• Maximum crystal series resistance of LPC4300

    I found something doesn't feel right with table data in LPC4300 datasheet. In the table 41, "Recommended values for CX1/X2 in oscillation mode", there are two figures and they are same value " < 160ohm" on the lin...
    Yoshiyuki Okada
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  • LPC54XXX Pin function reuse

    Our project used LPC54016JET100 chip. Some pins in our project's circuit diagram need multiplexing function.eg:PIO0_27 pin,PIO0_20 pin.The PIO0_27 pin connects the flash.It also needs output.How to reuse thi...
    爱飞 张
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  • LPC546xx Hardfault handling in the bootloader

    Hi NXP,   I am trying to implement hardfault handling in the boot loader only. I have a boot loader which will execute the main application after boot, and I want to implement the hardFault_Handler only in the ...
    terence K
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  • LPC-Linkv2 full speed usb

    I have an issue with programming via lpclinkv2 SWD interface on linux. LPC-Linkv2 doesn't accept full speed (12Mbps) usb and require high speed (480Mbps). I would like to use usb isolator which limits speed to full-sp...
    Piotr Barcinski
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  • SD CARD communication and TX UNDERRUN error

    Hi all,   with reference to the LPC1788 microcontroller, I have some problems with the SD CARD routines. I'm using  the lpc177x_8x_mci.c routines 2.0 version but I have frequently TX UND...
    Nico Aprile
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  • LPC55S69-evk bricked

    I have a LPC55S69-evk. I ran the sdk's FlashIap project and probably accidentally write something wrong in the CFPA. Now the board cannot connect to debugger and doesn't enter ISP mode.  Is there any metho...
    Francis Yeung
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  • LPS55S69 : power_manager_lpc

    Hi !   I have taken in use power_manager_lpc example from SDK and it work fine and able to wakeup from PowerDown mode due GINTx and RTC events.   I modify it a bit and both GINTx and RTC is able to wakeup...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC54xx: Control fan with rpm

    Hello, I'm using LPC54606 to speed up four fans with PWM. Three fans have feedback rpm and I'm trying to read these. I wished to use SCTIMER for all the job but found that each PWM uses two events so I consume 8 eve...
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  • LPC55S69 : Firmware update

    Hello !   SB 2.1 file is always encypted and signed. It means it is no any way to flash it into memory by using ISP type of update . is this so ?   " The recommended method to perform secure firmware upd...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC55S69 : ARM errata 838869

    Hello !   I can see interrupt handler in SDk still have errata fix like this :   /* Add for ARM errata 838869, affects Cortex-M4, Cortex-M4F Store immediate overlapping exception return operation might ve...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • printf causing hard fault in NewLibNano(semihost)

    Hello All,   I recently tried running demo programs (provided in an LPC812 SDK) in debug mode on a LPC812 Xpresso board (eg. lpcxpresso812max_sctimer_16bit_counter ) & because of memory space constraints was...
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  • 请问,LPC的官方驱动库在官网的哪个地方下载?以及 支持LWIP的官方例程在哪里?谢谢,请大家帮助一下。

    请问,LPC的官方驱动库在官网的哪个地方下载?以及 支持LWIP的官方例程在哪里?谢谢,请大家帮助一下。
    白 李
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  • LPC55S69 - Why am I not seeing a new USB device for the composite SD card USB demo example for IAR and FreeRTOS.

    Hi, I am trying to run the usb_device_composite_cdc_msc_sdcard USB example for IAR with freeRTOS and when i load the project and attach the USB cable to the LPC55S69 board, I am not seeing any new devices in the...
    Don Villalta
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  • LPC4088 as I2S Transmitter Slave 4-wire with SGTL5000

    Hello I cant transmit as Slave with 4-wire using I2S. Electrical Setup using LPCQuickStartBoard rev B: SGTL5000_DOUT to LPC4357_RX_SDA p17 (P0.25) SGTL5000_DIN to LPC4357_TX_SDA p11 (P0.9) SGTL5000_SCK to LPC435...
    Alejandro Fachini
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  • LPC55S69 - TPIU access

    LPC55S69 --   Is it possible to read/write the TPIU space at 0xE0040000 from GDB?   I tried MCUXpresso 11 memory view and OpenOCD (my own hacked v8M version) and both of them bomb so badly the target needs...
    Hedley Rainnie
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  • Flash programming granularity LPC55

    If I understand the UM correctly, using the FLASH peripheral flash can be read at a granularity of 16 bytes ("physical word"), and erased, written and programmed at a granularity of 512 bytes (1 page, 32 physical word...
    Nicolas Stalder
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  • Problem with LPC51U68 by SWD ST-Link(v2) in IAR.

    In: I have problem with SWD ST-Link(v2) in IAR(7.30, 7.50, 8.20/8.30). Connected by 3 wire (GND, SWDIO, SWCLK). Production prototype board on LPC51U68. Flashed by USB in mass-storage mod (cool!).   Have: Wh...
    Mozhaev Eugenii
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  • LPC55S69 : PINTx interrupt is disabled after PowerDown mode ?

    Hi !   I have evaluated power_manager_lpc example and it seems to me I should execute full PINTx interrupt initialization after PowerDown mode !   Even multiplexing of the pin and PINT interrupt controlle...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
    created by Eugene Hiihtaja
  • Cannot flash LPC1549 firmware with USB on a Raspberry Pi

    Hi All,   I have developped an application based on an LPC1549. My customer updates the firmware thanks to the USB connectivity my board provides.   On a Windows PC, it works fine ( I first erase firmware....
    Michel Kuenemann
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  • LPC804 UART

    Running the different UART examples I'm able to send and receive characters with a terminal from a PC (connected over VCOM port). However, from LPC804, I can only receive characters one by one. If I send, from the PC...
    Jeremy Geslin
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