• NHS3152 Model의 NFC Chip time resolution (정보처리)

    안녕하세요.   NFC Chip (model :NHS3152) 의 spec을 여쭙기 위해 글을 남깁니다.   다름이 아니라, 다른 spec 에 대한 정보는 있지만 정보처리 time-resolution (몇초의 time interval 까지 송수신처리할 수 있는지에 대한 정보) 의 정보가 나와 있지 않아 해당 spec 에 대한 정보를 얻기 위해 질문글을 올립니다. &...
    Byungkook Oh
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  • 关于PN5180评估版和配套的NFC cockpit使用过程中遇到的问题

    您好          我目前正在使用PN5180评估版和配套的NFC cockpit,但是遇到了以下问题:                (1)LPC Firmware installat...
    志强 左
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  • NFC Launch not opening website links on iPhone

    Hi All,   I'm pretty new to NFC tags and working on a basic presentation on their capabilities for my managers at work.   I've downloaded NXP's iOS app "NFC Launch" for a simple app for my managers to down...
    Craig Seeley
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  • Where i can get reference about opration command of various cards?

    There are some definition likes that       unsigned char MifareAuthCmd[] = {0x60U, 0x01 /*block*/, 0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x02, 0x00...
    fu xiangshang
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  • ICODE ILT inventory reading

    Hello ,   I am using CLEV6630A V2.0 board for ICODE - ILT evaluation. i want to read a stack of ilt cards (100 cards). i didnt find any icode ilt inventory reading  example in SW2978 . i do find the example...
    Mahesh gaonkar
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  • Read SRIX4K from PN532

    Hello there. I wanted to know how could I read a SRIX4K tag by using a PN532 reader. I know SRIX4K is a ISO 14443 Type-B  (part 2 and 3) tag. I'm trying to use InListPassiveTarget (D4 4A) but no devi...
    Gian Marco Barbato
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  • How can i use NXP NFC reader library in ATmega Microcontroller?

    Hello evertyone, I have a question and i hope someone can help me,   I recently downloaded NXP NFC reader library, for that i am currently working on an access control reader project, However all the documenta...
    Ahmed Tarek
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  • MIFARE UID Byte Lengths

    Hi, a client wants me to purchase 26-bit MIFARE DESFire cards, but I'm not sure if that's even a thing.  I've been reviewing this document: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN10833.pdf&...
    Andrew Villagran
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  • PN7150 Stops Detecting Any NFC Devices after repeated Read Failures

    I'm Developing with the PN7150  ~ OM5578/PN7150-Kit    With the LPC82X ~ LPC82X MCU's   And have been following and using the given Example (AN11990) as a baseline ~ P...
    andrew balogh
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    Hi all, Have you a chart, with LPCD differences and RF caracteristics between MFRC630, CLRC663 and PN5180. I would be sure to choose the best component for my new reader.   Best regards Jean  
    Jean BROSSET
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  • CLRC663 EMD suppression (ISO14443)

    Hello,   while working with the CLRC663 chip I came across the RxCtrl register and saw the EMD_Sup bit.   I pretty much understand the EMD behaviour in general. But what I don't understand is how the...
    Tom Heckel
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  • NHS3100TEMOADK: NHS3100 Starter Kit for Temperature Monitoring

    My name is Ruslan, I am a Technical Project Manager at Aduk GmbH. We bought from you the NHS3100TEMOADK: NHS3100 Starter Kit for Temperature Monitoring and cannot find the referens manual with register descriptions f...
    Ruslan Skiba
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  • NFC Reader Library Example UART Communication

    Hi,   I am working on NFC Reader Library.   Starting with Basic Discovery Loop example, I want to use UART as communication interface between NFC(as HOST  Application) and CLR663. Currently,...
  • Setting Custom AID for PN7150 in Card Emulation Mode

    I'm Developing with the PN7150  ~ OM5578/PN7150-Kit   And have been following and using the given Example (AN11990) as a baseline ~ PN7150 Example Code   So far I've gotten the board to...
    andrew balogh
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  • TagXplorer -support of ACR1281 reader

    I would like to use TagXplorer windows desktop software with ACR1281 reader, but I get message "Reader not supported" when try to connect. In the supported readers list this reader model is included. So I d...
    Petr Prachar
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  • ICODE DNA freeze (No reply) until RF Off

    Hello, We use the ICODE DNA chip on inlays with our own RFID reader. On some tags, sometime the chip doesn't reply on an addressed read single block command and after that, the chip seems to be frozen. We have to ...
    Patrick Soto
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  • Protection TAG

    Hi , I need to select TAG NFC (prefered NTAG216) that i can protect write, delete and format. so after i write data inside and applycated special protection no one can be delete or format TAG.   Another questi...
    Gianluca Di Simone
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  • MFRC630 Authentication Mifare 7UID

    I used MFRC630 chip  i succeeded mifare classic 4UID card Authentication. But Now happens error in mifare classic 7UID.    MFAuthent Command is consisted of 60h or 61h, (block address), (car...
    hwang bora
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  • Are CRLC663 and Android HCE incompatible?

    Hello everybody, I have a NXP CRLC663 based board that merely opens a lock by means of a NFC card. Now I'm requested to write an Android application which emulates an NFC card to use it as it was a card. I studied al...
    Massimiliano Gimondo
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  • PN5180 resistor value for RXP and RXN

    Kan_Li,   In the document "AN11740 - PN5180 Antenna design guide" section "4.5.1 External Rx components", it mentions that the resistors R1A and R1B are typically in the range of "1...10kΩ". Does this mean ...
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