• Calibrate Systick timer with 32 kHz crystal

    I am using an LPC1850 running at 180 MHz via the internal oscillator. According to the datasheet, the oscillator has a frequency tolerance range of 1.5%.   I have the system tick timer configured to interrupt at...
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  • How to use two flash with lpc_spifilib in LPC1857

    I want use two spi flash in LPC1857,but I don't know how to add secede cs pin in  lpc_spifilib; lpc_spifilib from https://www.nxp.com/downloads/en/software/LPCSPIFI-Library-v1.01-Library-Updates.z...
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  • LPC18xx SSP0 peripheral reading only high

    Hi all,  I'm currently working with the SSP0 peripheral on a LPC1857 and a LPC1837. On both chips, I've not been able to get the MISO line to read anything besides a high value (255) no matter what is written to...
    Michael Tao
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  • How to reset LPC43xx from application

    How to reset LPC43xx from application   In my project ,I need to reset cpu from application. First  I start a Project  in  MDK5 IDE.   void Reset_Handler(){ SystemInit(); ...
    hp eric
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  • Integrated RTC to human reaadable format

    Hi,   Some microcontrollers from NXP include a RTC module (which is not a true RTC chip). This module has a 32 bit counter that counts once per second to keep track the time even when the main power su...
    Fco. Javier Rodriguez G
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  • LPC 1820 - GPIO - DMA - SRAM speed

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by kellykan on Sat Mar 05 14:02:58 MST 2016 Hi Guys, I've been working on a project for a while where we implemented a GPIO DMA transfer to memory to capture 2 bit parallel data ...
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  • SCT appliction for outout Specified freq and Specified pulse number

    I wirte an API for PLS(freq, PLS_num)//freq :1~200k , PLS_NUM 0~ 10000 . for example ,PLS(200K,100) : SCT will send 200K Hz 100 pluse. when SCT complete a plule , SCT interunt will happen and count pluse number , tha...
    yansin lee
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  • LPC1812 TFBGA100 SDRAM

    The user manual seems to indicate that you can use the EMC with SDRAM in the 100-pin package (it contains all required dynamic signals), however AN11508 says that the chips only support 16/32 bit SDRAM devices.  ...
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  • SCT -  PWM 200K Hz 100puse,not use interupt to STOP。

    SCT0產生一個200KHz AB pulse輸出波形,當user設定100次pulse(200KHz AB) 後,自動將SCT0關掉. (不用中斷去關掉SCT0,因為隨MCU的負載量變大,會導致來不及去關掉SCT0,導致額外多輸出101次的波形) SCT0有甚麼方法可去完成這個應用?不使用中斷。 -----------------------------------------------------------------...
    yansin lee
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  • SCT  applicaion - count PWM pluse number

    how to count PWM  pulse  by SCT ? for example . sent 200K 100pulse(duty 50~40%) to SCT。 SCT can count 100 pulse(can not use SCTinterupt)  please give me example.thanks.   -------...
    yansin lee
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  • MCU Xpresso (LPC Link2) Attach

    I have MCUXrpresso 11, and would like to "attach to a running target", something that was relatively easy in v. 10.2 Now it's more awkward to do (edit the launch configuration to select "attach only" and not select "...
    Ian Benton
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  • LPC1857 B

    We recently received a lot of LPC1857 devices with revision B marking. We currently use rev A devices. I don't found any document about that supposed new version.
    Daniel Kubiak
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  • LPC1817 EMC Interface read cycle

    Hi NXP support team,       I got an issue about LPC1817 EMC interface read cycle. I connected the EMC(Static memory) interface to SRAM in my design.  When I issued one read cycle, I got two EM...
    Chase Lin
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  • LPC2148

      Please help me to get the answer.
    Jon Bright
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  • LPC1857: Access to the USB Host Bulk data

    Background: We have a PC-controlled production equipment which uses an USB mass storage. There is few non-standard SCSI-commands in the USB-traffic. Currently used USB mass storage is now obsolete. So we need an "int...
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  • LPC Link 2 - Ferrite Bead Burned (L3)

    Hi!  I have two two boards LPC Link 2 with burned ferrite bead.  First of them burned some about two years ago. Then I thought that it was just a defect of this board only. Small ferrite bead (L3) was des...
    Roman Leonov
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  • Anyone have lpc 18xx spi interface with ADS1248 example codes ?

    Thanx in Advance  I am looking for ADS1248 example for LPC1833.
    Naman Patel
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  • LPC 18xx SPI Config for any TI chip example code

    I want to test DAC8750 chip with LPC1833
    Naman Patel
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  • LPC43xx SDRAM EMC D/DQM signal ordering

    I'm working on an LPC4357 based design which uses the EMC with 32-bit SDRAM.  BGA256 package.   According to the EMC documentation the controller always accesses the SDRAM in bursts of four words. This mean...
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  • usart receiving problem?

    Hai              i  am using LPC824 MCUXPRESSO  when i try to receive the char from the usart  by using usb to serial converter , i open the terminal in  my mcux...
    Aravind palanisamy
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