• life time of a controller

    Is there any to calculate the lifetime of the controller under some conditions (lab conditions)? using controllers: LPC546XX series, LPC17XX series and LPC8XX series controllers.   Regards, Avinash.
    Avinash G
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  • DMA does not work properly with LPC4088 (QSB)

    LPC4088 QSB is used. I want to acquire 128 samples each using DMA at a sampling rate of 16kHz.   I have two problems now.   Problem 1: 1kHz analog input is A / D converted and acquired by DMA.A clean wav...
    shogo matsubara
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  • Can not enter into debug mode LPC4088 in KEIL

    Hi,   I have LPC4078 board and KEIL uvsion 5 with ULINK2 debugger. I got this message in KEIL uVision 5 when I try to debug.   Cannot access Memory (@ 0x00000000, Write, Acc Size: 4 Byte) Cannot access M...
    paul j.h kim
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  • LPC4088 I/O assignment

    Hi, I am working with the LPC4088 and I have the EA mbed project as a start-point but I am trying to reallocate some of the I/O.  I can not find how the I/O is currently allocated e.g. how does a certain LCD driv...
    Graham Sewell
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  • LPC54606 usage with KSZ8091RNB

    Hi,   We are plannig to develop a board using 100-pin LPC54606 and add ethernet communication with KSZ8091RNB RMII phy.   We already have a similar product using LPC4078 processor, however, I not...
    Renê Augusto Benvenuti
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  • I am looking for a very low power LPC Microcontroller

    Hello, I am used to work with the microcontrollers from the LPC family (Cortex M) and now I need a very low power LPC microcontroller to work on battery which need to last long, maybe half of year (of course I'll us...
    Doinita Marcu
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  • Memory protection unit (MPU) example for NXP LPC4078

    Hi everybody,   do you have any examples how to implement MPU on a NXP LPC4078?   In the UM10562 it references in chapter 40.1 to infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.dui0553a/index.h...
    Daniel Riegel
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  • How to reset LPC43xx from application

    How to reset LPC43xx from application   In my project ,I need to reset cpu from application. First  I start a Project  in  MDK5 IDE.   void Reset_Handler(){ SystemInit(); ...
    hp eric
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  • LPC4088 as I2S Transmitter Slave 4-wire with SGTL5000

    Hello I cant transmit as Slave with 4-wire using I2S. Electrical Setup using LPCQuickStartBoard rev B: SGTL5000_DOUT to LPC4357_RX_SDA p17 (P0.25) SGTL5000_DIN to LPC4357_TX_SDA p11 (P0.9) SGTL5000_SCK to LPC435...
    Alejandro Fachini
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  • Problems with LPCOpen 2.10 on LPC1788/LPC4078 and LwIP

    Hello, I tried to make working LPCOpen 2.10 with some boards based on LPC1788 and LPC4078, but I got many troubles with networking and LwIP. Actually, the first malfunction was the inability to detect link status. ...
    Carlo Bramini
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  • SCT appliction for outout Specified freq and Specified pulse number

    I wirte an API for PLS(freq, PLS_num)//freq :1~200k , PLS_NUM 0~ 10000 . for example ,PLS(200K,100) : SCT will send 200K Hz 100 pluse. when SCT complete a plule , SCT interunt will happen and count pluse number , tha...
    yansin lee
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  • SCT -  PWM 200K Hz 100puse,not use interupt to STOP。

    SCT0產生一個200KHz AB pulse輸出波形,當user設定100次pulse(200KHz AB) 後,自動將SCT0關掉. (不用中斷去關掉SCT0,因為隨MCU的負載量變大,會導致來不及去關掉SCT0,導致額外多輸出101次的波形) SCT0有甚麼方法可去完成這個應用?不使用中斷。 -----------------------------------------------------------------...
    yansin lee
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  • SCT  applicaion - count PWM pluse number

    how to count PWM  pulse  by SCT ? for example . sent 200K 100pulse(duty 50~40%) to SCT。 SCT can count 100 pulse(can not use SCTinterupt)  please give me example.thanks.   -------...
    yansin lee
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  • LPC2148

      Please help me to get the answer.
    Jon Bright
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  • How can I use UART0 of LPC4078?

    I do write a simple code to test UART0 of LPC4078 on our original board, but it does not work... Codes for initialize UART0 are shown below: void Uart0Init(void) { UART_CFG_Type UARTConfigStruct; UART_FIFO_CFG_Type...
    Atsuki Nakano
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  • UART3 RX

    Hi,    I try to get UART3 on LPC4088 working, already got UART TX working well, but RX stops in RBR register. I checked the Rx pin with the oscilloscope and there is some data incoming. I configured UART wi...
    Tim Krebs
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  • Update FW in QSPI flash from secondary bootloader in internal flash

    Hello,   For a project I am writing a bootloader on an EA LPC4088 Display Module. The firmware is running from QSPI flash and uses the external SDRAM.   I've written a bootloader in internal flash that use...
    Klaas Hoekstra
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  • GPDMA, Timer, SRAM

    Hi all,   I'm new to LPC and need some help. I wanna set up a Timer triggered DMA transfer to transfer data from pin to a defined adress in the SRAM1. Every time the MR0 matches the DMA transfer should start. I...
    Tim Krebs
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    Hi, I have a question about GPDMA P2M transfer and hope you can help me. The Hardware I work with is the LPC4088 Quickstart board. Is there any solution to  point on a few selected pins of port1? Because unfort...
    Tim Krebs
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  • Question for development environment for LPC4078

    Hi,    I have a question regarding development environment for LPC4078.   Target Processor: LPC4078 IDE: LPCXpresso v7.0.0 [Build 92] [2014-02-20]  Debugger: V1 board with LPC-Link (LPC176...
    Atsuki Nakano
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