• Renamed bin file for LPC51U68 not working in ISP mode.

    Hi.   My customer is working on development in a OM40005UL board. While he tries to swhch a program in usb connected ISP mode, his bin file doesn't work.  He wants to rename a file because of easy...
    Riku Nakanishi
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  • LPC51U68 current consumption too high in Deep Sleep

    We are aiming to use the LPC51U68 for a product that will be battery powered and on 24/7, and in deep sleep when quiescent.   At the moment we are developing on the LPCXpresso51U68 development board and for thes...
    Tim Janes
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  • LPC51U68 PWM channel Selection

    HI all,   I am using LPC51U68 - 48 pin package in my project.  Here i am seeing PWM channel 1 in 3 different pins. PIO0_1, PIO0_8, PIO0_19 these three pin shows PWM channel 1 but i need only PIO0_8 then h...
    prathap ponnuchamy
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  • Integrated RTC to human reaadable format

    Hi,   Some microcontrollers from NXP include a RTC module (which is not a true RTC chip). This module has a 32 bit counter that counts once per second to keep track the time even when the main power su...
    Fco. Javier Rodriguez G
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  • LPC51u68 -- isp via spi port

    Customer :Neato/Emcraft   INitial customer email: We are trying to program LPC51U68 from i.MX8M via ISP over SPI, but can't get a proper response from the LPC51U68 chip. The manual states that the LPC will...
    Hy Mai
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  • LPC51u68 internal fractional n PLL for ext. clock generation

    LPC51u68 project PLL question. We are using USB interface and need to generate PLL generated signal to drive external IC on its osc in. We need a frequency range from 9MHz - ~ 14 MHz with a resolution of approx 50KHz....
    Michael Ganzera
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  • SWD with GPIO

    Is there any one implemented Serial Wire Debugger with GPIOs? (My idea is to implement SWD with GPIOs for Gang Programming purpose). Regards, Muralidhar.
    Avinash G
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  • I am looking for a very low power LPC Microcontroller

    Hello, I am used to work with the microcontrollers from the LPC family (Cortex M) and now I need a very low power LPC microcontroller to work on battery which need to last long, maybe half of year (of course I'll us...
    Doinita Marcu
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  • LPC51U68 Multi channels ADC DMA transfer

    Hi:   Since LPC series ADC has sequence function, so implement multi-channel ADC transfer is easy. But use DMA is also meaning, so there are two demos to show how to use such applications 1.lpc_multi-channels_...
    Dawei You
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  • Problem with LPC51U68 by SWD ST-Link(v2) in IAR.

    In: I have problem with SWD ST-Link(v2) in IAR(7.30, 7.50, 8.20/8.30). Connected by 3 wire (GND, SWDIO, SWCLK). Production prototype board on LPC51U68. Flashed by USB in mass-storage mod (cool!).   Have: Wh...
    Mozhaev Eugenii
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  • SCT appliction for outout Specified freq and Specified pulse number

    I wirte an API for PLS(freq, PLS_num)//freq :1~200k , PLS_NUM 0~ 10000 . for example ,PLS(200K,100) : SCT will send 200K Hz 100 pluse. when SCT complete a plule , SCT interunt will happen and count pluse number , tha...
    yansin lee
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  • SCT -  PWM 200K Hz 100puse,not use interupt to STOP。

    SCT0產生一個200KHz AB pulse輸出波形,當user設定100次pulse(200KHz AB) 後,自動將SCT0關掉. (不用中斷去關掉SCT0,因為隨MCU的負載量變大,會導致來不及去關掉SCT0,導致額外多輸出101次的波形) SCT0有甚麼方法可去完成這個應用?不使用中斷。 -----------------------------------------------------------------...
    yansin lee
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  • SCT  applicaion - count PWM pluse number

    how to count PWM  pulse  by SCT ? for example . sent 200K 100pulse(duty 50~40%) to SCT。 SCT can count 100 pulse(can not use SCTinterupt)  please give me example.thanks.   -------...
    yansin lee
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  • LPC51U68: Need help with SPI slave bytes shift issue

    Hello my friends:   I’m new for LPC51U68. Now I’m migrating from LPC111x to LPC51U68 and encounters some issues, one of major issue is SPI slave byte shift.   Environment: 1.Modified LPC1114...
    John Zhou
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  • LPC51U68 How to achieve PWM output and continuous low level switching?

    Hi Everyone:         I would like to ask how to achieve PWM output and continuous low level switching?         I saw that the LPC51U68 imple...
    云龙 赵
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  • LPC51U68 development on MCUXpresso

    Hi I designed original LPC51U68 board. (not LPCXpresso 51U68) I would like to use MCUXpresso the same as before other LPC development. However, there are not LPC51U68 in Preinstalled MCUs, New Project wizard. How ...
    Tomotaka Hosotani
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  • LPC51U68 IAP重映射及跳转问题

    大家好:           我正在使用LPC51U68进行项目开发,目前正在调试IAP功能,因为是第一次开发这个功能,所以有几个问题想要得到帮助,如下:   1.我之前看了很多关于IAP的信息,同时也使用了官方提供的例程,学会了内部Flash的擦写,但是我不知道如何进行boot与应用程序之间的相互跳转,我是想应用程序从0x80...
    云龙 赵
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  • LPC51u68 lpcxpresso51u68_dev_cdc_vcom_bm

    Hello to everyone.   I'm running the SDK example "lpcxpresso51u68_dev_cdc_vcom_bm" on a controller(LPC51U68JBD48E) placed on my customized board. It is expected to: "The Virtual COM project is enumerated as a C...
    Filipe Costa
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  • LPC51U68 USB ISP "The directory name is invalid" on Windows 10

    Hello, I have exactly this issue but with LPC51U68: Grant Trebbin: "The directory name is invalid" on the NXP LPC19459 in USB mode    TLDR; When ISP invoked in windows 10, the CRP DISABLED mass storage sh...
    Martin Řežáb
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  • LPC51U68 USB Bootload doubt

    Hello to everybody! I'm new to NXP micro so sorry if the following questions are pretty basic. Currently, I'm customizing my own board with LPC51U68 micro and I do have some questions regarding bootload through ...
    Filipe Costa
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