• Output 100PWM pulses using LPC1519 SCTimer

    Hi support team,     Need your great support. Can you please provide a sample code that uses the SCT module(or another module suggested) to output 100 PWM pulses then stop automatically ? When the PWM freque...
    created by StanleyH

    LPC54618 SPIFI How to user other CS ?because i have tow QSPI Flash.  
    Chen Guo
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  • How to use Image authentication API ?

    We need to check signature of an application located after the bootloader. We think use the image authentication api to do that.  We tried to call  "skboot_authenticate" function without success ( Hard...
    sebastien louvat
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  • LPC1812 TFBGA100 SDRAM

    The user manual seems to indicate that you can use the EMC with SDRAM in the 100-pin package (it contains all required dynamic signals), however AN11508 says that the chips only support 16/32 bit SDRAM devices.  ...
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  • SCTimer/PWM for Controlling a AC Fan Motor??

    Hello All,   I have a project that controls an AC fan motor via a triac. It senses the zero crossing & then after a delay triggers the triac to supply power to the ac motor. The speed of the fan is determine...
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  • I want multiple virtual comm ports on USB

    It seems that depending on which family of MCU I chose, I am limited as to how many VCPs I can have. For instance, I _think_ the LPC11U68 is limited on endpoints so just one VCP is possible. AN12458 states the LPC540...
    Chris Pflieger
    created by Chris Pflieger
  • LPC55S69 : Firmware update

    Hello !   SB 2.1 file is always encypted and signed. It means it is no any way to flash it into memory by using ISP type of update . is this so ?   " The recommended method to perform secure firmware upd...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • IMX8QXP DMA unit test

    Dears,     i want to do some unit tests about IMX8QXP DMA between other peripherals (like i2c, i2s...)  and memory, could you please help to give any samples or guide to run some test ab...
    huang qin
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  • SCT -  PWM 200K Hz 100puse,not use interupt to STOP。

    SCT0產生一個200KHz AB pulse輸出波形,當user設定100次pulse(200KHz AB) 後,自動將SCT0關掉. (不用中斷去關掉SCT0,因為隨MCU的負載量變大,會導致來不及去關掉SCT0,導致額外多輸出101次的波形) SCT0有甚麼方法可去完成這個應用?不使用中斷。 -----------------------------------------------------------------...
    yansin lee
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  • LPC804 maximum MRT frequency?

    I am trying to use an LPC804 to read a PWM input and at the same time generate a defined output pattern on 4 GPIO outputs to drive an H-bridge.    The PWM input is 20kHz fixed, and I need to find its duty c...
    Martin Fierz
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  • LPC55S69: redundant image support

    Hello !   in AN12278 4.6 Secure Remote Firmware Update is metioned: "as well as redundant image support (fall back image)." Could you provide more info how it is supported ?   Regards, Eugene
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC55S69 : runBootloader API

    Hello !   Do I undestand right and by using this API , application can enter to bootloader without reboot ? After that update can happens or whatever and it is possible jump back to application start address...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC55S69 : limited ISP comands are allowed ?

    Hello !   If secure boot option is enabled in Table 268. Lifecycle state descriptions mentioned "then limited ISP comands are allowed"   But I can see the next dangerous commands : " 8.6.6 ReadMemo...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • Can we change default GPIO settings of LPC1768 through Hardware?

    Hi, I started using LPC1768 and LPC11U68 ICs recently. Before that I worked with different controller, in which the default condition of GPIOs where pulled down. I written program for that controller so that my periph...
    Anoop R S
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  • LPC546xx footprint wrong pin-order

    Dear all,   I'm using KiCAD to create a PCB with a LPC54618 microcontroller. I've downloaded the LPC546xxJxxxET180.bxl, the 180 ball BGA package, and used ultralibrarian.com to convert this file to KiCAD readabl...
    Tijmen van Eijk
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  • LPC1764 MAC Receive data

          I would like to ask you a question, LPC1764 MAC layer network can only receive this network segment broadcast data, not the whole network segment broadcast data? Example: the IP address of the dev...
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  • LPC812 New Project - Which library to use?

    Hello,   I'm just about to start a project using the LPC812M101JDH16 on a custom PCB & note that there are a lot of library options. I intend to use I2C, timers & general GPIO on the chip.   Can an...
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  • LPC55S69 : fsl_tickless_rtc

    Hello !   I can see rtos tickless example has implementation of  void vPortSuppressTicksAndSleep(TickType_t xExpectedIdleTime)   but it never ever is called becouse definition like this is missing: &...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • Audio Loopback problem in OM13092 Dev kit

    Hi,   we bought OM13092 Dev kit and started working on the Audio interfaces. we are not able to test Audio Loopback functionality in the board. our idea is to loop back Analog MIC to Analog Audio out in CODEC l...
    murali satuluri
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  • LPC55S69: precondition for PowerDown API

    Hello !   I try to add PowerDown mode to tickless implementation of RTOS in SDK and all calculation located in this macro: configPOST_SLEEP_PROCESSING(xExpectedIdleTime);   Enter_PowerDown() is called the...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
    created by Eugene Hiihtaja