• NHS3152 AN0_x input clamp the input voltage ~2V

    NHS3152 AN0_5 is sitting at ~2.0V without Firmware, yet the data sheet states it is a max 3.6V tolerant Input. In the schematic VBAT is 3V the voltage divider is used to measure the Vbat at its actual voltage within t...
    Kelvin Hasseler
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  • MIFARE DESFire Light Invalid Command String Error

    I am attempting to write to a MIFARE DESFire Light card using the Write Data command in ISO/IEC 7816 APDU Wrapping and native chaining. The card has a Standard File of size 256. I'm attempting to write exactly 256 byt...
    Wilmer Suarez
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  • Is the SLRC61003 compatible with the CLEV6630 firmware?

    Hi, I am using the CLEV6630 NCF kit to communicate with a SLRC61003 chip. Done some modifications of cource and connected the kit with my board. The NXP Cockpit will not communicate with it (expecting a CLRC663 Plus...
    Thomas Haugen
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  • CLRC663 - GPIO Behavior

    Hi,   I'm using the CLRC663 to display status leds on a application. When entering low power mode, i shut down the CLRC663 to save power by the hard power down (setting PDOWN high)   Now, when exiting the ...
    Jonathan Frech
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  • OM-SE050ARD - NFC application

    Hello guys,   I currently work with the NXP-SE050 Arduino Development kit (OM-SE050ARD) for NFC application and Security.   I have a few questions, if possible, could you support me?   As I read on...
    Ngoc Khang Nguyen
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  • NFC tab IC antenna size and distance

    Please tell me or send me document that has description about the NFC operation distance as a function of antenna turns or antenna size. For example if we want to use NT3H2111W0FHK as tag IC and want to achieve 5...
    Lin Fiske
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  • NHS3152/A1Z (Reverse) pin Definition

    The NH3152 Therapy Adherence Board connect the NHS3152/A1Z pin 10 to GND and labels it CE.  But the Datasheet indicates pin 10 for this package is a (reserved) pin.  I was looking in the datasheet and u...
    Kelvin Hasseler
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  • CLRC66303 for Felica Test

    Our customer--Spectra Technology(HK) using CLRC66303 will apply Felica cert. in mid-Dec.   In digital protocol test, there is a requirement for below two timings.  May I have your suggestion that which ...
    Alex Shen
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  • Setting Custom AID for PN7150 in Card Emulation Mode

    I'm Developing with the PN7150  ~ OM5578/PN7150-Kit   And have been following and using the given Example (AN11990) as a baseline ~ PN7150 Example Code   So far I've gotten the board to...
    andrew balogh
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  • Problem getting I2C ACK from MFRC630 when IC is cold

    Hi,   We are using the MFRC630 (MFRC63003) for RFID/NFC communication controlled by STM32L162VC MCU and are facing a problem with I2C communication. Some of the MFRC630 IC's do not respond after sending the I2C ...
    Tom van Zutphen
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  • Entrance Guard Wiegand Solution

    Hi all,   There is a entrance guard requirement based on Wiegand protocol. Can you provide any solution including transmitter and receiver. It's best to recommend the IC solution.   Yours sincerely
    Eric zhu
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  • MFRC63002 & CLRC66303HN NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop porting

    Hello I‘m porting NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop in CLEV6630B+RT1052 . It can read Type A card. If I replace development board CLRC66303HN to MFRC63002.  I check datasheet CLRC66...
    join ren
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  • PNEV7462C USB Descriptor problem

    Dear,   I have recently bought the PNEV7462C eval kit and try to get the Cockpit to work. Tried to reprogram the firmware that came with the cockpit program using the DownLoad option.   If I drop the ...
    roland van straten
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  • Detecting a fob with the PN5180

    Hello,   I have the PN5180 and it detects the white card but not the blue fob.  I am using the ATrappmann library.  Can anyone steer me in the correct direction for enabling this functionality?   ...
    jeff boehmer
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  • PN7462 Card emulation(NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T) not working

    I am using the same example(NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T) for card emulator and using PN7462AU_ex_phExRfPCDA for the reader but I am unable to read data from card emulator. I have found from debugging that, I-block for getting...
    Gaurang K
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  • Password Authentication - Ntag213 + ACR122U

    I have a question about set the password on the Ntag213   I use the reader/writer ACR122U and i need to set a password on the Ntag213   Anyone have the correct sequence of APDU command for setting the pass...
    marco Fogli
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  • Ntag424DNA tag issue

    Hi,    I'm learning the Ntag424DNA, and I get a problem as below:   1.when I try to decrypt the SDMENCFileData (page 13th of the flie AN12196) refer to the Table4 step by step, and...
    long zhu
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  • Does Ucode8 support self-serialization?

    Hello - We have a customer which has been using Ucode7 RFID tags for some time in a self-serialization workflow. However, when they tried to use Ucode8 tags in the same capacity, the EPCs always seems to encode as a "...
    David Endahl
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  • PN7462 Card ID read APDU

    Hi,   I am working with PN 7462 reader. I go through application notes of UM10915.pdf.  As compare to PN532, few commands are available for PN7462.   Here, command that read the tag (ex, commands to r...
  • 关于PN5180评估版和配套的NFC cockpit使用过程中遇到的问题

       (1)请问这6个错误是由什么造成的,我该怎么解决?(见上图)    (2)请问这个错误是什么意思?需要怎么解决?(见上图)    (3)请问我在执行这个脚本的时候为什么会提示这个错误?我该怎么解决这个问题?(见上图)
    志强 左
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