• Reference code for nfcprogramloader NHS31xx

    I'm working on an NHS3152 and in the SDK documentation there is an application "nfcprogramloader" that comes on the demo chips.   This application loads code over NFC into flash on the chip. It looks like it wa...
    Kevin French
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  • i.MX RT1064 and PN7150 NCI Library

    Hello,   I have adapted the NXPNCI-PN7150 software example to work with the iMX RT1064 microcontroller. For this purpose I used the MIMXRT1064-EVK development board and the Arduino PN7150 board (OM5578 / PN7150S...
  • G2IM+ SOT886 impedance at 866 Mhz

    Hi,    I'd like to know Impedance at 866 Mhz for G2IM+, SOT886 package,  in normal mode (no external supply, read range reduction OFF). Datasheet declares it at 915Mhz but not in 866Mhz, see attachmen...
    Fabrizio Bottazzi
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  • NFC Tandem concept: combine NFC reader and connected tag solution

    See NFC Tandem concept: combine NFC reader and connected tag solution.   
    Jeremy Geslin
    created by Jeremy Geslin
  • NHS3100UCODEDB schematic chart

    Please let me know where I could find the schematic chart of NHS3100UCODEDB. This information seems to be missing on the link (https://www.nxp.com/pages/nhs3100-ucode-ic:NHS3100UCODEADK?&tab=In-Depth_Tab) dir...
    Liqun Ke
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  • Details on I2C master communication from NTP5332

    I'm interested in the I2C master functionality of the new NTAG 5 link/boost products. However, I can not find any details on how this communication would work anywhere. Where can I find this information?
    Arno Moonen
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  • NHS3152 AN0_x input clamp the input voltage ~2V

    NHS3152 AN0_5 is sitting at ~2.0V without Firmware, yet the data sheet states it is a max 3.6V tolerant Input. In the schematic VBAT is 3V the voltage divider is used to measure the Vbat at its actual voltage within t...
    Kelvin Hasseler
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  • Does Active Load Modulation in the NTA5332 work without external power?

    Can I use the Active Load Modulation feature of the upcoming NTA5332 without a battery connected? Will energy harvested from the field be used to power ALM? Do you have any guidelines on the antenna design and a ...
    Malcolm Mackay
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  • MIFARE DESFire Light read and write demonstration

    This demonstration is based on RFIDDiscover full version and Pegoda EV710. You may refer to the following links for more details. RFIDDiscover | NXP  PEGODA Contactless Smart Card Reader | NXP    Bef...
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  • OM-SE050ARD - NFC application

    Hello guys,   I currently work with the NXP-SE050 Arduino Development kit (OM-SE050ARD) for NFC application and Security.   I have a few questions, if possible, could you support me?   As I read on...
    Ngoc Khang Nguyen
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  • Password Authentication - Ntag213 + ACR122U

    I have a question about set the password on the Ntag213   I use the reader/writer ACR122U and i need to set a password on the Ntag213   Anyone have the correct sequence of APDU command for setting the pass...
    marco Fogli
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  • Read SRIX4K from PN532

    Hello there. I wanted to know how could I read a SRIX4K tag by using a PN532 reader. I know SRIX4K is a ISO 14443 Type-B  (part 2 and 3) tag. I'm trying to use InListPassiveTarget (D4 4A) but no devi...
    Gian Marco Barbato
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  • NXP reader library with NTAG I2C Plus

    Hello, we want to use the NXP reader library with a NTAG I2C Plus tag (as reader a Pegoda CLRD710 is used). Is there any working example code and/or documenation that shows the usage of the NTAG I2C Plus functionalit...
    Stefan Jardot
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  • TagXplorer does not work with NTAG I2C Plus

    I tried to use the TagXplorer (v1.2) Application on Windows 7 with a NXP Pegoda CLRD710 Reader and a NTAG I2C Plus (NT3H2111W0FTTJ). Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the software, the NTAG I2C Plus tag is reco...
    Stefan Jardot
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  • Need help with PN7462 configuration

    Hello guys,   In my current project, I'm using PN7462 module from NXP. I need that module for the following:   1. To communicate with NFC card 2. To communicate with GSM module via UART interface. I...
    Bojan Jovanovic
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  • Protection TAG

    Hi , I need to select TAG NFC (prefered NTAG216) that i can protect write, delete and format. so after i write data inside and applycated special protection no one can be delete or format TAG.   Another questi...
    Gianluca Di Simone
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  • LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down

    LPC8N04 Wakeup from Deep-Power-Down. We have a project that requires the LPC8N04 to wakeup from DPD by NFC, RTC or WAKEUP pin, the problem is detecting the source of wakeup - as the LPC8N04 cannot be debugged in DPD ...
    Ken Roberts
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  • How secure are the Ntag213 - Ntag215 password protections?

    Hi Guys,   So we are currently working on an project where the ntag213 or ntag215 are going to be used. (in public areas, guests can scan it, to access an site)   The idea is: To write specifik data to the...
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  • UART in basicDiscoveryLoop Example

    Hi, I am using clev6630b board and i run though basic discoveryloop example where i am able to detact nfc tags.Now how can i use uart in this example to send the detected card details to other mcu(which is connected ...
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  • [SOLVED] PN7120: ICODE SLIX2 Read Single Block doesn't respond

    I'm trying to read/write ICODE SLIX2 ICs (SL2S2602) using a PN7120, which is connected to a PIC32MX microcontroller without an RTOS. Due to the timing constraints of the I2C bus (can only read/write within a very smal...
    Steve Rapinchuk
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