• CLRC663 with NTAG212

    Hello,   I have a CLRC663+ dev kit and I'm trying to communicate with a NTAG212.  (Specifically, it is an antenna/chip component that uses the NTAG212 as the TAG chip.)  I am able to communicate with a...
    Chad Graham
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    Hello NXP , did anyone work with pn7150 , I did not know  how to start configuring it ....i read the documentation but i need help in some points ...added to that ,how can i transmit data from the antenna to the...
    mohamed sayahi
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  • NTAG NT3H2211/NT3H2111 + Arduino DUE interface

    Hi! I'm interfacing the antenna board (NT3H2211 and antenna) from the NTAG I2C plus Explorer Kit with an Arduino DUE to set a bidirectional communication between these components and the smartphone.   I already ...
    Wilson Santos
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  • Can we write and rewrite on the ntag 424 dna in offline mode by choosing the secret keys?

    Hello how are you? I am currently working on a project and the goal is to be able to write to a ntag 424 dna. A device should be able to read and modify ntag information (all offline) while respecting security standar...
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  • MIFARE DESFire EV1/MF3ICD21 can't write in the card

    The main problem is that we can write the defective cards properly,seems that this cards are corrupted.   Our program know that there are a desfire card ,however it can not be possible to write in the card. ...
    xin ling
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  • Change Keys and "lock" NTAG DNA 424

    Hi!   Thanks to Jonathan Iglesias, i was now able to configure the NTAG 424 DNA with encrypted-part and CMAC-part (https://community.nxp.com/message/1349087?commentID=1349087#comment-1349087) and also ...
    Manuel Mertl
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  • iPhone app/sources for NTAG I2C Plus Explorer Kit

    Is an example app available for the NTAG I2C Plus ICs? It would be nice to have a reference app, similar to what is available for Android.   It would be even nicer if NXP would offer a library to build up on, bu...
    Arno Moonen
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  • PN7150 on Android 5.1.1 can not be enabled

    I tried integrating PN7150 on Android 5.1.1. The driver was successfully installed, and I checked: ls -als / dev / pn544 crw-rw ---- nfc nfc 10, 61 2015-01-01 00:00 pn544 But the NFC menu is still blocked. This log: ...
    iwan nugraha
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  • CLRC663 use Analog TX and RX

    Hi, i want to use 2x CLRC663 to make my own wireless data transfer. I understand that SIGOUT can output RX_active signal and SIGIN can be used for external signal:      I program the CLEV...
    Michael Liesenberg
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  • Help with MFRC522 RFID-RC522 module

    I have a few questions regarding the RFID-RC522 Module. 1. Does this module have any kind of certifications? i.e. FCC, CE? 2. How do I code the card that is given with the module? 3. Can I change the coding of each ca...
    Ben Abergel
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  • How to connect FRDM-K82F and CELV6630ARD Together?

    I purchased a FRDM-K82F dev board and the CLEV6630ARD NFC development board. NXP says they work together, so was able to download the MCUXpresso, got the sample projects. However are the boards supposed to connect dir...
    Tom Porter
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  • SL1 Authentication MiFare Plus with 7 bite UID

    Hi, everyone! I want to develop a Mifare Plus Card Reader with the CLRC663, i realized SL1 authentication  for 4 byte Mifare Plus cards. I used the authentication command imbedded into IC...
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  • PN7150 Type 4 card emulation with RPi/Python

    Hello NXP community,   I am at a beginner level in both programming hardware and NFC, so please excuse any incorrect terminology I use. I have a PN7150 on a OM5578 kit on a Raspberry Pi 4. My ultimate goal is to...
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  • Can someone provide tips for getting started with a new project?

    Hi everyone,   I want to use the ADC and NFC-Interface of the NHS3152 using LPCXpresso, but I am new to both. Whenever I create a new project project using the wizard with inclusion of the provided libraries, I ...
  • NTAG424 DNA settings for security

    hi,    we would like to use the Ntag424 DNA tag to achieve the anti-counterfeiting applications, the ios app read the ndef message from a tag which had been written a dynamic and encrypted url...
    long zhu
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  • Excessive Current for LPCD mode (CLRC663)

    Hello,   I am assessing the CLRC663/plus for a battery-powered application. I am testing the LPCD mode with the evaluation kit (OM26630FDK -> CLEV6630B) and the current consumption is much higher than expecte...
    jose ramon Hernandez
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  • FCI buffer size of when calling phalVca_IsoSelect()

    Hello.   I wonder how big the buffer size of the FCI must be when I call the function phalVca_IsoSelect()? In an example of the NXP Reader Library for DESFire EV2, the buffer "uint8_t FCI[40];" is created and ...
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  • NHS3152 AN0_x input clamp the input voltage ~2V

    NHS3152 AN0_5 is sitting at ~2.0V without Firmware, yet the data sheet states it is a max 3.6V tolerant Input. In the schematic VBAT is 3V the voltage divider is used to measure the Vbat at its actual voltage within t...
    Kelvin Hasseler
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  • 关于CLRC663最新版的NFC reader library的问题??

    请问一下,关于CLRC663最新版的NFC reader library,请问一下版本号是多少?在哪里可以下载最新版了?
    jie li
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  • When will PN7150 support Android 11?

    Android 11 is planed to lunch at September 8, 2020. When will NXP update the NXPNFCLinux to support  Android 11?
    Roman Chang
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