• LPC81x ISP c# code help

    Dear all,   I use for some years now the LPC811 and LPC812 microcontroller. Programming is done with Flash Magic and a FTDI C232HD USB 2.0 Hi-Speed to UART Cable where RTS is connected to PIO0_12 (ISP entry) and...
    Burkhard Georg Lehle
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  • Chip_UART_ReadBlocking in LPCopen 2.10 for LPC17xx is broken

    Be warned that function Chip_UART_ReadBlocking in LPCopen version 2.10 for LPC17xx is broken, for six years now - as it looks to me that doesn't exist a newer release. The short function is the following: int Chip_UA...
    Luca Matteini
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  • two system tick timers in CPU0 in lpc55s69

    Hello All   As we know, there are 2 system tick timers in CPU0. I am trying to initialize secure one in secure world and non-secure one in trustzone example project(hello-world and My IDE is IAR 8.40).  1....
    binjun wang
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  • LPC-Link-2 usbd_rom_libusb example - BULK transfer timeout on VM

    Hi,   I use LPC4370 in one of my projects and started experiencing issues with USB bulk data transfer when connecting the device to a host computer running in a virtual environment.   The is...
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  • lpc1788: UART with 3 Mbaud - receiver not working

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by TKoe on Tue Sep 18 00:41:24 MST 2012 Hello! As the title says I have a problem with receiving data at higher speeds. I have tested the UART with the speed of 3 Mbaud and sendin...
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  • CCAN in LPC11C24

    data sheet of LPC11C24 says that it is  transceiver and have CANH and CANL lines.by giving proper termination also i didnt got any data in the bus.can anybody help me to sort out this problem....?
    Ouseppachan Raphael
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  • LPC17xx-40xx emac driver memory leak on TX (found and fixed)

    Hello,   I have found and fixed a memory leak in the EMAC driver, in file lpc17xx_40xx_emac.c. Note: I have NO_SYS=1 and LPC_NUM_BUFF_TXDESCS=4   The memory leak happens when 4 calls of the lpc_low_level_o...
    Sebastien Baron
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  • LPC17xx lwip driver

    I'm facing a problem with my custom board with LPC1768 MCU. I'm using Ethernet and lwip stack. It works well many times, but now always.   I'm studying the module lpc17xx_40xx_emac.c and I found something ...
    Giuseppe Modugno
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  • SWD with GPIO

    Is there any one implemented Serial Wire Debugger with GPIOs? (My idea is to implement SWD with GPIOs for Gang Programming purpose). Regards, Muralidhar.
    Muralidhar M
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  • do FIOSET and FIOCLR need shared memory protection with RTOS

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by william.vh on Sun May 31 12:11:47 MST 2015 Using LPCXprersso IDE with LPC1769 and implementing freeRTOS..but reasonably new to RTOS and the concept of shared resources protectio...
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  • FR_NO_FILESYSTEM error on FAFTS working SD card FAT32 with MCI interface on LPC1788

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by sipel_tp on Thu Aug 22 08:54:00 MST 2013 Hello everybody, I've tried to inicialize a SD card using the elm-chan.org FATFS library with a LPC1788 and the MCI interface. I man...
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  • LPCOpen for Segger Embeded Studio

    Does anybody use LPCOpen libraries in Segger enviroment? Any examples how to make LPCOpen visible for Segger and start using LPC11xx MCU definitions in C/C++? Please help with Segger settings and example p...
    Alexey Otsyk
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  • Initializing 2 UART channels in FreeRTOS enviroment

    Hello,   I am very new to NXP microcontrollers in general and I am trying to determine if an NXP LPC55S69 is appropriate for a multi-channel computing platform that interfaces with BLE radios. I have an EVK and ...
    Dylan Maisel
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  • LPC54608 Temperature Sensor

    ello,    I am trying to use the on-chip temperature sensor that is internally routed to the adc's channel 0.  I found in the data sheet for the lpc54608 we must configure the ADC in single channel...
    Eileen Radzwion
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  • LPC1768 EMAC(DP83848) Issue

    Hi   Facing the issue related to LPC1768Emac(DP83848). No response from the Host.   Working on some systems(Both windows7 and Windows10).   most of the time not working on Windows10,32/64bit, Realtek...
    Manjunath P
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  • Not too happy with NXP!

    So we get the LPC54628 with some really impressive specs.  What NXP fails to tell the user are the following *minor* details:   To relocate code into spiffy,the user has to use a macro in front of each func...
    william sell
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  • alternate of lpc2388 microcontroller

    we are in new design of control application   earlier we have used lpc2388 microcontroller.   we want new microcontroller with same features of lpc2388 which are recommended for future
    jayalakshmi kanukunta
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  • UART1 LPC2148 stop sending data after amount of data transmited

    Hello everyone, I have configured the UART1 of my LPC2148 with speed: (9600 / 8bits / N /1bit Stop) with interruption. The UART1 connects to an ESP-01 I can send and receive information perfectly. The problem I prese...
    Raul Toribio
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  • Strange setting for writing file into SD Card

    Hello everyone, I'm developing an application which has to save some file to a SD Card. At the moment I have some problem writing file into the SD Card. I read some posts which suggested to drecrease the clock of t...
    Giovanni Macaluso
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  • MCU Selection | CAN-FD, Ethernet, USB

    I am in search of an MCU with the following features:   1. 100+ MHz CPU Clock (Single core, preferable ARM) 2. CAN-FD peripheral 3. Ethernet 100Mbits MII/RGMII 4. USB 2.0    Does NXP provide e...
    Ayush Chand
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