• PN5180天线寄存器设置

         大家好:         最近在调试PN5180的天线,需要设置天线的载波信号幅值、Q值、调制深度等参数,需要设置哪些寄存器,有什么需要注意的地方?
    hao peng
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  • Best NFC Inlay for Access Badge Manufacturing?

    Hi there!   I own an event credentials company that provides assess badges, wristbands, etc. to event organizers. We would like to start offering access badges with NFC RFID inlays to our customers for event acc...
    Josh Campbell
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  • NHS3100 endurance

    Dear Support After reading the NHS3100 documentation, I understood that the device stores data in the eeprom and then moves it to Flash. Assuming a logger application where all measurement are to be stored, and a sa...
    Martins Marco
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  • 关于调试PN532低功耗问题

    根据手册PN532/C1 8.5.4介绍对PN532进行配置,始终达不到40微安的低功耗电流。 配置完成D1H寄存器、 SVDD寄存器、RF寄存器、PCON寄存器后,电流是5.5毫安左右。还需要配置哪些寄存器,才可以实现45微安的低功耗?
    F P
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  • TDA8026 Issue

    Hi, One of my customer doing IOT POS handheld on AM3354 platform. In the design they used our TDA8026 smart card IC. The basic communication level I2C bus is Ok and able to probe the tda8026 driver that mean the I2C...
  • PN71xx internal AGC behavior and Rrx adjustment advices

    The PN71xx NFC controller includes internal AGC function attenuating the Rx signal coming from the antenna to reach optimum receiver input voltage (preventing against signal saturation).      ...
    Jeremy Geslin
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  • SL3S4011FHK: UCODE I²C - Parasitic capacitance

    Hello!   We are working on this project at university with UHF RFID Tags, and we are facing some problem at achieving the same results with simulation and real experimentation. We are using NXP SL3S4011FHK: UCOD...
    Samuel Morais
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  • Embrace E20智能卡平台

    hao peng
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  • PN7462 Program Flash Tool Error

    Hello, i have a problem when i use he "Program Flash Tool" present in LPCXpresso with my PN7462. If i  perform a "Mass erase", after i can't connect the debugger to the target, the error was   15: Target ...
    Matteo Zoppi
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  • Interfacing PN7150 module with Mediatek MT6572 in Android Platform

    Hi,    i am interfacing the PN7150 module with Mediatek MT6572 processor in Android platform(Jelly Bean - 4.2.2 ). I downloaded the Android patches for support of NCI based NXP NFC Controllers in Android(K...
    Vinothraj M
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  • NTAG-nt3h2211-class6 antenna cannot read/write use Samsung mobile phone

    Hi, my hardware: NTAG+class6 antenna(demo antenna download for nxp web) In my project,i use Ntag Pass-through mode.I installed "NTAG I2C DEMO"APP,when i try to operate my NTAG,the app prompt:"Communication failed Th...
    jie xu
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  • SL3S4021FHK: UCODE I²C enabling SCL interrupt

    Hello, I have question about UFH tags SL3S4021FHK: UCODE I²C. We had implemented this kind of chips on our boards considering usage of possibility of generating interrupts on SCL line. Actually we are able to pr...
    Krzysztof Plec
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  • Cake8026_02_D schematic and PCB file

    hello,   Do you have Cake8026_02_D's schematic and PCB source file?  I just found UM10319 in pdf version.It will be useful for customer's design if we have Altium design file or candence file. Thanks.
    Wenxue Wang
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