• Errors connecting CLEV6630A with NFC Cockpit v4.7.0

    I have a CLEV6630A v2.0 that I am just trying to connect to NFC Cockpit v4.7.0 using USB and a Windows 8 machine. I have executed the install_vcom.bat successfully and see the device in Device Manager. When starting ...
    Tom Stave
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  • OM5578: PN7150 not detected on i2c

    Hi,   [Background] Continuing my last time research on new NFC ICs I've obtained a OM5578 board [Arduino pinout] and PN7150 USB Dongle from Mikroelektronika. The Dongle itself was communicating with an USB thro...
    Marcin Pawelec
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  • Tag write not occur in NXP-NCI example

    Hello Tag write operation does not occur. The function RW_NDEF_T2T_Write_Next found a piece of code that performs the check: ...     case Writing_Data:        &...
    Sergey Petrov
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  • I want to make my own contactless smart card reader using CLRC66301 and STM32 .So please give me sufficient beginner programming manuals and details

    I want to make my own contactless smart card reader using CLRC66301 and STM32 .So please give me sufficient beginner programming manuals and details
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  • Porting NXP NFC Reader Library to New MCU (KEA64)

    Hello,   I have recently been using a CLEV6630B V2.0 (target MCU LPC1769) evaluation board to develop and test the RC663 NFC frontend. I first used NFC Cockpit to get it going and have since then moved onto usin...
    Andrew Meesseman
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  • PN7150 AGC test kills the chip

    In my project, I added test code to enable the AGC reporting on the PN7510. The chip reports the AGC value as expected. Then when I remove that code, the chip no longer works. The NFC chip is no longer visible on any ...
    Ken Altschuler
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  • PN7462 Secondary Bootloader

    Is there any possibility to write a SW bootloader ( via uart, i2c etc. ) on PN7462? Or what is the proper way to remote update its firmware?   Regards. Mukadder.
    Mukadder Ceyhan
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  • SLRC610 System Margin Testing

    Hello, I am using the slrc610 to read a custom RFID tag in ISO/IEC 15693. The system is in a confined space with a reader antenna that is 5mm x 5mm and the tag is roughly the same size. The working distance is less t...
    John Batikian
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  • PN7462 Stack Issue

    Why local variables in a SPIM R/W function ( access to / from a NOR flash ) fails read / write to SPIM bus.   However, Accessing to/from NOR flash using global variables with the same SPIM R/W function...
    Mukadder Ceyhan
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  • OM26630FDK board schematics

    Hello,I need OM26630FDK board 30x50 mm antenna schematics board component values can you help please 
    safi cifci
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  • PN7150 - How to use NXPNCI library

    Hello! I have got a LPC82xx dev board along with PN7150 pluggable board. I downloaded the example code and, after it worked, I started playing with the code to gain understanding of how it does what.   I cannot...
    Mirco Franchetti
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  • PN5180 Development board and Topaz 512 NFC Tags

    I have PN5180 development board and NFC cockpit frontend software. I am able to read Mifare tags. I am not able to read data from Topaz 512 nfc tags. So, far this is what i am able to achieve 1. Place topaz 512 on th...
    Narendra Durgappa
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  • PN5xx I2C kernel mode driver

    hi all,   For PN7150 is supportable with PN5xx i2c kernel driver. I want to know that PN544 is compatible with PN7150. Orelse any supporting drivers for PN7150. Please specify it.   Thanks and Regards, Si...
    Sivasubramaniyan P
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  • PN7150 kernel driver

    Hi All,   For PN7150 kernel driver, there are different chip names like pn544,pn547 and pn548. Among these which one we have to choose for PN7150 kernel driver.   Thanks and Regards, Siva
    Sivasubramaniyan P
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  • PN7150 and default address on i2c

    On manual i see that default address for PN7150 is 0x56, 0x57, but on my implementation when i run i2cdetect , i find it on 0x7c. Is this correct?
    stavros savvas
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  • How NCF3340 RF magnetic filed continuous emission

    We use NCF3340 to make a PCD. we found in polling mode, RF magnetic filed and REQ CMD is Periodic cyclic emission like pic1, but we want the RF magnetic filed continuous emission, regardless of whe...
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  • NFC - passive card removal detection

    in regard to the PN7120: is there a way to passively detect when a NFC device/card is physically removed from the chip? android, in recent versions, supports this, and i would like replicate this behaviour with my NXP...
    Alex Trinker
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  • Will the OM5578 board ever be sold on its own

    As many of you well know the OM5578 board is only available as part of a development kit. That is, there are 3 kits available, namely:   PN7150RPIM - Raspberry Pi but has limitations on which RPI can be used PN...
    Colin Gerrish
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  • PN7462 interface Mifare Desfire EV2 with authentication and change Key howto?

    Hi everybody, i developing app used PN7462 interface Mifare Desfire EV2, my app need  authentication and change Key functions. I used MCUxpresso and software example package SW3683, but i can't find any...
    pham cong
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  • CLRC663 imbalanced RXN and RXP

    I have a design using CLRC66303 (CLRC663+).  Our antenna design and interface follows the schematic and guidelines in the datasheet, app notes and webinars.  We have achieved acceptable results, but have not...
    Tom Kuestersteffen
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