• LPC资源需求

    Sam Shai
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    I'm using the 1B version of LPC55S69.   When setting the BLOCK_SET_KEY to 01b (Disable PUF Key Code generation) of the SECURE_BOOT_CFG in the CMPA, blhost's receive-sb-file can't work with aborting. If we'd lik...
    Hideyuki Kamii
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  • USB DFU reference code for LPC55Sxx

    I see there is a DFU USB device library in MCUXpresso, which I could use to add a DFU function to my device.  But I think I need to divide the flash into a DFU partition that can be executed while I'm re-flashing...
    Mike Ditto
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  • LPC54608 external cystal configuration

    Hi All,   I am using LPC54608 mcu for our project. In this 25MHz crystal is there. Internal 12MHz FRO running successfully with this board. But we need to configure 25Mhz external crystal oscillator how to co...
    prathap ponnuchamy
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  • ENOB of ADC if using 12bit single ended mode

    Hi, I cannot find the ENOB of ADC 12bit mode for LPC5528.    What is the ENOB if I use 12bit single ended mode?
    Francis Yeung
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  • DFU Mode without using Boot pins

    Hi,   I am using LPC4337 in our new product, in that MCU USB pins permanently connected to windows host USB pins in the same PCB and the Boot pins we can't change in the field to update the firmware.   ...
    chethan kumar
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  • ADC output fluctuation in LPC54608J512BD208 microcontroller

    Hi, I am using LPC54608J512BD208 microcontroller in an application. The ADC accuracy is crucial as the product is used in a Power protection segment. I am getting fluctuations in ADC output with constant DC input. ...
    Prasanna Naik
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  • ADC output distortion in LPC54608J512BD208

    Hi,    I have used LPC54608J512BD208 microcontroller in protection relay. The external input voltage is stepped down,superimposed on a 1.65V DC signal and fed to the ADC input of microcontroller. I am ...
    Prasanna Naik
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  • NXP publish the Errata sheet LPC1769/68/67/66/65/64/63 where inform big glitches in ADC0.3. This explain many problems with the Solaris Automation  customers. The NXP plain launch a revised version of the LPC1969. So we can make a recall to replace the MC

    Need of a revised version of LPC1769 by problems in ADC0.3
    Mario Frank
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  • CTIMER DMA requests/triggers, pacing the transfers

    I got a DMA0 channel to successfully trigger from a CTIMER0 trigger source. The setup is as follows (using a custom board, not EVAL):   1. CTIMER0 with match1, with a capture input as source (10 MHz clock). Also...
    Hemanth M
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  • EEPROM Access and functionality in LPC4367

    Hi,   I am using LPC4367 controller in one of our upcoming project and product.  As per the user manual UM10503 it is mentioned that there is 16Kb of EEPROM. I want to use it for my application. But i ...
    Gaurav More
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    Hello,   We'd like LPC55S69 to enter "OEM Closed" lifecycle state and close all debug ports permanently. For this transition, which CMPA configuration is correct?   [Configuration 1] CMPA.CC_SOCU_PIN = 0...
    Hideyuki Kamii
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  • LPC546XX freeRTOS network driver integration

    It looks like there is no network driver for freeRTOS available for the LPC546XX. Is that correct? Is there one for another similar MCU that we can use to build one for this MCU?    Has anyone been able to ...
    Raj Misra
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  • OM13098 SD-RAM issues ...

    I am having a bit of a difficulty with the external SDRAM on the OM13098 board (LPC54628). My application is basically an event recorder, that samples a fixed amount of input data for a certain time, and stores them t...
    frank meyer
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  • Upgrading 2.7 SDK -> to new 2.8 SDK ERRORs?

    Hi All,    Advised customer to upgrade to latest MCUXpresso(11.2) and the latest SDK. There seems to be some glitches going on.   Moving to the 2.8 SDK from the 2.7 for the LPC54S018m, there seems to ...
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  • LPC4370 issue with 32 KB AHB SRAM

    Hi to you all, still working on the LPC4370 and optimal memory configuration. This is my current setup I want to use a buffer in RamAHB32 (RAM3) to acquire data using the GPDMA + ADCHS.   The problem is t...
    Andrea Bettati
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  • forced hard fault generated by escalation of a fault with configurable priority that cannot be handled

    Hi    my project runinto hardfault, the info below: Stack: Thread #1 57005 (Suspended : Signal : SIGTRAP:Trace/breakpoint trap)         HardFault_Handler() at semihost_hardfa...
    liang chen
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  • LPC1788FBD208 support read/write 4 bit bus mode eMMC ?

    LPC1788 SDIO support: 1:Conformance to Secure Digital Memory Card Physical Layer Specification, v0.96. 2:Conformance to Multimedia Card Specification v2.11. To my question: 1:LPC1788FBD208  SDIO controller sup...
    Alvin Li
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  • lpc1768 as a USB listener

    I'm working with an LPC1768(FBD100) and need to connect to a PC through a serial USB. As a starting point, I used the sample package USB virtual com port.   Installed packages:       My cod...
    Kevin R.
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  • Error in Multi-Rate Timer (MRT) with multiple channel

    Hello ,   I am working on the LPC546xx based device. I tried using Multi-Rate Timer (MRT) with multiple channel.   When I configure either of one channel, they work fine individually. But when I enable bo...
    Hemanth S
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