• TDA8026 driver on imx6ul

    Hi all, Is there any official driver of TDA8026? I found these from other website,but I didn't see CLK pin(like blue circle below) be configured,and I have no idea how to generate clock signal with GPIO.  ...
    west chu
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  • Getting 6E00 while using DESFire AES authentication with SAM AV2

    I'm using SAM AV2 for DESFire EV1 personalization. When I'm sending SAM_AuthenticatePICC sequence, I'm getting 6E00 (Class not supported) error from DESFire EV1. I'm following "AN1826 – MIFARE SAM AV2 – Fo...
    Tithi Patel
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  • TagXplorer v1.2 by NXP Software identifies all tags as NTAG 203X

    #Hello community,   I have a problem using TagXplorer v1.2 by NXP Software connected to the NXP Pegoda CLRD710 Reader, running on my Windows 10 PC.   TagXplorer Version: 1.2 Build Version: 2019-12-14 1750...
    Vincent Coli
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  • NTAG 5 - Demo App

    In the Documentation NTAG 5 - Android Application Development (RM00221) there is a Demo Android Application mentioned from NXP. But so far I can't find a Link to the Source Code or the apk   Where...
    Julian Sauer
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  • How can I use the CLRC663 chip to read HID iClass tags

    We are using the CLRC663 chip in an RFID reader design and we have used the provided NXP driver library to successfully read MIFARE and ISO15693 cards, but we also wish to read HID iClass tags, is it possible to do th...
    Martin Howell
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  • Sofware library for NTAG I2C plus

    I'm supposed to develop software for the NTAG I2C plus (NT3H2111) which is connected to an STM32 F105. I haven't been able to find a library or even sample code for it. Does such things exist and could somebody point ...
    Johannes Lehtonen
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  • Is possible to use MFRC522 or CLRC661 in Remote Keyless Entry systems ?

    Hello, I need a system able to identify frequencies of remote control keys( car key fobs ), I found that the frequencies of Remote Keyless Entry  (RKE) most used are 315MHz in the  US/Japan and 433.92M...
    Daniel Flor
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  • win10上PN547读卡号

    Yang Lin
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  • Regarding Higher read range in SLRC610 (CLEV6630B)

    hello, Greetings of the day!   I am using CLEV6630B V2.0 board with nxp reader library (I changed the CLRC663 IC to SLRC610). As per the ISO15693 protocol documentation, range of ISO15693 is 1 meter. But i am ...
    Manan Patel
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  • NFC/RFID Used in ETC/V2X

    Hi,     Does NXP have NFC/RFID solution that can used in ETC (electronic toll collection) /V2X system, including OBU (on-board unit) and RSU (road-side unit)?    As far as know, We can use UCODE ...
    Ethan Li
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  • BTSSP: SM TK Value, SC Confirm Value and SC Random Value All Present

    As the picture suggests, the NDEF bluetooth carrier configuration record contains these 3 fiels:  Security Manager TK Value, Secure Connection Confirmation Value and Secure Connnection Random Value. But TK ...
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  • PR5331 whether support to read 7816 type A

    we use NXP,PR5331C3HN/C370E NFC reader IC,  use 7816 type A card to read and will be USB disconnected. we don’t use this type of card 7816 type A before the test so no problem was found, we need to know PR5...
    michael yang
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  • About NT3H2111W0FHKH part number, what mean at last "H"?

    Hi all, Our customer ask about NT3H2111W0FHKH part number, what mean at last "H"? From datasheet don't description with last "H" . Can you help to explain this? Thank you.
    Ethan Chen
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  • What USB library for PN7462?

    I'm currently trying to produce a solution using NFC and USB HID (keyboard emulation). However the documentation on USB for the PN7462 seems confusing and incomplete.   I've found nice clear examples for USB for...
    Fred Murphy
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  • Regarding NFC range

    Dear Team, Our application is to detect and read-write the icode slix rfid tags using ISO-15693 protocol. We are using CLRC663 reader for that. As mentioned in datasheet, The detection range of ISO-15693 protocol is a...
    hasmukh prajapati
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  • Which NCF chip should we use ?

    At present time we are using a S32K116 MCU for our application, this application should be extended by NFC functions:   - reading of a mobile phone serial number - 2-way communication with a mobile phone, that ...
    Kai Dieckhaus
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  • RFID tag type

    Dear NXP team,   I would like to ask you about the actual RFID card type. I was able to read out the serial number: AA:4A:4B:A5:00:01:04:E0. Could you please give me a hand in this topic? 
    Martin Adamek
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  • Where to find Schematic and BOM of the NTAG 5 Link demoboard with FRAM ?

    Thanks a lot
    Antonio Cinelli
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  • 關於MFRC630

    請教各位MFRC630 Reader的Code size大小 能否用在LPC804 MCU上?
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  • PN532 CORE_INIT_RSP Field Value Questions

    Hi,   I just started using PN7150 and want to understand some values in the CORE_INIT_RSP. The data is :    CORE INIT RSP: 40 01 19 00 03 1e 03 00 08 00 01 02 03 80 81 82 83 02 d0 02 ff 02 00 04 8...
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