• PN7462 long HSUART input stream handling with hardware flow control

    Hi,   We are using PN7462C EVK for testing purposes. We want to develop a use case where any length of the HIF HSU input stream can be handled in PN7462 firmware. As per our current HIF HSU c...
    Gaurang K
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  • PN7150 android 8.1.0 nfc service stop running

    01-01 02:14:49.542 6977 6977 I zygote64: The ClassLoaderContext is a special shared library. 01-01 02:14:49.546 6963 6963 I zygote64: Rejecting re-init on previously-failed class java.lang.Class<com.android.nfc.Nfc...
    zhen li
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  • PN5180's output

    Hi. Thanks for watching.   PN5180 has IRQpin and RESETpin. Are those which is open-drive or push-pull? 
    Shiori Sugawara
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  • NFC PN7150 porting on Android Oreo 8.1  - nxpnfc_hal_svc crash

    Dear   Transplant PN7150 to I.MX8Mq with reference AN11690.pdf, which runs android O 8.1.0_1.3.0 we have followed steps of AN11690, even found some issue like https://community.nxp.com/thread/489133, while modif...
    hanny wei
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  • PN7462 讀取 NDEF & CCID reader?

    Hi NXP, 你們好! 我因工作需要,剛接觸 PN7462 平台,使用 PNEV7462C 開發板來研究;環境使用 MCUXpresso。 目前需要研究之功能,是將此開發板當成 NFC reader,讀取 NDEF message,再透過 USB CCID (PC/SC?) 傳輸至 PC 端。 在 PN7462AUPspPackageFull-v05_07_01 這整包 code 中,我已找到兩個範例 (Nfc...
    Eric Fan
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  • Problem getting I2C ACK from MFRC630 when IC is cold

    Hi,   We are using the MFRC630 (MFRC63003) for RFID/NFC communication controlled by STM32L162VC MCU and are facing a problem with I2C communication. Some of the MFRC630 IC's do not respond after sending the I2C ...
    Tom van Zutphen
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  • Certification for PN532

    My company has developed a product using PN532 chip and is now looking to get it certified (FCC and CE).   According to our research we need to change the following parameters : Channel Selection Continuous Tr...
    Vaibhav Chanana
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  • Read Session Registers of NTAG I2C Plus Demo Board - Unknown Response

    I'm trying to read the Session Registers via NFC of the NTAG I2C Plus demo board, but both Read (0x30) and Fast Read (0x3A) return the same data, which I can't understand.     So, for the FAST READ command,...
    Joe Pownall
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    dear all    I read nhs3100 nfc ID from the eeprom with address  #define NSS_NFC_UID_BASE (EEPROM_START + 0xF9C) /*!< Base address of the NFC unique ID (same value can be found in the NFC tag h...
    向 雪姣
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  • Using the PN7150 and reducing the NCI library for a ARM C0

    Hello, I want to port the NCI-library to a non-NXP ARM core CPU with Bluetooth interface. What I found, was a project for such a core and the NCO library seems to use the free/open Source RTOS. My starting point was M...
    Joachim Kroeger
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  • PN5180 : Limiting value

    Hi.  I have a question about PN5180. In datasheet, There isn't IO pin ratings at The Limiting value. All VIL is 0V at The Characteristics. Do I need to follow this? Isn't it acceptable for minus tens of mV? &...
    Shiori Sugawara
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  • How to transfer data read from NFC card using SPI slave mode in PN7462AU_ex_phExVCom

    Hello, I am using PN7462 for NFC development. I realized in the routine PN7462AU_ex_phExVCom that the PN7462 reads the data of the NFC card and transmits it to the computer using the USB VCOM serial port. Now I want t...
    wei zhang
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  • MFRC630+ : issue with pulse shape according to ISO/IEC 14443A

    Dear All, On a reader embedding MFRC630+, after matching the antenna, we saw that the measured pulse shape according to ISO14443A is not conform.  **** Without any tag near the reader t1=3us, t2=0us, t3=2.4 us...
    Ali MAIGA
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  • Does CLRC663 plus support Dynamic power control ??

    Does CLRC663 plus support Dynamic power control ?? It quite confusing on NXP description ....  in application note AN12334 , it said that Dynamic power control is a very important feature in CLRC663, but in datas...
    David Tsang
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  • CLRC663 UART read multiple byte in FIFO

    Dear ,   May I know does CLRC663 can read FIFO information more than one byte a time via UART? it seems very slow if my content is more than 50 byte?   Thank you with regards David
    David Tsang
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  • HTRC11001T to read ASK/PSK/FSK cards

    Hello, We want prox card reader to read ASK / PSK / FSK cards.    1) How is the HTRC11001T ? In datasheet I could not see support of all the modulation ? Will it work for my application ? 2)Is there any re...
    Mahesh Gohil
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  • Writing data to NFC tag

    Hello, I need to program Data to 10K NFC TAGs. Also, I need to write different address for each TAG. Is there a writer or tool to recommend? Thx
    Mitch Yu
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  • OM5569/NT322ER -- Windows smart card reader not working

    hi, i recently purchased an OM5569/NT333ER kit....  using the android demo, i am able to interact with the explorer board....   i also installed the *latest* drivers for the cloud 3700 reader included with...
    Bob Frankel
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  • What's Peer-to-Peer mode speed (Throughput) ?

    Hello,   I am running separately two NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum examples on two PN7462 boards.   First board Server (NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum.h):         #define ACTIVE_MODE ...
    Gytis Kazlauskas
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  • IFD driver for PN553

    We are using a PN553 NFC on a snapdragon board running Android Pie. The PN553 is connected to the main controller through I2C. We are trying to implement a CCID driver for the PN553. We have been able to get communic...
    Ashwat D
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