommon\inc\wrapper\phRtos_NoRtos.h of the NXP NFC Reader Library for details. According to the Readme.txt my version of the NFC Reader Library is v05.22.01.   In my opinion PHRTOS...
    Robert Beekmans
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  • TagXplorer-v1.2.jar cannot start

    Hey! I can't get TagXplorer-v1.2.jar to run. I tried Oracle Java 8.221; i tried Zulu Java. When i doubleclick it doesn't start. When i use command line, i get the following error: "Fehler: Hauptklasse TagXplorer-...
    Dennis Lohmann
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  • NXP NTAG I2C Plus device (NT3H2111),7 bytes UID can the user modify it?

    NXP NTAG I2C Plus device (NT3H2111),7 bytes UID can the user modify it?
    changfeifei changfeifei
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  • NFC UID Read on iOS 13

    Hey all, has anyone successfully managed to code in UID read on iOS 13 for the NTag 21x range of NFC tags? We are trying to read the UID but cant seem to do so
    Chironjit Das
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  • LPC8N04 NFC read-after-write

    Is it possible to do a read-after-write with the LFC8N04? When a user NFC taps the LPC8N04 device a security code is sent which we want to use to customise the return records. We have limited control over the reader ...
    Ken Roberts
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  • CT & CLIF Card Operation

    Hi All,   I am working on the PN7462AU card reader with Evaluation kit using PN7462AU-FW_v05.07.01_Full firmware file with "phExCcid" example. Which is for Contact and Contact-less cards detection.   I nee...
    Sachin Singh
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  • Python Library for CLRC663

    Hi, kindly share Python library for CLRC663 IC. Thanks Vikas Dabas
    Vikas Dabas
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  • MIFARE Classic 1K/4K in Card Emulation Mode

    Dear all,   It seems that PN7150 supports ISO/IEC-14443A in Card Emulation Mode. That is, does it support MIFARE Classic 1K/4K in Card Emulation Mode?   Best Regards, George
    George Fukutomi
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  • Mutual authentication error (ICODE DNA)

    Hello,   We have a problem when we try to send a mutual authentication with Inlays ICODE DNA.   We did the key initialization as mentioned in the doc  :  - Inventory Request (works well) Check ...
    Sebastien LOUVAT
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  • Defect/corrupted Sector handling on Mifare classic as NFC Tag

    According to the AN1304 - NFC Type MIFARE Classic Tag Operation we can use the MIFARE Classic tag to encode NDEF Message by using MIFARE Application Directory(MAD) that specified on AN10787. AN1304 Section 6.1 ...
    Candra Kharista
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  • Cockpit software could not read OM40002 via CLEV6630A

    Hi everyone, I’m getting started with NFC using 2 boards OM40002 as a card and CLEV6630A board as the reader. I program the nfc example on LPC8N04 on the board OM40002 and it works successfully with the mobile...
    Thanh Nguyen
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  • LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down

    LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down. We have a project that requires the LPC8N04 to wakeup from DPD by NFC, RTC or WAKEUP pin, the problem is detecting the source of wakeup - as the LPC8N04 cannot be debugged in DPD ...
    Ken Roberts
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