• G2IM+ SOT886 impedance at 866 Mhz

    Hi,    I'd like to know Impedance at 866 Mhz for G2IM+, SOT886 package,  in normal mode (no external supply, read range reduction OFF). Datasheet declares it at 915Mhz but not in 866Mhz, see attachmen...
    Fabrizio Bottazzi
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  • Measure resistance: (NHS3152)

    Hello NXP Community,   i have a NHS3152 Demoboard and i want to measure the resistance with two Pins. The resistor is connected to ANA1 and ANA4. To do this, I switched on the digital to analog converter a...
    Tom Sander
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  • PN7120 Notifications.

    Hello, I am currently working with two PN7120 implemented in development boards ( NFC_click ). I am successfully communicating over I2C using a pic18 with the PN7120 using the NCI. I configured the PN7120 using RF_DI...
    NFC boy
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  • PN7462 ROM3 functions definition

    Hello, Where can I find a complete definition for the HAL functions mapped in ROM3 ? I have the NXP NFC reader library including the following HTML file PN7462AU-FW_v05.22.01_Full\ApiDocumentation\PN7462AU\PN7462AU...
    Julie Ronday
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  • Can you access the UID with the latest iOS13 upgrade without an app?

    We want to move away from using our app, but need the UID for database references. 
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  • Reference code for nfcprogramloader NHS31xx

    I'm working on an NHS3152 and in the SDK documentation there is an application "nfcprogramloader" that comes on the demo chips.   This application loads code over NFC into flash on the chip. It looks like it wa...
    Kevin French
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  • PN532 and Java card

    I have designed PN532 module with antenna(attached) 30mmX22mm to work with java cards. I wanted increase its range. is it possible to do by modifying registers or on software part.   i am using adafruit library....
    Anmol Kohli
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  • nhs3152 adc problem

    dear sir     i encounter a question about test the battery voltage with the ADC function . my schematic diagram is below    2 my source about test the vcc voltage code is below&...
    向 雪姣
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  • How can we read connection ID of external NFC euipment by PN7150 ?

    We're using MCU + PN7150 (conncted via I2C) to communicate with external NFC equioment. We used data packet to send specific command to the NFC equipment, but we failed. 1) We succeeded to recognize the NFC euipment ...
    Kozo Nakata
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  • i.MX RT1064 and PN7150 NCI Library

    Hello,   I have adapted the NXPNCI-PN7150 software example to work with the iMX RT1064 microcontroller. For this purpose I used the MIMXRT1064-EVK development board and the Arduino PN7150 board (OM5578 / PN7150S...
  • Lost Page Write on Ultralight EV1 even after read verify

    Is there any chance that an Ultralight EV1 chip could lose a write? Is Read after write from Flash or RAM? (Ultralight EV1)   I have a situation where I use a CLRC663 with the C NFC Reader Library whe...
    Jeffrey Chan
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  • Android NFC service startup time

    We are using a PN553 NFC reader on our hardware running android pie. The PN553 communicates with the controller over i2c in fast mode. The NFC service comes up and we are able to scan NFC tags but the issue is the NFC...
    Ashwat D
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  • NFC not enabling in Android Pie

    i am using the PN7150 in Android 9 on an i.mx8m Mini. When im trying to enable NFC in settings it turns itsself off immediately. I have been reading Application Note AN11690 but cant figure out whats wrong. Thanks in ...
    Sascha Seefelder
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  • NFC Tandem concept: combine NFC reader and connected tag solution

    See NFC Tandem concept: combine NFC reader and connected tag solution.   
    Jeremy Geslin
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  • PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Yocto

    See PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Yocto.
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • Easy set-up of NFC on Raspberry Pi

    See Easy set-up of NFC on Raspberry Pi.
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Android Pie

    See PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Android Pie .
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • Decryption of SDMENCFileData is incorrect about NTAG424DNA

    Hi,    I have a trouble in decryption of SDMENCFileData, I could get the same data with the Table 4 of Decryption of SDMENCFileData of AN12196, while when I write the demo url = https://my424dna.com...
    long zhu
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  • 3100RTC not accurate

    dear sir    i test 3100 rtc function with SDK release_mra2_10_1_nhs3100,i use the app_demo_dp_tlogger project with the APP NHS3100 temperature logger. i know the procedure when use the 3100 about...
    向 雪姣
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  • NHS3100UCODEDB schematic chart

    Please let me know where I could find the schematic chart of NHS3100UCODEDB. This information seems to be missing on the link (https://www.nxp.com/pages/nhs3100-ucode-ic:NHS3100UCODEADK?&tab=In-Depth_Tab) dir...
    Liqun Ke
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