• LWIP phy problem

    MCU: LPC4333   Harware is custom.   I'm trying to get my DP83848 ethernet phy to work in RMII mode based on the lwip_tcpecho example.   The link status is good and the PHY_LINK_CONNECTED bit is ...
    Julian Winpenny
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  • LPC54018JxM:XIP erase and program internal SPIFI Flash

          Attached demo is sample project to show how to erase and program LPC54018JxM’s internal flash(embedded 2MB/4MB W25Q Flash)  through SPIFI0 interface.       As ...
    S.z. Liang
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  • LPC55S69 with BT815

    Check out my LPC55S69 system with the HS SPI interfaced to an BT815 running at 50Mhz SPI clock. LPC55S69 With BT815 and ESP32-WROOM - YouTube 
    chris gulick
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  • Need urgent help - Isochronous IN transfer with LPC1837 USB-HOST

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by stefko on Thu May 28 12:01:17 MST 2015 Hi all ! I'm working on a test project where I need to connect a USB camera to LPC1837 demo board. The LPC1837 is configured to use USB...
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  • LPC804 Github Project and Examples with Focus on PLU Setup

    Hi All   I have stared to document my own experience withthe LPC804 and its PLU on a github project: GitHub - olikraus/lpc804_plu: LPC804 toolchain with PLU compiler and Flash-ROM upload tool    Addi...
    Oliver Kraus
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  • Error while integrating the PLU code? this could be a reason. (LPC55S69_cm33_core0.h))

    Programmable Logic Unit (PLU) offers an interesting functionality in the MCU world. It allows the possibility of creating small combinatorial and/or sequential logic networks including state machines.  ...
    Randa Zarrouk
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  • Mass Storage Device (MSD) with external SPI flash sst25vf064c ussing LPC1769

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by javos on Thu Oct 04 08:30:54 MST 2012 Hi everybody!!! I am working on a hand-held device, it will be a dataloger. My idea, is to download the data through USB. So my device wil...
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  • LPC54608 Deep Sleep Mode exit

    Hello,  I am attempting to verify LPC54608 power management with OM13092 dev board. The case i am trying to verify is exiting Deep Sleep Mode using pin interrupt (SW5 on OM13092). I am able to exit Sleep Mode wi...
    Santosh balakrishnan
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  • PLU inputs assignment (lpcxpresso55s69)

    Below is of the C code generated by the PLU configuration tool which is equivalent to an AND function.    This code configuration the chosen LUTs input/puts with the chosen PLU input/outpus. ...
    Randa Zarrouk
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  • [LPCOpen][LPC17xx] I2C master freeze

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by pgr on Thu Apr 10 01:56:38 MST 2014 Dear all, I am using I2C0 as a master on a LPC1763 with LPCOpen stack. Sometimes randomly the I2C driver freeze inside Chip_I2C_EventHandler...
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  • Issue in configuring the GPIOs in LPC1778

    Hi all,   I'm having difficulties in initializing the GPIO into the Input/ Output mode. I'm using LPC1778FBD144, wherein I'm trying to use some GPIOs for the specific task that required reading as well as w...
    sakib khan
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  • State FlipFlops for PLU (LPC55S69)

    Hello,  I have some questions regarding the FF deployment in the PLU module:   Point 1: "The outputs of up to four of the LUTs can be captured in one of the four state flip-flops" UM  Do this me...
    Randa Zarrouk
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  • LPC54628 HOST USB Issue

    I cannot seem to detect the insertion of a USB device (Phillips 16GB stick using an Insignia USB On-the-Go adapter).   I am trying to use the USB HOST example with fatfs and FreeRTOS on the OM13098 development b...
    Adrian Neal
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  • Getting Started with LPC55S69, LPC55S69-EVK, Cortex® M33 and TrustZone®

    I've been really, really impressed with the LPC55S69 and its enablement (LPC55S69-EVK, MCUXpresso IDE, MCUXpresso SDK and the Config tools). Now that I've used the part for some time, I thought that it would be helpfu...
    Mark Dunnett
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  • LPC54606 : I/O state in IAP (Reinvoke ISP)

    Hello,   I'm working with a LPC54606J512BD208 and I'm using the IAP command "Reinvoke ISP" to update the firmware. When I set some outputs to '0' state, the state is maintening during isp mode while with somes o...
    Karim BOALLAL
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  • Switching back to the "Secure world" TrustZone (lpcxpresso55s69)

    When using the security extension supported by the ARMv8-M, It is cited that when switching from a secure to a non-secure world, a call to a non secure world is conducted. It is noted that the comeback to the secure w...
    Randa Zarrouk
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  • LCD Driver PCF8576D Sample Code

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by alan_nn on Tue Apr 01 04:34:59 CDT 2014 The PCF8576D is a Universal LCD driver for low multiplex rates, which could generates the drive signals for any static or multiplexed LCD...
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  • LPC51U68 USB ISP "The directory name is invalid" on Windows 10

    Hello, I have exactly this issue but with LPC51U68: Grant Trebbin: "The directory name is invalid" on the NXP LPC19459 in USB mode    TLDR; When ISP invoked in windows 10, the CRP DISABLED mass storage sh...
    Martin Řežáb
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  • UART3 RX

    Hi,    I try to get UART3 on LPC4088 working, already got UART TX working well, but RX stops in RBR register. I checked the Rx pin with the oscilloscope and there is some data incoming. I configured UART wi...
    Tim Krebs
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  • Pull Up Resistor Value at GPIO of LPC2138 MCU

    Pull Up resistor value for GPIO pins of LPC2138 Microcontroller.
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