• Equivalent Circuit Ric of NTAG and SLIX

    I am looking to understand the input resistance of both the NTAG213 chip and the ICODE SLIX chip. I am attempting to model them and need to understand the IC equivalent resistance between La and Lb pins. I am using AN...
    Chris Kellar
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  • NTAG213 authentication

    Hi all,   Little description of my application: Assume I have some NTAG213 protected by known password. I'm developing an application on a NFC reader/writer and I would authenticate using PWD_AUTH command an...
    Simone Del Gobbo
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  • How can I use the CLRC663 chip to read HID iClass tags

    We are using the CLRC663 chip in an RFID reader design and we have used the provided NXP driver library to successfully read MIFARE and ISO15693 cards, but we also wish to read HID iClass tags, is it possible to do th...
    Martin Howell
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  • PN7150 respond NCI<<60 00 06 a0 00 f7 9f 20 00, and then didnt work

    Hello,i am using PN7150 with a MCU,sometimes the I2C respond NCI<<60 00 06 a0 00 f7 9f 20 00, and then didnt work any more,only a reset can make it rework,will you please tell me what does "60 00 06 a0 00 f7 9f ...
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  • iPhone app/sources for NTAG I2C Plus Explorer Kit

    Is an example app available for the NTAG I2C Plus ICs? It would be nice to have a reference app, similar to what is available for Android.   It would be even nicer if NXP would offer a library to build up on, bu...
    Arno Moonen
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  • UCODE8/8m datasheet 【10.Limiting Value】※Operating Temperature

    □UCODE8/8m datasheet 【10.Limiting Value】29page   Q: I could not confirm the parameter of "Operating temperature” for UCODE8/8m. Is "Operating temperature" same as "Ambient temperature"? Please let ...
    Koshiro Yanai
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  • NTAG 424 DNA Personalization

    Hi,     We are considering the NTAG 424 DNA tags for a system we're building and really like the built in AES encryption (even though an asymmetric algorithm would have been even more useful)...
    Ulrik Andersen
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  • PN5180 BUSY line still LOW

    Dear Sir   I test the PN5180 reader IC, I have a question, the PN5180 busy line still to LOW.  The PN5180 write Timer0_reload register data can not BUSY line change to High. I read the Timer0_reload ...
    Li Ke
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  • How to turn on LEDs with NFC and at the same time send a URL to the phone?

    Hello I am developing a product and I would like to integrate an NFC chip into my system. I want to send an URL to my laptop and at the same time turn on LEDs on my product with an NFC chip. At first to do experiment...
    aghilas Dahmani
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  • Android NFC PN7150 driver porting

    Hi,   I'm trying to follow the porting guidelines found in: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN11690.pdf    However, im firstly unclear on how to carry out the processes, im assuming I sh...
    Jibran Rajpt
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  • Java Example for Mikroe NFC USB Dongle (NXP PN7150)

    Hello, I just bought the Mikroe NFC USB Dongle (with NXP PN7150). It is provided with a C example software (Here: http://www.nxp.com/documents/software/SW4335.zip). Do you know if there would be a Java one?...
    Marc de V.
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  • Can't remove NTAG213 protection

    Hi, I'm using NFC tags based on NXP NTAG213. Using NXP TAGWRITER I set a new password and than I try to remove protection, but the error "TAG can't be unprotected" occures As I try to remove just the password, the AU...
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  • PN7150 About Tag read error

    I am troubled with the following operation of PN7150.   [ Execution environment ]     BOARDs :   1). OM5578/PN7150ARD   2). LPCxpresso824-MAX     IDE : MCUXpressoIDE 10.3.1  ...
    Haruki Kawada
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  • NXP Product Authentication demo app for NTAG213TT

    Thank you for always suuport. I want to use NTAG213TT demo app for smartphone(Android).   I used the below Android app(NXP product Authentification)before. But, this app is not appeared in Google Pla...
    Koshiro Yanai
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  • Can't password protect NTAG I2C Plus

    I am trying to password protect an NDEF tag on an NTAG I2C Plus (NNT3H2111W0FHK).  I am using the NXP TagWriter app on Android.  I can not seem to make it work.  Can someone help?   
    Tyler HARNDEN
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  • How to read Tag data using PN7150?

    Hello NXP,   I am working with PN7150 NFC Controller to read/write ICODE Tags. I am able to read UID but I am finding it difficult to read the Tag data.   Would it be possible to provide I2C com...
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  • PN5180 Card emulation function question

    Hi.The card emulation function of PN5180 is review.Regarding the iPhone and card emulation function,The iPhone is a card reader, and the application with PN5180 can communicate with the iPhone through Felica type, and...
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  • # MTBF reliability data

    # MTBF reliability data   Hi Sir/Madam   We are doing MTBF calculation for my design and we need reliability data of following part numbers 1) P/N: 74LVC07APW,118  --->  IC BUFF HEX OPEN...
    Harika Balla
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  • PN5180 BUSY line always HIGH after RFON command issued

    Hello NXP Team, I am using PN5180 reader IC interfaced with customized other host controller board. I am able to access registers and EEPROM via SPI interface as per the information (about communication flow between...
    Sreedhar Manda
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  • How can I read Iphone UID or any data using CLRC663 Reader?

    I Have CLRC663 plus NFC Frontend Development Kit for Access Management Application and I want to read iPhone UID or Any message form it for access control application
    Islam Bedair
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