• CLRC663 Interrupt

    Hello All,   I'm testing the CLRC663's LPCD feature without NFC Reader Library on CLEV6630B board . Now I can read the UID of tag and can implement LPCD successfully.   But I face a problem when...
    Breeze TO
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  • TagXplorer-v1.2.jar cannot start

    Hey! I can't get TagXplorer-v1.2.jar to run. I tried Oracle Java 8.221; i tried Zulu Java. When i doubleclick it doesn't start. When i use command line, i get the following error: "Fehler: Hauptklasse TagXplorer-...
    Dennis Lohmann
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  • PN7462 Current Measurement (Dev kit, DoorAccessFw)

    Hi We are currently evaluating/prototyping PN7462 for a battery powered application and a key requirement is to be able to achieve very low power consumption when only polling for cards (target is 30uA range when pol...
    Shoaib Ali
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  • MAC Calculation in AN12196 seems faulty?

    I am trying to calculate the example in AN12196 on page 44, Table 28, step 14     I get decrypt the data to get the UID as stated in step 19 but I cannot calculate the same MAC. My result (using the exam...
    Ibrahim Atli
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  • Decryption of ReadData Response does not output the expected result for NTAG 424

    I am trying to decrypt the response data from ReadData (FileNo 03) Command using AN12196. I have successfully authenticated myself and also successfully send the read data (SW1 91 SW2 00)   But I cannot encrypt...
    Ibrahim Atli
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  • How to sell NFC

    You are a salesperson or FAE and are looking for ways to sell more Near-Field-Communication (NFC) products? This community provides ideas, information, and materials that help you to successfully sell more N...
    Louisa Dybowski
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  • PN7462 Secondary Bootloader

    Is there any possibility to write a SW bootloader ( via uart, i2c etc. ) on PN7462? Or what is the proper way to remote update its firmware?   Regards. Mukadder.
    Mukadder CEYHAN
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  • NQ330 CE mode solution

    Hi,   We want to use NQ330 to achieve payment function. Based on our project, the system is freertos running on  MCU. I noticed there were three interfaces on the NQ330, UART and SPI, SWP. The following lis...
    zhao xiaoqing
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  • Mifare Desfire  as Type 4 card

    Hi all   I want to read the customized data of Mifare Desfire EV2 card on PN7150, but it fails on CC Select, what should I do?   Thanks in advance Leon The following message logs   Running the N...
    Leon Su
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  • NFC Reader Library Example UART Communication

    Hi,   I am working on NFC Reader Library.   Starting with Basic Discovery Loop example, I want to use UART as communication interface between NFC(as HOST  Application) and CLR663. Currently,...

    Hi all, Have you a chart, with LPCD differences and RF caracteristics between MFRC630, CLRC663 and PN5180. I would be sure to choose the best component for my new reader.   Best regards Jean  
    Jean BROSSET
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  • NXP reader library with NTAG I2C Plus

    Hello, we want to use the NXP reader library with a NTAG I2C Plus tag (as reader a Pegoda CLRD710 is used). Is there any working example code and/or documenation that shows the usage of the NTAG I2C Plus functionalit...
    Stefan Jardot
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  • Basic questions about JAVA Applet development

    Hello, This question is just to get some theoretical knowledge about writing a JAVA Applet. I have worked on NXP SE050 smart card which already had a JCOP 4, Java applet installed on it.So I have an idea how do we com...
    Priyanka Priyadarshini
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  • CLRC663 LPCD Mode WakeUp to Activate Latency

    Hello, I'm implementing an Android HCE based use case using a CLRC663 in LPCD configuration to wake up an embedded system by means of a smartphone. In my implementation I have an ARM M4 micro connected to the CL...
    Massimiliano Gimondo
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  • Type B,F and V detection using example  NFCrdlibEX4_Mifare classic with CLRC663

    Dear all, I'm using CLRC663  with STM32 for my project.I want to detect all types of tags i.e Type A,B,F and V.The example i followed is NfcrdlibEx4_MifareClassic.I have enabled all the necessary macros for all ...
    shobana J
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  • Page Write Saved even after failure code

    When using a CLRC663 to write to an Ultralight EV1 Chip, on occasion I get back error code 0x0201           status = phalMful_Write( pDataParams, Address, Data);   In these cases, I assu...
    Jeffrey Chan
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  • PN7120 Notifications.

    Hello, I am currently working with two PN7120 implemented in development boards ( NFC_click ). I am successfully communicating over I2C using a pic18 with the PN7120 using the NCI. I configured the PN7120 using RF_DI...
    NFC boy
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  • G2IM+ SOT886 impedance at 866 Mhz

    Hi,    I'd like to know Impedance at 866 Mhz for G2IM+, SOT886 package,  in normal mode (no external supply, read range reduction OFF). Datasheet declares it at 915Mhz but not in 866Mhz, see attachmen...
    Fabrizio Bottazzi
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  • How to prepare NDEF message?

    Hi! I am programming NTAG424. I based AN12196 Where can I read about how to prepare NDEF message include UID mirroring, MAC etc. I mean create its binary, like TagWrite application.   Thank you
    Eugene Grekov
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  • Unavailable file links in old NTAG I2C plus documents

    Hello I am designing a prototype that uses NT3H1101 chip. For this, I use your AN11276 antenna design guide. This document contains sample file download links for class 6 antennas. But these links do not work. Can you...
    ömer faruk uçar
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