• Unavailable file links in old NTAG I2C plus documents

    Hello I am designing a prototype that uses NT3H1101 chip. For this, I use your AN11276 antenna design guide. This document contains sample file download links for class 6 antennas. But these links do not work. Can you...
    ömer faruk uçar
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  • Using 125khx Prox with CLRC663

    We have a product which uses the CLRC663 and have a requirement to work with 125khz prox   I have found the PRH601 which is multi frequency On the datasheet it mentions the CLRC663 - but i don't understand ...
    Jacob Hinson
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  • linux_libnfc-nci-master - with PN7150 - nativeNfcTag_doFormatTag

    On my linux system with PN7150 nativeNfcTag_doFormatTag blocks if TAG is removed during format.   here som debug infos.   2020:01:16-10:30:43.112 NxpExtns:   Mifare : phLibNfc_GetKeyNumberMFC Ke...
    Dieter Rudolph
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  • How to prepare NDEF message?

    Hi! I am programming NTAG424. I based AN12196 Where can I read about how to prepare NDEF message include UID mirroring, MAC etc. I mean create its binary, like TagWrite application.   Thank you
    Eugene Grekov
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  • Comments related to the PN7150 NFC library

    Hi,   I just managed to adapt the source code example for PN7150 for the EVK-RT1064 board and for the Arduino PN7150 board (source code: evkmimxrt1060_PN7150).   I used the latest versions of MCUxpresso ID...
    Neculai Agavriloaei
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  • RFID/NFC tag

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for a RFID/NFC tag chip able to interract with classic RFID readers (ISO14443) and NFC readers (ISO15693) and who can transmit differents datas depending on the technology used by t...
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  • Measure resistance: (NHS3152)

    Hello NXP Community,   i have a NHS3152 Demoboard and i want to measure the resistance with two Pins. The resistor is connected to ANA1 and ANA4. To do this, I switched on the digital to analog converter a...
    Tom Sander
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  • EdgeLockSE050 with NFC Controller

    1) does NXP offer a solution where a EdgeLockSE050 with a NFC Controller can communicate p2p with a Smartphone via NFC (the EdgeLock will receive the power from the Smartphone via NFC Harvesting)?   2) if no is ...
    Julian Sauer
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  • PN7120 Notifications.

    Hello, I am currently working with two PN7120 implemented in development boards ( NFC_click ). I am successfully communicating over I2C using a pic18 with the PN7120 using the NCI. I configured the PN7120 using RF_DI...
    NFC boy
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  • PN7462 ROM3 functions definition

    Hello, Where can I find a complete definition for the HAL functions mapped in ROM3 ? I have the NXP NFC reader library including the following HTML file PN7462AU-FW_v05.22.01_Full\ApiDocumentation\PN7462AU\PN7462AU...
    Julie Ronday
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  • How can we read connection ID of external NFC euipment by PN7150 ?

    We're using MCU + PN7150 (conncted via I2C) to communicate with external NFC equioment. We used data packet to send specific command to the NFC equipment, but we failed. 1) We succeeded to recognize the NFC euipment ...
    Kozo Nakata
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  • i.MX RT1064 and PN7150 NCI Library

    Hello,   I have adapted the NXPNCI-PN7150 software example to work with the iMX RT1064 microcontroller. For this purpose I used the MIMXRT1064-EVK development board and the Arduino PN7150 board (OM5578 / PN7150S...
  • Lost Page Write on Ultralight EV1 even after read verify

    Is there any chance that an Ultralight EV1 chip could lose a write? Is Read after write from Flash or RAM? (Ultralight EV1)   I have a situation where I use a CLRC663 with the C NFC Reader Library whe...
    Jeffrey Chan
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  • NFC Tandem concept: combine NFC reader and connected tag solution

    See NFC Tandem concept: combine NFC reader and connected tag solution.   
    Jeremy Geslin
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  • PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Yocto

    See PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Yocto.
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • Easy set-up of NFC on Raspberry Pi

    See Easy set-up of NFC on Raspberry Pi.
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Android Pie

    See PN7150 NFC Controller on i.MX8M mini evk running Android Pie .
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • NHS3100UCODEDB schematic chart

    Please let me know where I could find the schematic chart of NHS3100UCODEDB. This information seems to be missing on the link (https://www.nxp.com/pages/nhs3100-ucode-ic:NHS3100UCODEADK?&tab=In-Depth_Tab) dir...
    Liqun Ke
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  • Page Write Saved even after failure code

    When using a CLRC663 to write to an Ultralight EV1 Chip, on occasion I get back error code 0x0201           status = phalMful_Write( pDataParams, Address, Data);   In these cases, I assu...
    Jeffrey Chan
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  • PN7150 frontend not working

    Hi Expert, We use K64F + OM5578/PN7150AR eval board for functional check. After this, we start to use KL17 integrating with PN7150. It seems KL17 can communicate with PN7150 thru NCI command thru I2C interface. But n...
    Gilbert Tsai
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