• icode slix commands

    Dear Friend, I'm new to ISO15693 protocol. Do you have a SDK for your SL2S2002 chip? or do you have any example of GET RANDOM NUMBER command? How calculation of CRC16 is done?   Thank you for your help ...
    Ron Vis
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  • NHS3100: How to make the tlogger secure?

    We are using the NHS3100. We know there are products better suited, but for now we are stuck with this part. We want to extend the tlogger firmware and App functionality to make the logging more secure over the missio...
    Steve Wald
    created by Steve Wald
  • Help with Active Load Modulation , PN5180

    Hello Sir, I am testing the NFC distance emulating card tag ,with the evualuation board (PN5180 + LCP-Link2)   To simulate the card, i have use the example(NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T) from NXP web.   I only can ...
    Miguel Angel Ariza
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  • NFC reader to mobile phone

    I want to activate my mobile phone from one meter away using NFC.
    Robert Unnold
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  • CLRC663 NFC Reader Library

    CLRC663 hardware connection mode is SPI          The code in the red box as shown in the figure has encountered a problem. The code provided by NXP.Hello, the problem is this: the original ...
    AI KE
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  • Does NXP provide open source references to design and develop reader/writer hardware ( for Ntag series NFC cards) and integrate it with Android ?

    We are beginners in designing and developing enterprise solutions based on Ntag series NFC chips. We would like to know if NXP provides any support in development of the NFC reader/writer for free or for a cost. The c...
    Sri Bhaswath Akella
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  • OM5577 - Raspberry Pi3 Rainbow Screen

    I have an OM5577 demoboard and tried to install the demo software for a Raspberry Pi 3, OM5577 Raspberry Pi Linux demo image. I allways get a rainbow screen when the Pi is booting. With an other application the Pi is ...
    Lothar Schönfeld
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  • Stay quiet example for ICODE SLIX2?

    Hello, I need to read UIDs of all Type V tags in front of the reader. I have extended the NfcrdlibEx5_ISO15693 example and changed PHAC_DISCLOOP_CONFIG_TYPEV_DEVICE_LIMIT and PHAC_DISCLOOP_CFG_MAX_VICINITY_CARDS_SUPPO...
    Adam Heinrich
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    Hi, I have PN5180 NFC Frontend Development kit  , and i could not put into practice with raspberry pi 3 model b. I have SW369319 pocket and used AN11802(rev 1.6) and applied the all instructions, but it doesn't w...
    hasan bucak
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  • Very special antenna design

    My task is to design a antenna to read a mifare tag.   I try to describe the application:   Imagine a credit card shaped tag, but way smaller (25mm long, 11mm high, 3mm thick). This tag travels trough a tu...
    Jonathan Frech
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  • CRLC633 and Android HCE cards

    Good morning,   I want to know, basically, if I can read Android HCE cards with the NXP 663 chip. Currently, we are using this chip for reading MiFare Ultralight and Classic cards in our business, but now we wan...
    Natxo Canto
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  • key diversification

    I'm working on a card reader using the SAM AV2 chip that will read cards using key diversification.  I understand the diversification algorithm, but there are steps to "encrypt x using AES".  I assume AES is...
    Rob Neff
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    When testing with PN7150, with tag moving in and out of field... A NCI_RF_INTF_ACTIVATED_NTF message was received with invalid data: 61 05 15 01 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF F...
    Anthony Ambuehl
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  • MFRC630 no response ATQA to request ALL

    hi i  have developed the card reader device using mfrc630plus, Our device can read and write mifare classic card. but desfire, jcob card doesn't response about request ALL. I not sure that this issue is about ...
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  • PN7462AU FCC firmware

    Hi ,   Which firmware I need to put on PN7462AU for FCC test? Is there any sample firmware available in SDK ? Please help me in this   Thanks Aswin
    Aswin PV
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  • UCODE 8/8m TAG - brand identifier

    Hi, I'm tring to modify the fw of our UHF reader to read the Brand identifier of tag UCODE8/8m.    Could you please tell me how to set the parameter of select command? According to the standard th...
    Elisa Parducci
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  • How to check NXP signature on NTAG413

    Hello,   I'm trying to check the NTAG413 originality signature. Unfortunately the document “an260412 - AN11350 NTAG Originality Signature Validation (1.2)” concerns only the 32-byte signatu...
    Daniele Ferro
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  • CRLC663: general purpose output functionality

    Hi,   We would like to make use of the additional general purpose outputs of the CRLC663 chip in a future project to save pins on a MCU.  We would like to use the Pins OUT0 to OUT3 which are usually for the...
    Jonathan Frech
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  • NFC PN548 porting on Android Oreo 8.1

    Dear Sir:   I am trying to add support for PN548 to Rockchip PX30 platform, which runs on Android 8.1. I use NFC_NCIHALx_AR00C0.8.4.0_OpnSrc to integrate to our platform. I have followed steps of Doc AN11690, ...
    river hsu
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  • Workaround for intermittent PN7150 reset after sending start discovery request?

    During operation I sometimes get a reset notification after sending a start discovery command.   The reset shows reason code is A3.  Before the reset an I2C request to start discovery had been sent.   ...
    Anthony Ambuehl
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