• LPC55S69 : cmse_nonsecure_entry privileges

    Hello !   I have FreeRTOS tasks on non secure side what running with user privileges. Sometimes the should use cmse_nonsecure_entry calls to secure side and it is not so clear with what privilege this call...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC55S69: precondition for PowerDown API

    Hello !   I try to add PowerDown mode to tickless implementation of RTOS in SDK and all calculation located in this macro: configPOST_SLEEP_PROCESSING(xExpectedIdleTime);   Enter_PowerDown() is called the...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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    LPC54618 SPIFI How to user other CS ?because i have tow QSPI Flash.  
    Chen Guo
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  • How to use Image authentication API ?

    We need to check signature of an application located after the bootloader. We think use the image authentication api to do that.  We tried to call  "skboot_authenticate" function without success ( Hard...
    sebastien louvat
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  • Flash programming granularity LPC55

    If I understand the UM correctly, using the FLASH peripheral flash can be read at a granularity of 16 bytes ("physical word"), and erased, written and programmed at a granularity of 512 bytes (1 page, 32 physical word...
    Nicolas Stalder
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  • Maximum crystal series resistance of LPC4300

    I found something doesn't feel right with table data in LPC4300 datasheet. In the table 41, "Recommended values for CX1/X2 in oscillation mode", there are two figures and they are same value " < 160ohm" on the lin...
    Yoshiyuki Okada
    created by Yoshiyuki Okada
  • LPC55S69 : MPU tables for RTOS

    Hello !   It is not clear does MPU in this MCU is cover peripheral area memory range. By fixed TZ settings I can enable access to SPI3 to be done with NS-user privileges. But I have 5 tasks what running with u...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC55S69 Encryption

    Who knows?Is the encryption succeeded in or not as below?
    Pan Phoebe
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  • LPC546xx USB SRAM address range max 0x4010'1FFC (C not F?)

    Hi   I am reading the LPC546xx User Manual UM10912 Rev 2.4 11 November 2019 page 17. Here the memory map details can be found in the table 3 "Memory usage and details". The USB SRAM address range is given with: ...
    Daniel Gull
    created by Daniel Gull
  • LPC55s69 : Faulthandler in PowerDown mode

    Hello !   in UM is recommended to keep FaultHandler in SRAM when MCU in PowerDown mode. Do you have code example how do it ?   Regards, Eugene
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • Is the current LPC55S69-EVK Rev 0A or 1B?

    I saw that the LPC55S69 Rev 1B devices are out. If I buy a new LPC55S69-EVK from, e.g. Mouser today, will I get Rev 0A or 1B?   I'm interested in trying 150MHz (Rev 1B); I don't really need a second A1 (Rev 0A) ...
    Bruce McKenney
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  • Problems with LPCOpen 2.10 on LPC1788/LPC4078 and LwIP

    Hello, I tried to make working LPCOpen 2.10 with some boards based on LPC1788 and LPC4078, but I got many troubles with networking and LwIP. Actually, the first malfunction was the inability to detect link status. ...
    Carlo Bramini
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  • LPC11C24 can unused port pins be set and cleared

    I am using a LPC11C24 and was wondering if the unused port pins (PIO1_9 or PIO2_4 or PIO2_5 or PIO2_5) can still be set up as outputs an set or cleared and read back....wanting to use them as a bit of m...
    Steve Stone
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  • LPC54018 Internal Temperature Sensor

    I'm using the internal ADC in the LPC54018.  I started with the included driver example lpc54018_adc_basic which uses the internal temperature sensor.  I have executed the provided code on two different ev...
    David Bennett
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  • LPC55S69: portSWITCH_TO_USER_MODE()  is not defined

    Hello !   Do you have idea why macro portSWITCH_TO_USER_MODE()  is not defined for freertos  ?   Regards, Eugene
    Eugene Hiihtaja
    created by Eugene Hiihtaja
  • The B-side analog channel inputs of ADC0 in LPC55S69 can't convert normally

    I run the adc demo at the path of  "NXP.LPCXpresso55S69_BSP.12.0.1\driver_examples\lpadc\interrupt\cm33_core0\mdk". The ADC0_0(A-side mux, connected to PIO0_23) convert normally. However, when i change the code...
    L JX
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    In our circuit diagram, PIN0_2 and PIN0_3 are used as serial ports. PIN0_2  and PIN0_3  are configured as USART3.But can not output messages.What should I pay attention to ...
    爱飞 张
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  • printf causing hard fault in NewLibNano(semihost)

    Hello All,   I recently tried running demo programs (provided in an LPC812 SDK) in debug mode on a LPC812 Xpresso board (eg. lpcxpresso812max_sctimer_16bit_counter ) & because of memory space constraints was...
    created by leo838
  • I want multiple virtual comm ports on USB

    It seems that depending on which family of MCU I chose, I am limited as to how many VCPs I can have. For instance, I _think_ the LPC11U68 is limited on endpoints so just one VCP is possible. AN12458 states the LPC540...
    Chris Pflieger
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  • SCTimer/PWM for Controlling a AC Fan Motor??

    Hello All,   I have a project that controls an AC fan motor via a triac. It senses the zero crossing & then after a delay triggers the triac to supply power to the ac motor. The speed of the fan is determine...
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