• PN532 InDataExchange analog in PN7150

    I am porting in-house library for reading desfire tags from old reader (PN532) to newer one(PN7150). This library works over InDataExchange command of PN532. I am not sure if I understood what is corresponding command...
    Vadym Mishchuk
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  • PN7150 self testing

    I'm trying to get the PN7150 (PN7150B0HN/C11002Y specifically) to do a self-test of the antenna circuitry (see if all the passive in the antenna circuit are soldered correctly).   I'm doing this with a simple co...
    Sten Ouborg
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  • Initialize Capability Container using i2c

    I am attempting to initial the capability container on a NT3H2111 using I2C. My first attempt was to read the existing data in pages 0 to 3 and set page 3 to 0xE1 0X10 0x6D 0x00.   Following the write I an no ...
    David Corbett
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  • SW3683-v05.19.00 PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid列程如何设置Type B卡的10%ASK调制(Amplitude modulation index is required to be between 8 % and 14 %.)

    SW3683-v05.19.00 PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid列程如何设置Type B卡的10%ASK调制(Amplitude modulation index is required to be between 8 % and 14 %.),在函数phhalHw_PN7462AU_ApplyProtocolSettings中没有相应的设置,整个工程文件都找不到对寄存器CLIF_ANA_TX_AMPLITUDE_REG...
    xia s
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  • Is it possible to merge MFRC522 with MCP2221 via I2C?

    Hello there!   I'm into a research on how to make a NFC device that can be pluged in the PC's USB port but would not be obsolete too soon. Device shall run on linux. As the matter of fact I already own a MCP2221...
    Marcin Pawelec
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  • Is anyone have interface PN1750 with stm32 controllers

    I am trying to interface STM32f4 with PN1750 but not able to find any library. If anyone have please help me.
    Mehar sai ram
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  • NFC PN7150 porting on Android Oreo 8.1  - vndk ,hal issue

    Dears I'm trying porting PN7150 to rockchip 's rk3326 platform , which runs android oreo 8.1 I have followed steps of AN11690 , and merged rockchip's source with GitHub - NXPNFCLinux/nxpnfc_android_oreo: Androi...
    Wei Che Kuo
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  • Will NfcFactoryTestApp detect RFID card in Continuous RF ON mode

    Hi, I'm trying to integrate PN7150 with our prototype using Android 7.1.2 AOSP. I followed NXP NCI Android Porting Guidelines AN11690. Used NfcFactoryTestApp native application test the integration. I received follow...
    sri navamani
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  • Using PN7120 NFC controller over I2C with STM32

    Sherry Sher
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  • Is PN7150 NFC certified?

    Hi,   We have suggested our customer who wants to build an NFC reader to use PN7150 in their new design. Now they want to know if this PN7150 is NFC certified? We visited NFC Forum and its link to "Certified Pr...
    Benjamin Chang
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  • SW3683-v05.07.01和SW3683-v05.19.00 PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid检测ISO15693卡总是失败的bug?

    SW3683-v05.07.01和SW3683-v05.19.00 PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid检测ISO15693卡的函数 phExCcid_Check_Presence_TypeV_Card(phacDiscLoop_Sw_DataParams_t *psDiscLoopParams) 总是失败,位于: static void phExCcid_Handle_USB_Process(phacDiscLoop_...
    xia s
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  • SW3683-v05.07.01和SW3683-v05.19.00 PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid 例程中的phExCcid_Check_Presence_TypeV_Card问题?

    在phExCcid_Check_Presence_TypeV_Card函数中加入开关天线射频就可以每次检测到卡存在,如果不开关射频,每次检测卡片是否存在都失败,请问是什么原因?还有什么不开关射频就可以检测ISO15693卡片存在的方法? 代码如下: /** * @brief Function to Check the Presence of Type V Card * @param psDiscLoopParams - P...
    xia s
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  • SW3683-v05.07.01和SW3683-v05.19.00 PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid关于ISO15693的bug

    单步执行发现在这里出现了问题:             /** Assign the General Slot as CL and CL Slot as ICODE Card. */             gp...
    xia s
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  • PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid中ISO15693如何实现typeA mifare卡那样放上卡后四个流水灯停下来,可以通过PC/SC接口发送FF CA 00 00 00来读取UID号?

    PN7462AUPspPackageFull-v05_19_00例程PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid中ISO15693如何实现typeA mifare卡那样放上卡后四个流水灯停下来,可以通过PC/SC接口发送FF CA 00 00 00来读取UID号?   只要放了ISO15693的卡在天线上,运行PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid程序时,在PC端SCRTester 1.6.2 点Reader菜...
    xia s
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  • PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid例程中检测15693卡片存在函数返回失败

    xia s
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  • How can i read/write at block level (no NDEF) using PN7120?

    Dear all   I'm using OM5577/PN7120S on Raspberry Pi, and different tag types (ISO15693 and ISO14443-2 / 3).   I'd like reading/writing sectors and blocks without NDEF format, but I can't find the way to do...
    Francisco Raso
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  • Presence check failed. Tag lost

    hi guys,   I'm using pn548C2 and here a problem is bothering me. While NFC cards is well placed close to NFCC RF, but it fail to do presence check. The key part of log goes as below: The problem is read back me...
    If Zhao
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  • Starting with NXP RFID

    I am just getting started looking at the NXP options for RFID. My project is to build a reader with 4 ANT to read/write 15693 and 14443 A labels. I also have to get this through EU/CE testing as well. So my questio...
    John Zigrang
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  • NFC Reader IC Selection for p2p communication along with TAGs

    Hello Folks,   Here we're making smart lock application that need to be operated with NFC smart phone as well tags, may be ISO1443-3, 14443-4 having type A and B We're going use external controller(MCU) for for...
    Mahendra Sondagar
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  • Measure resistance: (NHS3152)

    Hello NXP Community,   i have a NHS3152 Demoboard and i want to measure the resistance with two Pins. The resistor is connected to ANA1 and ANA4. To do this, I switched on the digital to analog converter a...
    Tom Sander
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