• NFC Reader Library Example UART Communication

    Hi,   I am working on NFC Reader Library.   Starting with Basic Discovery Loop example, I want to use UART as communication interface between NFC(as HOST  Application) and CLR663. Currently,...
  • NHS3100TEMOADK: NHS3100 Starter Kit for Temperature Monitoring

    My name is Ruslan, I am a Technical Project Manager at Aduk GmbH. We bought from you the NHS3100TEMOADK: NHS3100 Starter Kit for Temperature Monitoring and cannot find the referens manual with register descriptions f...
    Ruslan Skiba
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    Hi all, Have you a chart, with LPCD differences and RF caracteristics between MFRC630, CLRC663 and PN5180. I would be sure to choose the best component for my new reader.   Best regards Jean  
    Jean BROSSET
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  • How can i use NXP NFC reader library in ATmega Microcontroller?

    Hello evertyone, I have a question and i hope someone can help me,   I recently downloaded NXP NFC reader library, for that i am currently working on an access control reader project, However all the documenta...
    Ahmed Tarek
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  • NHS3152 Model의 NFC Chip time resolution (정보처리)

    안녕하세요.   NFC Chip (model :NHS3152) 의 spec을 여쭙기 위해 글을 남깁니다.   다름이 아니라, 다른 spec 에 대한 정보는 있지만 정보처리 time-resolution (몇초의 time interval 까지 송수신처리할 수 있는지에 대한 정보) 의 정보가 나와 있지 않아 해당 spec 에 대한 정보를 얻기 위해 질문글을 올립니다. &...
    Byungkook Oh
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  • NFC Launch not opening website links on iPhone

    Hi All,   I'm pretty new to NFC tags and working on a basic presentation on their capabilities for my managers at work.   I've downloaded NXP's iOS app "NFC Launch" for a simple app for my managers to down...
    Craig Seeley
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  • SLIX2 tag using reference document from NXP as SL2S2602 with NXP controller PN7120

    Hello,   I am using SLIX2 tag using reference document from NXP as SL2S2602 with NXP controller PN7120 in Android over IMX6 platform. I am trying to set some of the security APIs, Lock Password 64Bit Passwo...
    Praween kumar
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  • RC632  SPI 源码

    hello, can you give me rc632  spi code    thank   you
    fei wang
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  • PN7462AU_GUI_v1.2.1.0

    OMOM27462CDK: NFC控制器开发套的PN7462AU_GUI_v1.2.1.0在哪里27462CDK: NFC控制器开发套
    清秀 李
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  • How to enable IRQ with spi using PN532?

    when I use spi send message to PN532,the IRQ pin is always high.how to enable it?
    yao cui
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  • What to buy this large NTAG215?

    Hi guys,   So i've found an NTAG that has an pretty big design which improves the scan distance.. Now i was able to read the tag, and it seems to be an NXP NTAG215..     My question is... Where can...
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  • FOR testmod in CLRC663 to measure analog signal.

    Hello   We have a problem to get EVMco in type B test. So we want to measure analog signal through AUX1, AUX2. We can see how to enter testmod and what we can set analog signal which we want to measure with app...
    Young Koo Jeong
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  • NT3H2111 without Energy Harvest - caps ?

    If I do not plan on using the energy harvested from the the NFC feilds, but want to be notified when a field is present using the FD pin, do I need capacitors on Vout ? The I2C bus will be powered by the host microcon...
    Enrico Perera
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  • PN7462 Low Power Mode Issue

    Hello Everyone,   We are using working on PN7462  and implemented Low Power Mode With UART as a wake up source. It is taking 11mA in Low Power Mode. 1) How much current PN7462 should take in Low Power Mode...
    Amol Borase
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  • NXP reader library with NTAG I2C Plus

    Hello, we want to use the NXP reader library with a NTAG I2C Plus tag (as reader a Pegoda CLRD710 is used). Is there any working example code and/or documenation that shows the usage of the NTAG I2C Plus functionalit...
    Stefan Jardot
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  • Restore the MIFARE DESFire EV2

    Hello, I am using the OM27462CDKP developing board and now I am trying to run the extended examples and I run the PN7462AU_ex_phExMfCryptoEC but now I can't return MIFARE DESFire EV2 card to default. How can delete t...
    Ekain Cuesta
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  • PN7462 Card ID read APDU

    Hi,   I am working with PN 7462 reader. I go through application notes of UM10915.pdf.  As compare to PN532, few commands are available for PN7462.   Here, command that read the tag (ex, commands to r...
  • Setting Custom AID for PN7150 in Card Emulation Mode

    I'm Developing with the PN7150  ~ OM5578/PN7150-Kit   And have been following and using the given Example (AN11990) as a baseline ~ PN7150 Example Code   So far I've gotten the board to...
    andrew balogh
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  • How can i set a specific UID to PN7150 when i run in HCE mode?

       when i run the libnfc-nci demoapp in share mode,the reader device shows that the uid of  pn7150 is "040302010400",but how can i set a specific UID to PN7150?    what document i can re...
    fu xiangshang
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  • Password can't authentication

    I tried to set the tag213 password protection with ACR122U. Here are the commands listed below. Step 1  Set PWD:       FF D6 00 2B 04 31 32 33 34 , set password ‘1234’ ...
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