• NTAG213 - Security Features

    Hello Community,   how easy would it be to copy the UID of a Tag and the NXP Signature of that UID and recreate the TAG?   I know that the higher NTAG products have more security like password or AES ...
    Julian Sauer
    created by Julian Sauer
  • PN7462 DoorAccess Example with NULLRTOS

    Hi We have just started experimenting with PN7462 using NXP's development. We have tried the Basic Discovery Loop example and successfully build it with NULL_OS option.   The door access example seems to be the...
    Shoaib Ali
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  • NT3H2111 error when writing

    I can write NDEF messages to the nt3h2111 from i2c bus and verify that my phone can read this ok. However, when i try to write a new message with my phone to the nt3h2111 i get a write error. The phone lists the tag a...
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  • PN7462 HSU as a Conventional UART

    Hi We are evaluating PN7462 (actually prototyping) for a battery powered reader application. We need PN7462 to do the all NFC related work and then pass on some application level data to another host processor over a...
    Shoaib Ali
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  • HTRC110 to program FXTH87 tpms sensor

    hi, I am designing a tpms sensor programmer with 125khz LF transmitter for data transfer. In order to reduce the sw effort, is it possible to use HTRC110 RFID reader IC. Two questions arise:   1. is there any r...
    Anthony Fu
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  • How to NFC Reader Library Porting to S32K

    I use S32K144 MCU for my item, and I need to porting NFC library.   Isn't there any reference NFC reader library porting guide to S32K??
    Haneul Kang
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  • pcf7937e

    I need to find some one that can help us find a way to renew pcf7937e  chip to be able to renew to use it again.    if anyone can guide us or help us with this project we will pay them thanks .   ...
    key tech
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  • SL3S4011 - How to write a bit in Configuration Word via I²C?

    Hello everybody, I´m working with the SL3S4011 RFID-EEPROM and I want to modified the bit for read protect user memory (Bit 12) in the Configuration Word via I²C. Reading the Configuration Words works...
    Marcel Mayer
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  • NTAG 5 iOS Development Code

    I could compile the NTAG 5 iOS development source code without any error. I could run the app and NFC card detection without any problem. However, the GetAccelXI2CMaster function is always return 0 byte length as...
    Kevin Chia
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  • Wi-Fi Commissioning example through NFC Reader in Card Emulation mode

    Open video

    Derek Snell
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  • PN7150 NFC Controller on SabreSD 6q evk running Android 8.0

    Hello,    We want to porting PN7150 with Android Oreo 8.0 on iMX6q Sabre SD board.below is my steps follow this link IMX_O8.0.0_1.0.0_ANDROID_SOURCE  to download android 8.0 BSP and establish developm...
    Shih-Yuan Huang
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  • HTRC110 reference design information

    Are there any reference designs available for HTRC110? Even a paper design?   Best regards, Ilya  
    Ilya Chepurin
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  • Java Example for Mikroe NFC USB Dongle (NXP PN7150)

    Hello, I just bought the Mikroe NFC USB Dongle (with NXP PN7150). It is provided with a C example software (Here: http://www.nxp.com/documents/software/SW4335.zip). Do you know if there would be a Java one?...
    Marc de V.
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  • [Mikroe NFC USB Dongle] Unable to get the Eclipse C example project working

    Hello, I just bought the Mikroe NFC USB Dongle (with NXP PN7150).  It is provided with a C example software (Here: http://www.nxp.com/documents/software/SW4335.zip). I tested it on Windows 10...
    Marc de V.
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  • Host interface PN532 and I2C address

    First, about host interface selection in datasheet is written the following:   So, for I2C, l0 should be low and l1 should be high   But, in the PN532 User Manual, is written the following:   ...
    Asael Hernandez
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  • NFC Reader Library Porting FRDM_K64F

    The NFC Reader Library is a complete software support library for NFC Frontend ICs. Designed to give developers a faster and simpler way to deliver NFC-enabled products. This multi-layer library, written in C, makes i...
    Ricardo Zamora
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  • imxrt-rc663 MiFare Classic card issue Error:0x0306

    Hello All, I am using iMX.RT1052-evkb interfaced with NXP RC663 frontend development board. I have a working desfire application up and running.  I am trying to port MiFare classic card application in the same...
    Anand Panchal
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  • How to reliably activate pass-through mode for NXP I2C NTAG 2k

    Hey NXP-Forum,   thank you for your great support. I really appreciate your easy to understand and highly informative answers and I really hope I dont bother you too much asking another one for a better understa...
    Norman Wiedemeyer
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  • How to reliably configure NXP NTag I2C - Pass Through Mode?

    Dear NXP-Forum,   I'm trying to configure the pass through mode with my NXP NTag I2C. I'm trying to send dynamically data from I2C to my smart phone via NFC. Here are my configuration-steps:   1. I've put ...
    Norman Wiedemeyer
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  • Why is "LAST_NDEF_BLOCK" always zero

    I recently got some PCB's made and populated these with some NT3H2111 and NT3H2211 NTAG I2C plus tags.   The NFC read and write from a phone using the various NXP NFC apps, such as TagWriter, TagInfo and NTAG I2...
    Colin Gerrish
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