• PN7150 with ISO 15693

    I got my OM5578 eval working with an Arduino and Ntag cards. Now I want to add ISO15693 cards but I am somehow stuck. I am using this library: GitHub - ThomasBuhot/arduino-nfc: Near Field Communication (NFC) libr...
    Tom Schwartz
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  • RFID Module.

    Hello,    I am looking for one RFID Module. It should have a UART based interface. If any then please suggest me. I have searched about UCODE 7 but it has I2C interface and it is an RFID Chip but I want RF...
    Abhijeet Tippanna
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  • PN7150 NCI Problem

    i checked the pn7150 user guid and found that the NCI is not comprehensive,i would like to know whether there is a detailed explanation of NCI?
    fei han
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  • nhs3100 current consume

    dear    recently ,i encounter a question about the 3100 current consume . i use release_mra2_10_1_nhs3100 SDK packet , i use the default NHS3100 Temperature Logger project and just remove the def...
    向 雪姣
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  • Use CLRC663 to read HID iClass UID

    Hi,   I am able to use CLRC663 to read the iso14443 card uid easily. However, there is no response from HID iClass card which assumed to be compiled with iso15693. All I need is the uid of the card. The CLRC663 ...
    Henry Wong
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  • Decrypt NDEF Message with NTAG 424

    Hello,   I'm looking for a way to decrypt NFC tags. I use NXP tags NTAG 424.    Unfortunately, i can't access to the DocStore... My URL looks like this:  http://localhost/8091B21A4CDB7571343...
    Jean-Marie Bridoux
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  • NFC PN5180 DPC in Card Emulation Mode

    I'm having an issue where the RF field gets really weak on my NFC antenna after I use a phone to read it once or twice. I am using the PN5180 in card emulation mode. Does the PN5180 use the DPC in card emul...
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  • PN7462 - Mifare - NfcCcid sample

    Hello,   I am looking for another way to detect that mifare card isn't in rf field.  At NfcCcid sample somebody implements phExNFCCcid_Check_Presence_L3A_Card which "restart" card. So every loop (Clif task...
    Kamil Serwus
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  • PN7150 i2c voltage drop at 0x28 with  address wrong detected on arduino 0x7c

    Dear  PN7150 i2c voltage drop at 0x28 with  address wrong detected on arduino 0x7c   I am working on NXP PN7150 NFC board with arduino as i run the i2c scanner code on arduino i get the address hex as...
    Anmol Kohli
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  • RC522 compatibility with EM4423

    Hello,   Does anyone know if the RC522 module can read the EPC Memory bank  (NFC blocks 69 to 73)?   According to the specs of the chip these blocks are readable from the NFC but write protected which...
    Marcello Azevedo
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  • HTRC110 AC vs MC

    Hi,   I have a question regarding the reading of HITAGS transponder with HTRC110.   As I would like to read the UID of the transponder the reading distance is ~3-4cm (from the center of the antenna). But ...
    Sandor Bedo
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  • Generate MAC Mifare Plus EV1

    There´s someone who had a lot of knowlegth in Mifare Plus EV1 that can teach me how can I get the MAC? I have been tried generate the MAC but I don´t Know why I always had the response for the card that th...
    Sebastián Franco
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  • SLIX2 Card SL2S2602 protect page example

    Hi,   I am working on SLIX2 tag using reference document from NXP as SL2S2602 with NXP controller PN7120. What I was trying is to program the tag with all possible security provided by Tag. Here is my procedure,...
    Praween kumar
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  • PN7150 RF Timeout

    Hi   I'm currently testing out the PN7150S NFC controller for a project. For intial testing we're using the OM5578 dev. module with a Raspberry Pi running the linux_libnfc-nci stack (R2.4).   I'm currentl...
    Mats Eliassen
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  • TDA8035HN Footprint Question

    We are layout a PCB incorporating TDA8035HN.  The package outline suggests there's a metal paddle in the center, but there's no mention of connection or recommended PCB footprint.  Is the square depicted by ...
    Mark Freeman
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  • NFC Reader Library how to know if phone read is success or fail

    Hi,   I'm using the NFC Reader Library to run the PN5180 in card emulation mode (NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T.c). I can successfully read the NDEF content with a phone. However, I noticed that if I move the phone too qui...
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  • PN7150 NCI problem

    I have a problem in PN7150 NCI,please tell me where have a detailed introduction to the NCI of PN7150
    fei han
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  • NT3H2111 NFC tag application circuit

    If we want to use NT3H2111 for NFC tag application that don’t require I2C and MCU, and we don’t have DC power supply on the tag. Please send me application circuit for this application using NT3H2111
    Lin Fiske
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  • NTAG213F NFC tag design

    Please send me the application circuit for NTAG213F. Can we just connect LA and LB to coil and leave FD and GND pin open. Do we need any external components?
    Lin Fiske
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  • PN5180 secure firmware

    Hi, Where do I get NXP's secure firmware for PN5180? I searched docstore but could not locate any.    Thanks, -Ismail
    Ismail Bari
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