• Can not emulate pn532 as iso4443 card

    Hi, I have been trying to emulate pn532 as iso4443 card, with arduino uno. I have followed the code and setup of this link https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-PN532/blob/master/examples/iso14443as_target/iso14443a...
    Avinash Kumar
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  • CLRC663 EMD suppression (ISO14443)

    Hello,   while working with the CLRC663 chip I came across the RxCtrl register and saw the EMD_Sup bit.   I pretty much understand the EMD behaviour in general. But what I don't understand is how the...
    Tom Heckel
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  • 关于NFC芯片NPC100在android系统里面识别台湾悠游卡时间过长问题

       1.我们有用NXP的NPC100和PN7120芯片,发现PN7120读台湾带7816接口的悠游卡没有问题,1秒内能识别卡片,但是NPC100的芯片需要3秒左右的时间.    2.我们分析原因是这是张复合卡片,NFC芯片识别这张卡的时候SAK会在20/28/08之间切换,但是用普通射频芯片比如RC663去读一直都是返回SAK为0x28,估计是NFC芯片内部特殊的流程在...
    Zhichao Tan
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  • Type B,F and V detection using example  NFCrdlibEX4_Mifare classic with CLRC663

    Dear all, I'm using CLRC663  with STM32 for my project.I want to detect all types of tags i.e Type A,B,F and V.The example i followed is NfcrdlibEx4_MifareClassic.I have enabled all the necessary macros for all ...
    shobana J
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  • ICODE ILT multiple tags

    How to read Multiple ICODE ILT tags using clrc6630B module ?  I have tried the Basic and advance discovery loop evaluation examples. But it only read one tag . I have modified the device limit to 50 and getting t...
    Mahesh gaonkar
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  • Basic questions about JAVA Applet development

    Hello, This question is just to get some theoretical knowledge about writing a JAVA Applet. I have worked on NXP SE050 smart card which already had a JCOP 4, Java applet installed on it.So I have an idea how do we com...
    Priyanka Priyadarshini
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  • Creating own Mifare reader

    I have been looking at the PN532 chip to create my own reader and have been playing around with Mifare Classic cards. I am wanting to move onto something which does not have the security issues that are present in Mif...
    Tom Shafron
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  • CLRC663 NFC Reader Library

    CLRC663 hardware connection mode is SPI          The code in the red box as shown in the figure has encountered a problem. The code provided by NXP.Hello, the problem is this: the original ...
    AI KE
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  • Is it ok to switch VDD and PVDD of CLRC663PLUS on/off while TVDD is powered?

    Hi, I would like to keep TVDD of CLRC663PLUS powered most of the time, but I would like to switch VDD and PVDD on/off separately from TVDD to save power. Do you see any problems in this? Is there fore example a risk...
    Pekka Leinonen
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  • PN7150 failed to discover after detecting a NFC card

    I used SW4325 on Nordic nRF52840-DK. PN7150 didn;t work anymore after detecting NFC card I found that I got an error "Answer[0] = 0x41, Answer[1] = 0x03, Answer[3] = 0x05" after executing NxpNci_StartDiscover(). ...
    idleman yeh
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  • Response to 2nd SELECT without RF off in HCE (PN5180)

    Hi,   I am implementing card emulation based on the HCE example in the NXP reader library. Since I am not working on any OS platform, multi-threading is not supported, so I have to port the code on my own and th...
    KK Leung
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  • Write a block to Mifare Classic 1k via PN512

    Hello, I have a problem to write a block to a Mifare Classic 1k card. Authentication and reading the card works without problems. When I try to write a block (Command 0xA0) I get an ACK from the card after Write Part ...
    Torsten Hofrichter
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  • 27.12M Quartz cann't oscillate of OM5778

    Customer use OM5778_PN7150S design file mounting their own PCBA. They add 3.3V to Vbat、Vbat1 、Vbat2 and Vdd(pad),and mersured Vdd=Vdda=Vddd=1.8V,Vdd(tx)=Vdd(tx_in)=3.3V. But 27.12M Quartz cann't oscillate, they t...
    Bob Zhang
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  • Ntag424DNA tag issue

    Hi,    I'm learning the Ntag424DNA, and I get a problem as below:   1.when I try to decrypt the SDMENCFileData (page 13th of the flie AN12196) refer to the Table4 step by step, and...
    long zhu
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  • Entrance Guard Wiegand Solution

    Hi all,   There is a entrance guard requirement based on Wiegand protocol. Can you provide any solution including transmitter and receiver. It's best to recommend the IC solution.   Yours sincerely
    Eric zhu
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  • CLRC663 - GPIO Behavior

    Hi,   I'm using the CLRC663 to display status leds on a application. When entering low power mode, i shut down the CLRC663 to save power by the hard power down (setting PDOWN high)   Now, when exiting the ...
    Jonathan Frech
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  • Problem getting I2C ACK from MFRC630 when IC is cold

    Hi,   We are using the MFRC630 (MFRC63003) for RFID/NFC communication controlled by STM32L162VC MCU and are facing a problem with I2C communication. Some of the MFRC630 IC's do not respond after sending the I2C ...
    Tom van Zutphen
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  • PNEV7462C USB Descriptor problem

    Dear,   I have recently bought the PNEV7462C eval kit and try to get the Cockpit to work. Tried to reprogram the firmware that came with the cockpit program using the DownLoad option.   If I drop the ...
    roland van straten
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  • PN7462 Card emulation(NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T) not working

    I am using the same example(NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T) for card emulator and using PN7462AU_ex_phExRfPCDA for the reader but I am unable to read data from card emulator. I have found from debugging that, I-block for getting...
    Gaurang K
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  • Password Authentication - Ntag213 + ACR122U

    I have a question about set the password on the Ntag213   I use the reader/writer ACR122U and i need to set a password on the Ntag213   Anyone have the correct sequence of APDU command for setting the pass...
    marco Fogli
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