• reading and writing to multiple tags (ntag213) with pn7150

    Hello   I am working with the pn1750 nfc controller    I am trying to read one tag and write to the other like in the duplicate example.   It does not work !   I can see that I read the tag's ...
    ziv hershkovitch
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  • How to mask tags having UID more than 4 bytes in ISO14443A protocol in NXP NFC reader library.

    I am using the "NXP NFC Reader Library" for reading HF(ISO14443A) tags like "Classic"/"Ultralight" etc. I can read tags using the below functions call. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ /*Symbol 6,7,8*/ st...
    Pallav Joshi
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  • Trouble password protecting NTAG I²C plus

    I am trying to write a simple URL to an NFC chip (NT3H2111W0FHKH).  This is an NTAG I²C plus 1K, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag with I²C interface optimized for entry-level NFC applications.  ...
    Tyler HARNDEN
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  • PN7462 temperature issues over 50°C

    Hi everybody, I developed a custom card reader for contact and contactless smart card, this card reader is expected to run in an outdoor environment and with a temperature up to 70°C I have issues when the ambi...
    Jean-Luc CHAILLAT
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  • CLRC663 IRQ signal

    Hello, I’ve implemented NFC communication in electronic controlled by PIC16 MCU. MCU communicates with CLRC663 via SPI. I am able to communicate with CLRC663, even with the Mifare classic 1 k, but I am facing p...
    Jaromir Ambroz
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  • NTAG213 - Security Features

    Hello Community,   how easy would it be to copy the UID of a Tag and the NXP Signature of that UID and recreate the TAG?   I know that the higher NTAG products have more security like password or AES ...
    Julian Sauer
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  • pcf7937e

    I need to find some one that can help us find a way to renew pcf7937e  chip to be able to renew to use it again.    if anyone can guide us or help us with this project we will pay them thanks .   ...
    key tech
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  • Error in USB initialization PN7462.

    Hello. I found an error in init of USB of pn7462. I am working with library ver5.12, but it also exist in last version (5.22). In function VCom_Init(void) (cdc_main.c) there are such strings:     ...
    Dmitriy Nechaev
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  • phNfcLib_Initialization.c Bug

    Hi, I found the following bug: the gphNfcLib_Key variable are defined with a size of 6, but in the phNfcLib_Init when call the: PH_CHECK_NFCLIB_INIT_FCT(wStatus, phKeyStore_SetKey(&gphNfcLib_Params.sKeyStore...
    Carlos Alberto Fernandez
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  • How to make NPC300 controller be one of wake-up sources of Windows 10 platform ?

    Scenario :  Step 1. Make sure windows 10 platform goes into modern standby mode or screen off mode. Step 2. Tap an NFC card on device to wake up it.
    Wilson Chien
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  • SL3S4021FHK: UCODE I²C enabling SCL interrupt

    Hello, I have question about UFH tags SL3S4021FHK: UCODE I²C. We had implemented this kind of chips on our boards considering usage of possibility of generating interrupts on SCL line. Actually we are able to pr...
    Krzysztof Plec
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  • CLRC663 MIFARE DESFIRE example not found

    I am also missing and searching for Desfire example 10, can support send me a link, please. We have signed NDA. Thanks!   Edit: We need the version for CLRC663, we are developing firmware for MCU.
    karthik k
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  • Tech question for SL3S1013FTB0,115

    Dear NXP team,   Thank you for supporting us. This is Takashi from Digi-key.   I have customer question below;   Costumer is using SL3S1013FTB0,115 of NXP Semiconductors. In his experiments, the se...
    敬史 松村
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  • Comments related to the PN7150 NFC library

    Hi,   I just managed to adapt the source code example for PN7150 for the EVK-RT1064 board and for the Arduino PN7150 board (source code: evkmimxrt1060_PN7150).   I used the latest versions of MCUxpresso ID...
    Neculai Agavriloaei
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  • i.MX RT1064 and PN7150 NCI Library

    Hello,   I have adapted the NXPNCI-PN7150 software example to work with the iMX RT1064 microcontroller. For this purpose I used the MIMXRT1064-EVK development board and the Arduino PN7150 board (OM5578 / PN7150S...
  • NFC Tandem concept: combine NFC reader and connected tag solution

    See NFC Tandem concept: combine NFC reader and connected tag solution.   
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Yocto

    See PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Yocto.
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • Easy set-up of NFC on Raspberry Pi

    See Easy set-up of NFC on Raspberry Pi.
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Android Pie

    See PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Android Pie .
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • NXP TagWriter App support of SLIX2

    Hi,   Recently updated the Android version of (the great) NXP Tagwriter app- Version 4.8.1 Seems that I've lost support for the SLIX2 IC, will still work perfectly with other NTAG 213 ICs Same tags will read p...
    Stephen Cocking
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