• PN7462 MFOUT/SIGOUT Feature

    Dear,   Is there any output in PN7562 such that MFOUT* / SIGOUT* signal ouput feature like in MFRC563 ( i.e envelope of modulation ).    * This is mainly used for TYPE-B coding in analog signal ou...
    Mukadder Ceyhan
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  • PN7462 BGA pin configuration

    In the datasheet of PN7462, there's a figure of pin planning. Unlike the figures of the QFN package, which specify itself to be top view, the BGA package figure didn't provide the info. So is this figure the top vie...
    Jay Yeh
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  • PN532 tgInitAsTarget command no response

    Hello everyone,  I am using on PN532 module (ELECHOUSE v3) as card emulation mode for sometime and it was able to be configured target of ISO-14443 type A card by issuing tgInitAsTarget command and I have made i...
    Lei jin
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  • Using the phone as a milfare card.

    Hello, I am new here. I have a problem with explorer ww board. I don't know how can I send a ndef message from phone to explore-nfc.  On explorer site I try to use this code from https://github.com/Alte...
    Micshal Sobssanski
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  • NTAG 413 using libnfc-nci

    How to use the libnfc-nci library to configure the NTAG 413 tags? In particular, how to change the keys and the CC Fie settings? I can see a file rw_t4t.c inside the library source that provides many interfaces to rea...
    Shaun Yu
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  • libnfc-nci for Ntag413 DNA

    How to use Libnfc-nci to program Ntag413 DNA tags?   Is there any examples that show how to write the NDEF, authenticateFirst and modifiy the CC file for these tags?
    Shaun Yu
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  • PN7462 BGA package reference schematic

    Hi,    I have made my own PN7462 PCB board with the BGA64 package and found my board did not working. I referenced the PNE7462B v2.2 schematic to do my PCB design. I found on the NFC Demo Lab page, there'...
    Jay Yeh
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  • How to configure NTAG213 TT using Android app

    Hi    I know it might be repetitive query but I do not find any solution to configure/ encode NTAG213 TT ( Tamper Tag ) on web and even in NXP forum.   I can get one link : https://www.shopnfc.com/en/...
    Somnath Singh
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  • OM5578: PN7150 not detected on i2c

    Hi,   [Background] Continuing my last time research on new NFC ICs I've obtained a OM5578 board [Arduino pinout] and PN7150 USB Dongle from Mikroelektronika. The Dongle itself was communicating with an USB thro...
    Marcin Pawelec
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    Hi, I have PN5180 NFC Frontend Development kit  , and i could not put into practice with raspberry pi 3 model b. I have SW369319 pocket and used AN11802(rev 1.6) and applied the all instructions, but it doesn't w...
    hasan bucak
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  • Android, PN547 and dual-interface cards

    Hi,   We have a problem accessing the emulated Mifare Classic card on dual-mode smartcards that are working as a contactless EMV card and also as a Mifare Classic cards. The card is detected as ISO/IEC-144...
    Timo Joonas
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  • PN7462 APDU

    Is it possible to use APDU’s by USB host when no card is inserted in the card reader?
    Emmanuel John
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  • PN532 InDataExchange analog in PN7150

    I am porting in-house library for reading desfire tags from old reader (PN532) to newer one(PN7150). This library works over InDataExchange command of PN532. I am not sure if I understood what is corresponding command...
    Vadym Mishchuk
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  • PN7150 self testing

    I'm trying to get the PN7150 (PN7150B0HN/C11002Y specifically) to do a self-test of the antenna circuitry (see if all the passive in the antenna circuit are soldered correctly).   I'm doing this with a simple co...
    Sten Ouborg
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  • Initialize Capability Container using i2c

    I am attempting to initial the capability container on a NT3H2111 using I2C. My first attempt was to read the existing data in pages 0 to 3 and set page 3 to 0xE1 0X10 0x6D 0x00.   Following the write I an no ...
    David Corbett
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  • SW3683-v05.19.00 PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid列程如何设置Type B卡的10%ASK调制(Amplitude modulation index is required to be between 8 % and 14 %.)

    SW3683-v05.19.00 PN7462AU_ex_phExCcid列程如何设置Type B卡的10%ASK调制(Amplitude modulation index is required to be between 8 % and 14 %.),在函数phhalHw_PN7462AU_ApplyProtocolSettings中没有相应的设置,整个工程文件都找不到对寄存器CLIF_ANA_TX_AMPLITUDE_REG...
    xia shuang
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  • Is it possible to merge MFRC522 with MCP2221 via I2C?

    Hello there!   I'm into a research on how to make a NFC device that can be pluged in the PC's USB port but would not be obsolete too soon. Device shall run on linux. As the matter of fact I already own a MCP2221...
    Marcin Pawelec
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  • Is anyone have interface PN1750 with stm32 controllers

    I am trying to interface STM32f4 with PN1750 but not able to find any library. If anyone have please help me.
    Mehar sai ram
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  • NFC PN7150 porting on Android Oreo 8.1  - vndk ,hal issue

    Dears I'm trying porting PN7150 to rockchip 's rk3326 platform , which runs android oreo 8.1 I have followed steps of AN11690 , and merged rockchip's source with GitHub - NXPNFCLinux/nxpnfc_android_oreo: Androi...
    Wei Che Kuo
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  • Will NfcFactoryTestApp detect RFID card in Continuous RF ON mode

    Hi, I'm trying to integrate PN7150 with our prototype using Android 7.1.2 AOSP. I followed NXP NCI Android Porting Guidelines AN11690. Used NfcFactoryTestApp native application test the integration. I received follow...
    sri navamani
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