• Regarding Multiple Tags detection using CLRC663

    Dear Team, Greeting of the day!!! Our application requirement is to detect multiple tags (ICODE SLIX) using CLRC663 reader. We successfully detected one card and we can also read and write the internal memory block...
    hasmukh prajapati
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  • No ACK signal issue of NT3H1201 I2C-I/F with the I2C address at 0x55 as the default.

    Dear all,   We are working for the I2C-I/F of NT3H1201 but have not received an ACK signal with the I2C address at 0x55 from SDA of the NT3H1201. Please see the page 3 of the attached file.   When we did...
    Shoji Kobayashi
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  • RFID/NFC tag

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for a RFID/NFC tag chip able to interract with classic RFID readers (ISO14443) and NFC readers (ISO15693) and who can transmit differents datas depending on the technology used by t...
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    Hello, i can't format my desfair ev1 card, after authentication in app 00 (root) i send format command and recive next answer: f2 01 after which I can not use the card. How right format the card? I trying se...
    Leonov Dima
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  • NXP PN553 NFC Controller driver porting on android 7.1.0 with iMX6D

    Dear Sir/Miss,   I have a problem about NXP PN553 NFC Controller driver porting on android 7.1.0 with iMX6D. Currently I can able to read NFC tag information but NFC module keep sending 3 bytes 61 23 00 every ...
    Danny Lu
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  • phFlashBoot_Main() problem

    Hi! I'm working with the EVB PNEV7462B. I'm trying to run in debug mode the phExMain code. When it goes in debug mode, in the first function call phFlashBoot_Main(), it keeps lock up. Going a little deeper...
    Thiago Machado
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  • PN7462AUHN/C300E and PN7462AUHN/C300Y

    Hello.   What is the difference between PN7462AUHN/C300E and PN7462AUHN/C300Y? Is the footprint and functionalities same?    Please kindly answer ASAP. Thank you.   Best regards,   Kh...
    Khalid Anindyaguna
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  • What's Peer-to-Peer mode speed (Throughput) ?

    Hello,   I am running separately two NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum examples on two PN7462 boards.   First board Server (NfcrdlibEx3_NFCForum.h):         #define ACTIVE_MODE ...
    Gytis Kazlauskas
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  • CLRC663 UART read multiple byte in FIFO

    Dear ,   May I know does CLRC663 can read FIFO information more than one byte a time via UART? it seems very slow if my content is more than 50 byte?   Thank you with regards David
    David Tsang
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  • Does CLRC663 plus support Dynamic power control ??

    Does CLRC663 plus support Dynamic power control ?? It quite confusing on NXP description ....  in application note AN12334 , it said that Dynamic power control is a very important feature in CLRC663, but in datas...
    David Tsang
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  • How to transfer data read from NFC card using SPI slave mode in PN7462AU_ex_phExVCom

    Hello, I am using PN7462 for NFC development. I realized in the routine PN7462AU_ex_phExVCom that the PN7462 reads the data of the NFC card and transmits it to the computer using the USB VCOM serial port. Now I want t...
    wei zhang
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  • Certification for PN532

    My company has developed a product using PN532 chip and is now looking to get it certified (FCC and CE).   According to our research we need to change the following parameters : Channel Selection Continuous Tr...
    Vaibhav Chanana
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  • Problem getting I2C ACK from MFRC630 when IC is cold

    Hi,   We are using the MFRC630 (MFRC63003) for RFID/NFC communication controlled by STM32L162VC MCU and are facing a problem with I2C communication. Some of the MFRC630 IC's do not respond after sending the I2C ...
    Tom van Zutphen
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  • Can a reader based on CLRC663 plus pass the new EMV L1 Contactless version 3.0?

    Hi  Can a reader based on CLRC663 plus pass the new EMV L1 Contactless version 3.0?   Thanks for your support.
    join ren
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  • OM5578/PN7150RPI is compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero W or not?

    OM5578/PN7150RPI is compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero W or not?  If not does any other NFC development board could support Raspberry Pi Zero W?
    Manon Wong
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  • NFC antenna question

    Our customer use PN7150. I test the antenna coil parameters. The Rcoil is 16.3ohm,is it a normal value?  Besides, the antenna coil locate on the battery, I see the L value change from 1.33uH(remove battery) to 1....
    Bob Zhang
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  • [PN7150] Can Not Get The NDEF Write During Card Tag Emulation

    Hi Experts, We used the application "NXPNCI-K64F_example" from "NXP-NCI_MCUXpressoExample_V1.5.zip" and configured it into "Card Tag Emulation" Only (CARDEMU_Support). And our final target is to write an NDEF message...
    Kenny Liao
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  • SPI slave mode selection And SPI send function does not work

    Hello there! How can I set the PN7462 to work in HDLL mode, NATIVE mode or NCI mode during the use of PN7462 as SPI communication slave? When I set PN7462 as SPI slave, use the following statement re = phhalHif_Transm...
    wei zhang
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  • Mifare DesFire Working with PCD Readers - PN7462AU

    Hi All,   I am working on the contactless card CL project with PN7462AU kit. I need to know that how the contactless card Mifare DesFire works then it come under the readers proximity. Like how does react when...
    Manva Trivedi
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  • RC663 LPCD性能优化

    我们想提升NFC LPCD性能这一点(LPCD这项功能我们断断续续调试了3年,效果都并不理想)。   我们有丰富的天线阻抗匹配调试和产品设计的经验、测试实验室以及调试设备,但是NFC内部参数配置的调优感觉仍有不足。   最近深入查看RC663手册(CLRC663.pdf)和其中描述到的AN手册(AN11783.pdf、AN11019.pdf、AN11145.pdf)发现有一个上位机软件“NXP ...
    Zhihong Li
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