• UartPeripheral() cannot open PC UART port

    Hello ,when I’m testing  the example of AN12327, and I follow the steps one by one, but after I started with the flash_program.bat . It caused an error named "UartPeripheral() cannot open PC UART port (COM5...
    小白 张
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  • LPC55S66 USB device

    I'm trying to get our custom LPC55S66 board running as a USB high speed device.   I can build the LPCExpresso EVK examples, such as dev_cdc_vcom_lite_bm, and run them on the EVK board.  But I have not figur...
    Mike Ditto
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  • BSDL file for LPC55S28

    Hi - we are using Boundary Scan for testing a product which uses LPC5528. Would it be possible to get the BSDL File? thanks regards, Ranjeet
    Ranjeet Malhotra
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  • Default Flash Memory state

    Hi,   from some posts I get that the default state of Flash Memory (after erase) is "0", instead of "1", which is normal for Flash memory: Flash programming granularity LPC55  LPC55S69 : erased flash stat...
    Jan de Ruiter
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  • LPC55S69 : what is NOP for flash memory ?

    Hi !   Unfortunately flash memory can be written by 512 bytes chunks only. But I need to sabe small 16-128 bytes chunks and I can see I can read modify and write the same page several times.   LPC55S69 fl...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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  • LPC55xx: Specifications internal reference voltage

    Hi,   from table 706 in the user manual (UM11126) I get that the ADC can measure a 1V reference voltage ("Bias_vref_1v from aux_bias module"). I would like to use it, but I can't find any specification for it i...
    Jan de Ruiter
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  • Need BSDL files for LPC55S28JBD100 and PLX2162PC82029B/LX2162RE82029B

    I am working on test development for a board with LPC55S28JBD100 SoC and PLX2162PC82029B(ES part number)/LX2162RE82029B(production part number). We are planning to use JTAG boundary scan since both devices a...
    Prashanth Muppala
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  • Signing firmware , how to restrict ?

    Hi Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question about signed firmware.   I've read the Secure Boot AN and the LPC55  user manual, but there is something i'm missing   The secure boot firmware contains...
    Tres Curieux
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  • Accessing UUID

    I'm running on our custom LPC55S69 board.  I'm trying to access the UUID in the protected flash region.  After reading the Flash_ifr_driver section of the SDK API Reference Manual, I added the "IAP1" driver ...
    Mike Ditto
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    I'm using the 1B version of LPC55S69.   When setting the BLOCK_SET_KEY to 01b (Disable PUF Key Code generation) of the SECURE_BOOT_CFG in the CMPA, blhost's receive-sb-file can't work with aborting. If we'd lik...
    Hideyuki Kamii
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  • ENOB of ADC if using 12bit single ended mode

    Hi, I cannot find the ENOB of ADC 12bit mode for LPC5528.    What is the ENOB if I use 12bit single ended mode?
    Francis Yeung
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  • LPC55S69 + PowerQuad Part 1 :  A Great Solution for the Industrial IOT and Smart Metering.

    Built into the LPC55S69 is a powerful coprocessor called the “PowerQuad”.   In this article we are going to introduce the PowerQuad and some interesting use cases.   Over the next sever...
    Eli Hughes
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  • CTIMER DMA requests/triggers, pacing the transfers

    I got a DMA0 channel to successfully trigger from a CTIMER0 trigger source. The setup is as follows (using a custom board, not EVAL):   1. CTIMER0 with match1, with a capture input as source (10 MHz clock). Also...
    Hemanth M
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  • X-ray the Monkey!  Mini-Monkey Rev B Update

    I had some design updates for “Rev B” of my Mini-Monkey design that I wanted to get in the "queue" for testing.  For the next revision, I wanted to try PCB:NG for the board fabrication and assemb...
    Eli Hughes
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  • Difference between SDAX/SCLX and SDA/SCL pin functions in LPC55xx?

    We are currently developing a new product, based around the LPC55xx series. I noticed that some pins can be configured as SDAX or as SDA, or similarly, SCLX or SCL. However, looking in the user manual of the processo...
    Arno Moonen
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  • two system tick timers in CPU0 in lpc55s69

    Hello All   As we know, there are 2 system tick timers in CPU0. I am trying to initialize secure one in secure world and non-secure one in trustzone example project(hello-world and My IDE is IAR 8.40).  1....
    binjun wang
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  • LPC55S16 - Curiosity about Casper API

    Hello,   As I was exploring the API for CASPER (LPC55S16), I realized that the exponent and the modulus used for the modular exponentiation function weren't declared of the same size. Out of curiosity, why not d...
  • LPC55XX ADC Convertion Time

    Dears,     As we known, LPC55XX ADC sample ratw is 2MHz, can I know the ADC convertion time?   Thanks & BRs, Ray
    Ray Deng
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  • Voltage drop every adc trigger

    Currently I am using LPC5528, I have to do 1M sample/s ADC sampling continuously, keep streaming out the value.   I attach 96M HF clock to adc with divider = 4, STS = 3, 16bit resolution. loop cnt = 15, it will...
    Francis Yeung
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  • LPC55S69 : read FFR at 150Mhz

    Hello !   Do I undestand right and FFR API have 96Mhz limitation ?   I try to read AC code from it at Core clock 150Mhz and it freeze at some point in this code :   FLASH_Init(&flashInstance...
    Eugene Hiihtaja
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