• Dear Support team, getting "Invalid ROM table error while flashing LPC54608 via keil compiler

    dear support team, Am using LPC54608 controller for sensor based application,getting following error while flashing a device "Invalid ROM tabel" Please help me to sort out this problem with needful solution ASAP. ...
    sujitha selvaraj
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  • LPC546xx MASS ERASE ulink2?

    Hi, I installed eCRP on the controller (LPC54606) and it blocked SWD, but the documentation says it is necessary to run the Mass Erase command. How do I use the Ulink2 Pro to execute the Mass Erase command. For exampl...
  • LPC55S69: warning in SDK ?

    Hello !   I have this warning in SDK and it not looks so good.   ../CMSIS/core_cm33.h:2353:32: warning: array subscript 4294967294 is above array bounds of 'volatile uint8_t[12]' {aka 'volatile unsigned ch...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • DMA for Flexcomm SPI with 20-24-bit peripherals?

    We have what is a pretty common requirement for modern applications especially IOT. Specifically, we need to, without code intervention: - read results from several SPI sensors - interrupt (and possibly wake up) CPU a...
    Dave Nadler
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  • How do you setup USART4 for use in ring buffer LPCOpen example?

    Hello, I'm using a UART example from LPCOpen 3.03 LPCXpresso 11U68 and I'm not seeing the correct output echoed back to my COM terminal.    My configuration: 1) MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.1 [Build 3241] 2) per...
    Kevin Gardner
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  • LPCOpen Multicore Example not working in MCUXpresso 11.1?

    Hi to you all, my setup: IDE: MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 [Build 2563] [2019-09-01] Board: LPC-Link2 w/ LPC4370 mcu   I'm exploring multicore projects, but I wonder how is the mcuxpresso support for this rather old h...
    Andrea Bettati
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  • LPC802 IR application

    Hi, I am doing a project about receiving the input value from a remote via IR. The protocol tends to be NEC Please check the link if you need want more information for NEC NEC Infrared Transmission Protocol | Onlin...
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  • Are there FMEDA files available for LPC55SXX?

    Hello,   at the moment I'm analyzing different mikrocontrollers and I didn't any FMEDA files or data available for the LPC55S16 or the whole family. Or is this information currently just available for the automo...
    Michael Schäffler
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  • LPC4350 nRESET boot fail in deep-sleep mode (BOOT_SRC read value incorrect)

    I'm using the LPC4350, booting from SPIFI.   Normal boot-up works fine, and reset also works fine when in normal mode.   However, I'm finding that if a reset occurs via nRESET pin when the LPC4350 is in de...
    Keith Barker
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  • Different HSADC  Match setting got same result

    Dear Sir,    I been testing my LPC4370 board for a project,  encounter a problem that when changing descriptor match number, I did not see the expected effective sampling rate change.  b...
    CP Chen
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  • LPC55x: Do you offer examples for custom class USB

    Hi,   For a future application, we need to have USB high speed interface with LPC55S69 or equivalent chip.   We could not find any example in the SDK. Can you provide any information that points us in the ...
    Ibrahim KAMAL
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  • 6 PWM Output

    I am using LPCXpresso845MAX board for testing my application.    I required 6 PWM outputs (3 complimentary pairs of PWM).  I refereed 'AN11538_SCTimer_PWM_Cookbook v5.0.pdf' and i came to know that i ...
    Ritesh Panchal
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  • 06674904lpc213x_lpc214x_examples_20061205(2)

    hello i'm just starting out in gcc programming i want to compile on a lpc 2134/01 chip to use uart when i type my make in the terminal it gives me a compilation error which i don't know where it comes from.please if s...
    smrour cocoz
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  • Query about SD/MMC and SDIO interface peripheral in LPC54608

    Hello,   What is the physical memory available for FIFO of SDIO in LPC54608?   Regards, Muralidhar
    Muralidhar M
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  • LPC546xx CAN Rx FIFO infos

    Hi, I'm running on a LPC54608 and MCUXpresso, sdk2.7, I have some problems to understand how to receive many frames from standard CAN bus @125kbps. Starting from sdk mcan interrupt example I can receive a single CAN m...
    created by cybaluke
  • No Compatible Probes available on LPC802 board

    Hello,   I've been trying to run the debug on the LPC802 board, but this error appears: Before this day, the debug was working perfectly fine. I have the SDK zip file installed, the project is built, and my b...
    Taariq McDonald
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  • Entering ISP mode from application code in LPC55

    MCU: LPC55S28  Board: LPC55S28-EVK    Following the user manual, I have the following code in my application to enter ISP mode but all it's doing is reset the system and start from the beginning of...
    Yohannes Araya
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  • usb secondary bootloader for external flash memory

    Hi, I am working with LPC1769 microcontroller. With help of application note AN10866 as reference to create USB secondary bootloader. LPC1769 is working fine and able to see the LPC1769 internal flash memory as remov...
    Varun Rajendran
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  • LPC8N04 read a button over NFC

    Hi,   I recently bought the LPC8N04 devkit from NXP to figure out a relatively simple task; Use the LPC8N04 as a passive tag (with energy-harvesting) that sends back information about the button state.   ...
    M Spit
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  • SCT Timer - selection of fastest processor

    I have an application which will benefit from the SCT timer. I would like to have the fastest clock speed available. Can someone suggest me a processor giving the fastest SCT timer clock speed? I know the LPC4367 wh...
    henning larsen
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