• RS485 DIR PIN Ctrl

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by lba on Tue Nov 06 08:52:45 MST 2012 Hi I have made a auto dir ctrl in a 11U14 and has now move it to a 1225/321, but does work. My code is   LPC_IOCON->PIO2_0 &= ~...
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  • LPC546XX CPU temperature sensor calibration

    Hello, Recently, I have tried to mesure my CPU temperature from the integrated sensor in my LPC54628J512   -First, I openned the lpc_adc_basic SDK example, to verify that I can read the ADC value. I thinck ther...
    lucas TERRIER
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  • USB CDC Drivers

    Hi,         Presently I'm interfacing the LPC4357 controller with the SIMcom module. The chosen interface is USB. To interface the Simcom module I need USB CDC c...
    Avinash G
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  • SPI data length: Error description in LPC845.h

    In LPC845.h of SDK   The bit discription doesn't match the bit length. In the text it is correct, in the 'table' below not: 0b0001 does not code 1 bit in length. This made me busy for about 25 minutes until I...
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  • LPC54618 and RTC Battery power consumption

    Good morning, I have a problem with power consumption of LPC54618 RTC. As illustrated in attached PDF I have a board with the configuration visible on the schematic. Battery is a rechargeable Panasonic VL-1220 with 7...
    Marco Di Biaggio
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  • Using ConfigTool to create USB Project From Start

    This article is about how to use MCUXpresso Config Tool to create a USB project from start. The method is the same to all MCUXpresso Config Tool supported MCUs Demo: Creating USB composite HID mouse + keyboard pr...
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  • How can i update firmware OTA(Over the Air) in LPC1768?

    Hello everyone, I am using MCUXpresso tool id and MCU is LPC1768. I want to update my firmware over the air. So please tell me how can i update firmware over the air. I received new firmware via UART and write in ...
    md nasir
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  • Throughput between SPI and USART

    Both protocols are synchronous protocols. But in USART start and stop bits will be there. In SPI need to provide a delay when CS is asserted or de-asserted.  Which protocol provides max throughput?
    Avinash G
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  • ADC clock cycles

    Hi,  I got a small doubt. In LPC1768/69 ADC is SAR type. for a 12 bit resolution, it should take 12 cycles for complete conversion. But in user manual mentioned that, A non-burst mode conversion requires 65 clock...
    Avinash G
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  • LCD Driver PCF2119 Sample Code

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by alan_nn on Tue Apr 01 21:46:12 CDT 2014 The PCF2119x is a low power CMOS LCD controller and driver, designed to drive a dot matrix LCD display of 2-lines by 16 characters or 1-l...
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  • Gpio based sensor integration in lpc11xx platform

    Hi, I gone through the below thread and need the same code required for lpc11u6x. Is this code is working.. Can I have full code of this using this sensor.. wait function is missing.. Plz share the full source code f...
    Lofna Kumari
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  • lpc2366 lpc2368 ethernet not working at 100M

    Hello everybody, I am using the LPC2366 with the DP83848 since several years, working fine until now : with the change of processor manufacturing date code (previous date code was year 2007, and now date code is year ...
    olivier scoubi
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  • reading value from GPIO

    Hi, How to read value fro gpio input in lpc11xx mcu. After reading done, and the same gpio how to configure as output in runtime. Regards
    Lofna Kumari
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  • DMA_Init() in fsl_dma.c of SDK 2.7.0 for LPC845BREAKOUT

    This is the function:   First action is to get the instance and store it in the variable 'instance'. Why is this variable not used in line 127 and 132, like it is in line 138?
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  • 11Exx libraries

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by ronkrem on Sun Dec 15 16:31:34 MST 2013 In setting up to develop an LPC11Exx application in LPCXpresso, we find there are two core libraries available: CMSIS_CORE_LPC11Exx and C...
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  • JTAG / SWD Documentation

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by v0ynich on Thu Nov 13 11:50:17 MST 2014 Hello, I'm looking for documentation regarding JTAG or SWD for programming an LPC4337. I wish to program this device using another micro...
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  • LPC81x ISP c# code help

    Dear all,   I use for some years now the LPC811 and LPC812 microcontroller. Programming is done with Flash Magic and a FTDI C232HD USB 2.0 Hi-Speed to UART Cable where RTS is connected to PIO0_12 (ISP entry) and...
    Burkhard Georg Lehle
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  • Chip_UART_ReadBlocking in LPCopen 2.10 for LPC17xx is broken

    Be warned that function Chip_UART_ReadBlocking in LPCopen version 2.10 for LPC17xx is broken, for six years now - as it looks to me that doesn't exist a newer release. The short function is the following: int Chip_UA...
    Luca Matteini
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  • two system tick timers in CPU0 in lpc55s69

    Hello All   As we know, there are 2 system tick timers in CPU0. I am trying to initialize secure one in secure world and non-secure one in trustzone example project(hello-world and My IDE is IAR 8.40).  1....
    binjun wang
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  • LPC-Link-2 usbd_rom_libusb example - BULK transfer timeout on VM

    Hi,   I use LPC4370 in one of my projects and started experiencing issues with USB bulk data transfer when connecting the device to a host computer running in a virtual environment.   The is...
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