• Using PN7150 with LPC55S69

    This post contains a step by step guide of how to use PN7150 with LPC55S69.  This document is structured as follows:   Overview of PN7150:  Overview of LPC55S69:  Hardware requirements:...
    Ali Khan
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  • PN7150 and default address on i2c

    On manual i see that default address for PN7150 is 0x56, 0x57, but on my implementation when i run i2cdetect , i find it on 0x7c. Is this correct?
    stavros savvas
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  • NPC100(P1003) will be blocked when it detect a MIFARE nfc card

    Our devices have build a nfc reader with NPC100 module, When we update the android version to 7.1.1 from 5.1.1 NFC reader can not detect the MIFARE nfc card:   Log message: 05-14 08:50:54.690 1513 17...
    Bert Li
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  • PN553 can't work .

    After the transplantation, the chip will receive the notice of reset continuously during the initialization NxpNciR: len = 9 <= 600006A00000000000 Does it show the reason for reset ?
    jonathan qin
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  • The card tag not detected MFRC531.

    Dear   We use MRFC531. I tag card. But it is not detect, and I am debugging. I wonder source code. char CL_GetChallenge(unsigned char CID, unsigned char *Buf)    {&...
    eklee eklee
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  • NFC PN7150 porting on Android Oreo 8.1  - vndk ,hal issue

    Dears I'm trying porting PN7150 to rockchip 's rk3326 platform , which runs android oreo 8.1 I have followed steps of AN11690 , and merged rockchip's source with GitHub - NXPNFCLinux/nxpnfc_android_oreo: Androi...
    Wei Che Kuo
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  • How to sell NFC

    You are a sales person or FAE and are looking for ways to sell more Near-Field-Communication (NFC) products? This community provides ideas, information and materials that help you to successfully sell more N...
    Louisa Dybowski
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  • NFC PN7150 | Android 7.1.2 Porting

    Hi, I'm trying to add support for PN7150 in my android device and i'm following the below guide for this https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN11690.pdf I have included the driver to the build through menu...
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  • Either MFRC522 or PN532 is compliant with ISO14443-4 Type Tag?

    Hi,   I'm trying to read ISO14443-4 type NFC Tag with MFRC522 or PN532 based NFC reader board. Are these ICs  compliant with ISO14443-4?   Tag's info which is scanned with NXP's Tag Info App from Goog...
    Gökhan Taşçı
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  • "BAL_INTERCAFE_ERROR" with RFIDDiscoverLite

    Please advise how to eliminate the "BAL_INTERCAFE_ERROR" with RFIDDiscoverLite.  I am using the Pegoda 2 RD710 with firmware 2.2.8 (all DIP Switch settings to Off) with the provided USB cable connected to a Lenov...
    Vincent Coli
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  • Error in Integration of NXP PN7150 NFC controller to android

    Once all the steps mentioned in the Android porting document(https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN11690.pdf) is completed, the test application NfcFactoryTestApp doesn't work properly. NFC option is availabl...
    kiran kg
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  • Porting CLRC663 on Android 7.1.2

    Hi, We are working on Quectel SC20 module runs on android 7.1.2 .NXP CLRC663 reader is used for NFC communication. we put drivers of CLRC663 in the path kernel/drivers/nfc. What else has to be done in the source co...
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  • Single-Ended NFC Antenna Design

    Hi I am working on an NFC design based on the CLRC663 controller. I am wondering if there is a concept for making the antenna single-ended (ground-referenced instead of differentially driven) such as by simply not co...
    Steve Lyon
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  • mfrc522 internal buffer

    Hello.   I'm having a hard time trying to understand MFRC522 datasheet and procedure to read UID, authentication and so on. In datasheet item, there is a command "Mem" which transfers 25 bytes from FIFO...
    Ricardo Oliveira
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  • PN7150 emc filter desing without balun

    How can i desing pn7150 emc filter with triax coax? Maximum length for triax cable 20cm. Can ve desing without balun .
    ali karakaş
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  • SL3S4011 Application Problem

    Hello supporters    I want to use SL3S4011, but I don't know how to use, do you have any application note about this?    my E-mail: Dream.wu@deltaww.com Thanks much Dream
    wu mengsheng
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  • MFRC630 and CLRC663 Interchangeability?

    Currently our product uses two pcs of CLRC663. They are matched to 50Ohms impedance, so they will not make use of the "high current" capability of the CLRC663. For the furture, we want to save on production costs and ...
    Jonathan Frech
    created by Jonathan Frech
  • CLRC663 & MFRC630 EEProm lifetime

    As the mentioned products conatin an eeprom that is user-writable, it would be nice to use this in a design, which would make the external eeprom for a MCU obsolete.   But, i've not found any information about ...
    Jonathan Frech
    created by Jonathan Frech
  • time length of magnetic field

    About Taginfo app on Android. I want to know how to change the time length of magnetic field from an Android phone for polling other NFC devices. I tried the NfcAdapter.enableReaderMode() for that purpose but it didn'...
    正信 新明
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  • PN7150 doesn't work well with ESP-WROOM-32( Error occurs around RF_CONF)

    I want to use PN7150 with ESP32, so I made some codes based on "NXP-NCI MCUXpresso example Project".(I found it here: https://www.nxp.com/products/identification-security/rfid/nfc-hf/nfc-readers/pn7150-high-performanc...
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