• About - SL3S1003FUD

    关于这个芯片-SL3S1003FUD,是否可以设计成用继电器短接或断开OUT-VDD,开启或者关闭芯片射频功能? 如果不行的话,请问有哪个型号的RFID芯片可以实现这个功能?在900M频段的。 谢谢各位。 =================================================================== Regarding this chip-SL3S1003FUD, can it be...
    烨 李
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  • Host interface PN532 and I2C address

    First, about host interface selection in datasheet is written the following:   So, for I2C, l0 should be low and l1 should be high   But, in the PN532 User Manual, is written the following:   ...
    Asael Hernandez
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  • Running TEST_ANTENNA_CMD on PN553

    Hi All, We are using the PN553 for NFC with a qualcomm device host running android pie. For our emission testing, we want to run the Switch RF Field test of the TEST_ANTENNA_CMD. But when we run the command sequence...
    Ashwat D
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  • EXPLORE-NFC-WW on Raspberry 4b

    Hello there,I'm writing an application on Raspberry 4b using Raspbian Weezy and Qt5. I need NFC reading so I bought a EXPLORE-NFC-WW but... I'm a newbie about it, I don't understand how configure IT I've see some vi...
    Michele Ciampichetti
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    Hi,I have started my new project which is a NFC tag's reader I choose to work with PN7150 but I dont know which version to use. Can anyone helps me to select the suitable one  thank you 
    mohamed sayahi
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  • Using Easy-Ecc to Verify Originality Signature for NTAG213

    Hi, I am referring to AN11350 NTAG Originality Signature Validation and the described example to verify an NXP originality signature with lib Easy-Ecc, Chapter C code example. I am using a NTAG213 and want t...
    Andreas Kohn
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  • Communicate with two NTAG213 tags in parallel

    I am working with NFC reader PN7150 and NTAG213 tags and trying to read from 2 tags in parallel. I am using your example code: NXP-NCI_LPC11Uxx_MultipleNtag213example   Both tags are identified and activat...
    Dudi Varshavski
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  • Configuring NTAG 424 DNA with Encrypted-Part and CMAC-Part

    Problem: How do i configure my NTAG 424 DNA using the TagXplorer and and my Macbook.   Goal: I want to be able to configure my tags in a way like described in the section 4.4.4 (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/app...
    Manuel Mertl
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  • Specifications for the 30x50mm devkit antenna

    Hi, the antenna is provided in various NFC development kits f.ex. OM27462CDKP What are the L, R, C equivalent values of the antenna ? What are the values of the fitted components in the matching circuit ? ...
    Viggo Joergensen
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  • Are there any special conditions for CardEmulation operation?

    Hello, Among the examples provided by the PN5180, I am testing the integration of Ex2 AdvancedDiscoveryLoop and Ex8 HCE_T4T. The documentation I referenced is the link below. https://community.nxp.com/message/941308...
    duwon lee
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  • With the NHS3100 SDK Temperature Logger, how can we restore a devkit tag EEPROM to a configurable state after it is set to no-more-config?

    We inadvertently set some tags to the configuration locked state using our propietary App. Can we use Flash Magic or a simple bit of firmware to restore the configuration to unlocked? How do we find our way around the...
    Steve Wald
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  • UCODE8/8m datasheet 【10.Limiting Value】※Operating Temperature

    □UCODE8/8m datasheet 【10.Limiting Value】29page   Q: I could not confirm the parameter of "Operating temperature” for UCODE8/8m. Is "Operating temperature" same as "Ambient temperature"? Please let ...
    Koshiro Yanai
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  • NXP Product Authentication demo app for NTAG213TT

    Thank you for always suuport. I want to use NTAG213TT demo app for smartphone(Android).   I used the below Android app(NXP product Authentification)before. But, this app is not appeared in Google Pla...
    Koshiro Yanai
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  • The developement  about ios phone app for NTAG 424 DNA series

    Hello  NXP team , I know NXP provides taplinx SDK(Android /Java)for customer to develop the NFC  APP easierly now . but for ntag 424 dna  series,it will be difficult for the application develo...
    Walter Zhang
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    Hello Everyone! Could someone tell me if there is a way to emulate a Mifare Classic tag in PNEV512R? I see that there is an example to emulate random IDs: explorenfc-cardemulation and the project entitled Nf...
  • NT3H2111

    Hi:    We mistakenly wrote Configuration register NC_REG as 0xFD during development At present, I put NT3H2111 on the NFC card reader, and the card reader cannot connect the NFC Tag. At this time, the NC_R...
    Tein Su
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  • NTAG 5 Boost from NTAG5 demo kit instrustions

    Are there any instructions on how to use NTAG 5 Boost from demo kit? In the document about demo kit (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/quick-reference-guide/NTAG5-DEMOKIT-QSG.pdf ) there are instructions on how to use ...
    Uladzislau Pyanou
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  • NTAG5 with KW41Z FW example

    Hello, I check below document description about NTAG 5 - Firmware development for KW41Z https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/reference-manual/RM00222.pdf   Where can get this FW for reference? Thanks
    Ethan Chen
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  • HTRC110 reference design information

    Are there any reference designs available for HTRC110? Even a paper design?   Best regards, Ilya  
    Ilya Chepurin
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  • PN7150 NFC Controller on SabreSD 6q evk running Android 8.0

    Hello,    We want to porting PN7150 with Android Oreo 8.0 on iMX6q Sabre SD board.below is my steps follow this link IMX_O8.0.0_1.0.0_ANDROID_SOURCE  to download android 8.0 BSP and establish developm...
    Shih-Yuan Huang
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