• How does an nfc tag where to save the NDEF-message?

    Hey guys,   I'm wondering how data is received from the ntag. Using arduino, I can choose which eeprom page to write. Using the NXP App, or any NFC App with my smart phone, I always only write one message to the...
    Norman Wiedemeyer
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  • imxrt-rc663 MiFare Classic card issue Error:0x0306

    Hello All, I am using iMX.RT1052-evkb interfaced with NXP RC663 frontend development board. I have a working desfire application up and running.  I am trying to port MiFare classic card application in the same...
    Anand Panchal
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  • NTAG 5 iOS Development Code

    I could compile the NTAG 5 iOS development source code without any error. I could run the app and NFC card detection without any problem. However, the GetAccelXI2CMaster function is always return 0 byte length as...
    Kevin Chia
    created by Kevin Chia
  • SL3S4011 - How to write a bit in Configuration Word via I²C?

    Hello everybody, I´m working with the SL3S4011 RFID-EEPROM and I want to modified the bit for read protect user memory (Bit 12) in the Configuration Word via I²C. Reading the Configuration Words works...
    Marcel Mayer
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  • Implementing the new Application Note AN12657

    Hello, (probably Kan)  I open a new question, because you might not see further additions to the recent dialog. Kan, you proposed me 2 options to replace library code against short codes given, one in script for...
    Joachim Kroeger
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  • RX chain for LPCD mode MFRC63003

    Hello all, for MFRC63003 I would like to know if registers used to performe reception of RFID data, could have an impact for LPCD function? example: Rcv registers, Rx threshold, or others…...   In my p...
    Jean BROSSET
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  • NTAG 5 I2C Cockpit

    NTAG 5 I2C Cockpit need a LPC11U37 board as USB-I2C bridge. Can you share me the USB-I2C bridge source code? I want to porting to other MCU board, because I have no LPC11U37 board.
    Yuanhui Li
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  • How do I use the dynamic lock bytes on  OM5560 NT332E?

    Hi guys,   I'm currently configuring my NXP I2C Tag 2k via arduino (I2C). As described in the documentation, I'm using the dynamic lock bytes to lock the pages after page 16. After setting the three first bytes ...
    Norman Wiedemeyer
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  • Error in USB initialization PN7462.

    Hello. I found an error in init of USB of pn7462. I am working with library ver5.12, but it also exist in last version (5.22). In function VCom_Init(void) (cdc_main.c) there are such strings:     ...
    Dmitriy Nechaev
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  • About - SL3S1003FUD

    关于这个芯片-SL3S1003FUD,是否可以设计成用继电器短接或断开OUT-VDD,开启或者关闭芯片射频功能? 如果不行的话,请问有哪个型号的RFID芯片可以实现这个功能?在900M频段的。 谢谢各位。 =================================================================== Regarding this chip-SL3S1003FUD, can it be...
    烨 李
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  • PN7150 vs Temperature

    Hi everybody, I'm using PN7150 and a bare metal MCU running the nxp library provided in the SW4325 example. Everything is working fine at room temperature but it suddenly report an error when the temperatu...
    Deborah Linzi
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  • PN7462 Secondary Bootloader

    Is there any possibility to write a SW bootloader ( via uart, i2c etc. ) on PN7462? Or what is the proper way to remote update its firmware?   Regards. Mukadder.
    Mukadder CEYHAN
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  • 怎么区分DESFire和NTAG424

    请问一下,Desfire/DESFire EV1/EV2/EV3,NTAG413/NTAG424,他们的ATQ都是0x4403,SAK都是0x20,怎么通过其他简单的方式去区分他们?
    Zhichao Tan
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  • PN7150 con Arduino

    Hola equipo de NXP, me dijeron que podia hacer algunas preguntas en español a su equipo de Guadalajara, espero no sea problema   He estado trabajando con el PN7150   Incluso con mi equipo hemos creado...
    Andres Sabas
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  • NFC: Rmatch value for matching circuit

    Hi.   I am designing the NFC antenna and using PN532 NFC controller for a project. I'm not a expert about NFC or RF circuits.   I have some questions about Rmatch.   About Rmatch I understand that ne...
    Asael Hernandez
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  • ICODE series can be read-only without password?

    Hi All, I am doing some research about NFC tag. Let me know if ICODE series can be read-only without password? I just read some old documentation (attached file) there is NXPTICODET application note can set read-on...
    Maulana Riko Ahmad
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  • NQ330 CE mode solution

    Hi,   We want to use NQ330 to achieve payment function. Based on our project, the system is freertos running on  MCU. I noticed there were three interfaces on the NQ330, UART and SPI, SWP. The following lis...
    zhao xiaoqing
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  • Is it possible to write the secret key to a NTAG 424 DNA with my NFC phone and the NXP TagWriter Android App?

    Is it possible to write the secret key (that is used to calculate the CMAC from URL,UID,COUNTER) to a NTAG 424 DNA with my NFC phone (Pixel 3, Android 10) and the NXP TagWriter Android App (V. 4.8.2)?   Or do i ...
    Manuel Mertl
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  • Downloads for NTAG I²C plus Demo Android app Developer start-up guid

    Hi guys,   I'm trying to get started with NFC and Adroid Apps and I'm trying to follow the guide on the website here, but the links to download the test-programs aren't available anymore. Anyone got a fix or ano...
    Norman Wiedemeyer
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  • Host interface PN532 and I2C address

    First, about host interface selection in datasheet is written the following:   So, for I2C, l0 should be low and l1 should be high   But, in the PN532 User Manual, is written the following:   ...
    Asael Hernandez
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