• 27.12M Quartz cann't oscillate of OM5778

    Customer use OM5778_PN7150S design file mounting their own PCBA. They add 3.3V to Vbat、Vbat1 、Vbat2 and Vdd(pad),and mersured Vdd=Vdda=Vddd=1.8V,Vdd(tx)=Vdd(tx_in)=3.3V. But 27.12M Quartz cann't oscillate, they t...
    Bob Zhang
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  • MFRC63003 - JTAG Pins as GPIO

    Hello, I try to use the JTAG (TDO, TDI, TMS, TCK) signals as GPIO output. For this I proceeded as follows: 1. Deactivate Boundary Scan by setting the Boundary Scan bit (bit 3) in the interface byte (EEPROM address 0x...
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  • MIFARE DESFire Light Invalid Command String Error

    I am attempting to write to a MIFARE DESFire Light card using the Write Data command in ISO/IEC 7816 APDU Wrapping and native chaining. The card has a Standard File of size 256. I'm attempting to write exactly 256 byt...
    Wilmer Suarez
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  • Password can't authentication

    I tried to set the tag213 password protection with ACR122U. Here are the commands listed below. Step 1  Set PWD:       FF D6 00 2B 04 31 32 33 34 , set password ‘1234’ ...
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  • How can i set a specific UID to PN7150 when i run in HCE mode?

       when i run the libnfc-nci demoapp in share mode,the reader device shows that the uid of  pn7150 is "040302010400",but how can i set a specific UID to PN7150?    what document i can re...
    fu xiangshang
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  • NT3H2111 from RF Detect (Phone)

    Hi,   Currently, I use this IC for testing. And on this stage, I can use micro-control through I2C to read/write NT3H2111 in user memory (1 K version), so I implement a function to write NDEF message into user m...
    Griffith Chen
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  • Basic questions about JAVA Applet development

    Hello, This question is just to get some theoretical knowledge about writing a JAVA Applet. I have worked on NXP SE050 smart card which already had a JCOP 4, Java applet installed on it.So I have an idea how do we com...
    Priyanka Priyadarshini
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  • EdgeLockSE050 with NFC Controller

    1) does NXP offer a solution where a EdgeLockSE050 with a NFC Controller can communicate p2p with a Smartphone via NFC (the EdgeLock will receive the power from the Smartphone via NFC Harvesting)?   2) if no is ...
    Julian Sauer
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  • PN7150 Stops Detecting Any NFC Devices after repeated Read Failures

    I'm Developing with the PN7150  ~ OM5578/PN7150-Kit    With the LPC82X ~ LPC82X MCU's   And have been following and using the given Example (AN11990) as a baseline ~ P...
    andrew balogh
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  • Setting Custom AID for PN7150 in Card Emulation Mode

    I'm Developing with the PN7150  ~ OM5578/PN7150-Kit   And have been following and using the given Example (AN11990) as a baseline ~ PN7150 Example Code   So far I've gotten the board to...
    andrew balogh
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  • Write a block to Mifare Classic 1k via PN512

    Hello, I have a problem to write a block to a Mifare Classic 1k card. Authentication and reading the card works without problems. When I try to write a block (Command 0xA0) I get an ACK from the card after Write Part ...
    Torsten Hofrichter
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  • MifareWnd log option

    Hi,   I'm evaluating MIFARE NFC device with Pegoda 701 reader. I have a simple test that is using MifareWnd software where I simply perform read and write operations with authentication first (see attached 'Capt...
    Aymeric Laloy
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  • PN7462 Card ID read APDU

    Hi,   I am working with PN 7462 reader. I go through application notes of UM10915.pdf.  As compare to PN532, few commands are available for PN7462.   Here, command that read the tag (ex, commands to r...
  • Ntag424DNA tag issue

    Hi,    I'm learning the Ntag424DNA, and I get a problem as below:   1.when I try to decrypt the SDMENCFileData (page 13th of the flie AN12196) refer to the Table4 step by step, and...
    long zhu
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  • Arduino for PN7120

    Hello folks, has anybody successfully worked with OM5577/PN7120S with Arduino Uno? I am using an NFC development kit for Arduino (OM5577 | NFC Development Kits for Arduino and more | NXP ) and the...
    Le Cai
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  • Whether can I use a balun to transfer the 37-ohm Balanced output signal to 50-ohm single-end single for coaxial transferring? 

    The RFID controller such as PN7150B0HN/C11002Y or the general MRF522 reader with the match network the impedance is about 37-ohm, whether can I use a balun to transfer to impedance to 50/75-ohm single-ended signa...
    Ernst Jin
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  • Entrance Guard Wiegand Solution

    Hi all,   There is a entrance guard requirement based on Wiegand protocol. Can you provide any solution including transmitter and receiver. It's best to recommend the IC solution.   Yours sincerely
    Eric zhu
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  • Impedance control traces for CLRC663/MFRC630

    The schematics for CLEV6630B V2.0 development kit specify impedance control in the PCB specifications.  Is more information available about these specifications?   The impedance table specifies the impedanc...
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  • NFC tab IC antenna size and distance

    Please tell me or send me document that has description about the NFC operation distance as a function of antenna turns or antenna size. For example if we want to use NT3H2111W0FHK as tag IC and want to achieve 5...
    Lin Fiske
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  • NHS3152 power only from NFC field and load Capacitor

    Hello,   I would like to power the NHS3152 chip only through the NFC field and perform a measurement with it. Unfortunately the measurement seems to consume too much current, so I inserted a capacitor (100µ...
    Tom Sander
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