• SCT Timer - selection of fastest processor

    I have an application which will benefit from the SCT timer. I would like to have the fastest clock speed available. Can someone suggest me a processor giving the fastest SCT timer clock speed? I know the LPC4367 wh...
    henning larsen
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  • LPC2468 SD/MMC card interface

    Hello,   Do anyone have standard driver for SD/MMC card interface in LPC2468 micro controller?   If yes please provide the link.   Regards, Muralidhar
    Muralidhar M
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  •       "Mini-Monkey" Part 2: Using MCUXpresso to Accelerate the PCB Design Process

    In part two in this series on designing with the LPC55S69 VFBGA98 package,  I am going to show you how to use the NXP MCUXpresso SDK tools to help with physical design process.    Combining so...
    Eli Hughes
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  • "Mini-Monkey" Part 1: How to design with the LPC55S69 in the VFBGA98 package

    Now that we have discussed the LPC5500 series at a high level and investigated some of the cool features,  it is time to roll up our sleeves work on some real hardware.    In this next series of ar...
    Eli Hughes
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  • LPC Link2 debug i.MX RT1052 EVKB failed

    Hi NXP, I bought a LPC Link2 hardware and used it to debug i.MX RT1052 EVKB board, but I met some issues. Before start debug, the LPC LInk2 can be found. see below pic and next steps, download image, and sto...
    steven zhang
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  • LPC55S69 Signed Image Boot - Questions on using Certificate Chains?

    I've read through Application Note 12283 (LPC55Sxx Secure Boot) and am trying to work through exactly how a certificate chain, if it is used, is walked on the processor.  My confusion is that the App Note on...
    Jeffrey Longo
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  • LPC54XXX Layout

    Hello   I am looking for a little more information regarding the layout of this IC. Working with the IMXRT family documentation I came across the design guide "IMXRT1010HDUG" and wondered if there was ...
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  • LPC4088 I/O assignment

    Hi, I am working with the LPC4088 and I have the EA mbed project as a start-point but I am trying to reallocate some of the I/O.  I can not find how the I/O is currently allocated e.g. how does a certain LCD driv...
    Graham Sewell
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  • Power for RTC on LPC54101

    Hi,   I have a question regarding the RTC on the LPC5410x. We are developing a new product based on the LPC54101.   On all other LPC Chips we used so far the RTC runs from a separate power pin VBAT. But...
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  • Failing to get multicore_blinky_m0app running on LPC4370

    Sorry for such a newbie question, but ... I have two LPC Link-2 boards. One to act as the debug link and one to be the target. Following the instructions in "Using an LPC-Link2 as an LPC4370 evaluation board" I ...
    Simon Prentice
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  • LPC54618 USB bootloader shows  "COM Port NXP RDDRONE-FMUK66" instead of Mass Storage Device

    Hello,   we use  LPC54618 for our product. During production/test we write firmware into the device using the internal mass storage device  (MSD). Recently some devices failed in the production. Tests ...
    Gunnar Bohlen
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  • Redlib sscanf %hhu

    I have a few files that are common to different microcontrollers and I noticed that sscanf %hhu seems not to work with the Redlib on a LPC54016 C project.   This is more less a snippet of my code:   unsign...
    David Kaplan
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    Hi In the SDK 2.7.0 for LPC54018 I have found this SYSCON_Type struct rather odd. The SPI10 with its FCLKSEL is defined separately from other SPI interface FCLKSEL. What is the reason? Can this be changed in the next...
    Daniel Gull
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  • LPC55xx Power consumption when in RESET

    Hi,   I'm implementing a Battery backup for the RTC of the LPC55xx MCU. Looking at Table 17 of the Datasheet (LPC55S3X-LPC552X Rev. 1.8) I see that in deep power-down with the RTC enabled the typical current is ...
    Martin Hollenweger
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  • NXP Tech Session - Enabling Next-Gen IoT Applications With Secure-enabled NXP MCUs with TrustZone®-M Technology

    View the rest of the NXP eXperience here
    Ethan Fernandes
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  • Problems with Demo LPC8N04 BSP V1.1 demo_app, doesn't work after a powercycle

    Hi, In an earlier thread Can someone provide me with the out-of-the-box firmware/code?  I got the proper out-of-the-box firmware for the LPC8N04 devkit. However, Ive got a few problems with this firmware.  ...
    M Spit
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  • LPC54608 reset  Threshold voltage

    I use LPC54608J512ET180E. N13 is reset pin. I ask about the input voltage on this pin. Please tell me the voltage at which the reset of this pin is released. Please tell me the threshold voltage of reset or operat...
    実 奥山
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  • LPC ROM Bootloader Documentation: where is default pinmux listed

    Hi,   I am trying to locate the listing for the default pinmux for the ROM bootlader for LPC824.    Looking through the MCU Bootloader v2.5.0 guide it states that the source code for peripherals_pinmu...
    Ed B
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  • LPC81x ISP c# code help

    Dear all,   I use for some years now the LPC811 and LPC812 microcontroller. Programming is done with Flash Magic and a FTDI C232HD USB 2.0 Hi-Speed to UART Cable where RTS is connected to PIO0_12 (ISP entry) and...
    Burkhard Georg Lehle
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  • USBHostLite and Fat32

    USBHostLite natively supports Fat16. I found the below page referring to changes to be made to USBHostLite in order to support Fat32. However the link to Martin THOMAS's web page for Fat32 LPC17xx port is no longer ac...
    bob belmont
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