• Problem getting I2C ACK from MFRC630 when IC is cold

    Hi,   We are using the MFRC630 (MFRC63003) for RFID/NFC communication controlled by STM32L162VC MCU and are facing a problem with I2C communication. Some of the MFRC630 IC's do not respond after sending the I2C ...
    Tom van Zutphen
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  • NFC Reader Library Example UART Communication

    Hi,   I am working on NFC Reader Library.   Starting with Basic Discovery Loop example, I want to use UART as communication interface between NFC(as HOST  Application) and CLR663. Currently,...
  • PN7462 Card emulation(NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T) not working

    I am using the same example(NfcrdlibEx8_HCE_T4T) for card emulator and using PN7462AU_ex_phExRfPCDA for the reader but I am unable to read data from card emulator. I have found from debugging that, I-block for getting...
    Gaurang K
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  • PN7150 built in driver

    Hi all,     I need to load the nxp-pn5xx as a built-in driver. But from the below link its generated as .ko module and using insmod to install the module. Is there any alternative way to load the module ...
    Sivasubramaniyan P
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  • How to choose NFC chip

    HI,      Our project needs to use NFC chip to read ID card. Our platform is Qualcomm msm8909 or msm8953. How about pn532? Is this chip old? Pn547, can you provide reference design drawing? How to g...
    明镜 明
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  • LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down

    LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down. We have a project that requires the LPC8N04 to wakeup from DPD by NFC, RTC or WAKEUP pin, the problem is detecting the source of wakeup - as the LPC8N04 cannot be debugged in DPD ...
    Ken Roberts
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  • PN532 target mode with andoid issue

    Hi guys,   I want NDEF communication between PN532 target mode and android phone. When I init my PN532 board in target mode and read it with the "taginfo" app. The Galaxy S3 recognizes it as MiFair and can tran...
    Yongduck Lee
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  • How secure are the Ntag213 - Ntag215 password protections?

    Hi Guys,   So we are currently working on an project where the ntag213 or ntag215 are going to be used. (in public areas, guests can scan it, to access an site)   The idea is: To write specifik data to the...
    Johnny L.
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  • PN7462 ROM code bug: phhalCt_Init() calls phRomhalCt_RegInit() but PRES_PUP_EN and PRES_CON_NO are NOT configured as expected

    It seems the ROM API phRomhalCt_RegInit() does NOT change the values as expected for the fields: bPullupSetStatus bCardPresConnectorStatus   Code snippet from PN7462AU_ex_phExCt with modifications: /* By...
    Robert Beekmans
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  • Help with adding NFC to Android

    Hello,   I am trying to setup a non NFC enabled Android tablet device to run as card emulation so that I can scan it with an NFC enabled android device. Does anyone know if this is achievable out of the box? I ...
    Craig Pryor
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  • UART in basicDiscoveryLoop Example

    Hi, I am using clev6630b board and i run though basic discoveryloop example where i am able to detact nfc tags.Now how can i use uart in this example to send the detected card details to other mcu(which is connected ...
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  • [SOLVED] PN7120: ICODE SLIX2 Read Single Block doesn't respond

    I'm trying to read/write ICODE SLIX2 ICs (SL2S2602) using a PN7120, which is connected to a PIC32MX microcontroller without an RTOS. Due to the timing constraints of the I2C bus (can only read/write within a very smal...
    Steve Rapinchuk
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  • Response to 2nd SELECT without RF off in HCE (PN5180)

    Hi,   I am implementing card emulation based on the HCE example in the NXP reader library. Since I am not working on any OS platform, multi-threading is not supported, so I have to port the code on my own and th...
    KK Leung
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  • How to pull FD pin of NT3H2211 to high using android code?

     I am doing a project using this Ntag as a interface with my phone app and microchip. I would like to use the PD high to notify the microchip that the data is ready. My current code read the tag every 100ms to ch...
    Yunpeng Li
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  • PN5180 power consumption problem

    Hello everyone: I have a problem about PN5180.I hope you can help me,thank you My question is below: When the current consumption is 160mA, I use an oscilloscope to observe the antenna terminal voltage is only...
    显卓 鲁
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  • HID iClass cards and NFC lib on CLRC663 plus frontend

    Hello community, I am using OM26630FDK: CLRC663 plus NFC Frontend Development Kit in my development. Among many different card's techno I have to implement support for HID iClass DL cards (picopass 2k). My questi...
    Alexey Bulgakov
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  • Cockpit software could not read OM40002 via CLEV6630A

    Hi everyone, I’m getting started with NFC using 2 boards OM40002 as a card and CLEV6630A board as the reader. I program the nfc example on LPC8N04 on the board OM40002 and it works successfully with the mobile...
    Thanh Nguyen
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  • TagXplorer connects to SCL3711 but not to Tag

    Hello community,   i have a problem using a SCL3711 with the NXP tagXplorer Software, maybe you can help me with it: The TagXplorer detects my SCL3711 reader and it is possible to connect the reader. However p...
    Harald Berger
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  • PN7150 device tree

    I have PN7150 NC controller on custom apq8909 board. I am adding the hardware configuration in the device tree. But my device is not registered in i2c bus and device noe /dev/pn544 is also not created. The following i...
    Sivasubramaniyan P
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  • MIFARE classic and plus

    Hello community, I have to design a system able to read MIFARE classic 4K and MIFARE Plus 2K, I can't chose the microcontroller and the one I have to deal with is an STM32L4. I have non experience with NFC and smart ...
    Giulio Favre
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