• P2P exchange + Powerdown timing problem

    Hello, I bougth two PN532. I implement P2P communication with DEP protocol in active mode. After communication, both PN532 receives the command "POWERDOWN 0x88 0x01"  (=Wake up on RF field & I2C and Generate ...
    Romane Schelkens
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  • NFC Reader Library on Github

    It would be nice to see NFC Reader Library on Github so we (users) can post bug reports, bugfixes and even pull requests with additional functionality.
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  • ESD robustness of ICODE SLIX

    Hi Team, We are using ICODE SLIX right now. Could you let me know which bonding method is strong for ESD, 2 pads bonding or 4 pads bonding? If you could recommend the 2pad bonding, please let me know...
    Naoki Okazaki
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  • NFC embedded applications for automotive?

    As the increasing popularity of NFC in the consumer market, demand for NFC applications in automotive has raised; we are offering a How to Develop Automotive Near Field Communication (NFC) Applications for Embedded Sy...
    Toño Hernández
    created by Toño Hernández
  • How to porting NQ210 &NQ220 to Android 8.0?

    How to porting NQ210 &NQ220 to Android 8.0? How to prove the success of the transplant?
    Zhang Xiangyong
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    hello Now I want to develop a project to use nt3h2111 NFC chip, system general' working process is like this, there is a card reader, and a controller in the system, card reader and the controller transmission ...
    Sun Xin
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  • GetVcList description unclear

    If a mifare implementation supports vc entries range 0-0x15 and if no virtual cards are created yet and i send GetVcList command with vc entry range 0 to 0x15, filter criteria MSB 0x7F and LSB 00, what should be the r...
    Eshwar Chandra Pavaganda
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  • Security system using MFRC522 and Micro controller (NXP or Atmel)

    Hi, I am working on a security system and I am planning to use RFID chip MFRC522 and the micro-controller that will manage the communication with the RFID will be pic18F452, is this a right combination from the point ...
    Moustafa Eldysouky
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  • NFC Tags Memory Explanation

    Where can I find a document(s) that explain what I'm reading from a specifc tag (NFC Forum Type 2 Tag)?  Meaning, is there a document that explains how the memory is formatted with all the bytes I'm reading ...
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  • NHS3100 data storage and external reader

    Dear Support How can I confirm/change the Total storage capacity of the NHS3100 (demo.tlogger firmware) Also, I can we access the Logging data without using the andoird app? Thanks
    Martins Marco
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  • Android App to connect to SSDP Connected Device

    After a day and a half of trial and error, I am still unable to build the sample application. I am also not able to build a blank application from scratch as outlined in the instructions. Specifically, I am follo...
    Koko Mihan
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  • NDA for MIFARE DESFire EV1 card info

    I understand the required information for decrypting/accessing information on MIFARE DESFire cards is under NDA and I would need to sign one in order to gain access to the require documents.  Would anyone know wh...
    Philip Leaper
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  • Is there any mandatory certifications for NFC tags?

    I want to use NFC function as parameter setting, which replace DIP switch.  Is it used as NFC tags for electronic applicaion? is there any mandatory certifications for NFC tags? Does CE/FCC certification con...
    wu haizhou
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  • NTAG23xF FD pin is not changing level when RF-field is present.

    Hello, It's my first time working with NFC technology and I'm trying to use the FD-pin on a NTAG213F to send data to a microcontroller. At least use the signal transition to wake up the microcontroller from a sleep st...
    Arturo Ruiz
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  • NFC Controled RGB LED using LPC812

    This project demonstrate the controlling of RGB led over NFC by smartphone. LPC812 MAX board is interfaced with NTAG I2C board (NT3H1101).     The pin connections are here,   P0_11 -> SCL_NTAG P...
    created by soledad
  • NDA for indie?

    Hi!   How can i download AN0945 document from docstore? I know that I need to sign a non-disclosure document. Also do I need to send you extended data? A copy of the passport or something like that?   Whe...
    Stanislav Granovsky
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  • NFCRdLib bug found

    At row 871 in phNfcLib.c I found a bug, this is my proposed solution:   #if 0 // [MM] Warning[Pe063]: shift count is too large C:\Users\mmanca\My Documents\Projects\NFC\NfcFrontendsTest\NFCLibNXP\comps\phNfcLib\...
    Massimo Manca
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  • PN7462 QFN封装问题

           PN7462 QFN 封装的焊接面,在中心接地焊盘的四周有斜线,是裸露的并连接到周边的PIN脚上,这个在生产时很容易短路,建议厂家修改这种封装,将四周的斜线隐藏于封装内部,从而降低生产时的不良品。  
    xia s
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  • Measure the impedance of the matching circuit

    Hello! I want to measure the impedance of the matching circuit  (using the RC500  reference circuit :" Micore Reader IC Family; Directly Matched Antenna Design "), but I do not know how to connect th...
    海波 海
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  • DESFire authentification with a SAM AV2

    Hello, I try to authenticate a DESFire EV1 card with a SAM AV2 with command SAM_AuthenticatePICC, but that do not run correctly. First of all, I want to say the card authentication run correctly when I read the sessi...
    Christophe Lallement
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