• LPC1549 Failed on connect: Ee(42). Could not connect to core.

    Hi,   I am running Windows 10 with a fresh install of  MCUXpresso IDE v11.2.0 [Build 1420] [2020-07-09]. I can clean and build the example freetos_blinky project, but I am running into issues debugging it.&...
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  • LPCxxxx flash programmer 'mxli' with Raspberry Pi support

    Hello Guys,   I'd like to announce the update of my open-source command-line flash programmer 'mxli' . I know, that many programmers don't appreciate using command-line tools these days, so skip this, if you're ...
    Marc Prager
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  • QEI - INX CNT can not count, when A / B(SIGMODE =0) stop. 

    中文 : 功能說明 : 設計Z偵測到脈波輸入時,觸發中斷,清除AB向脈波計數值。   問題描述 : QEI - 當AB相沒有收到任何輸入脈波時,INCNT無法計數。 當AB相有偵測到輸入脈波時,INCNT才會計數。 這現象會導致,編碼器AB 輸入停止時,無法成功清除AB相計數值。 有其他方法可以讓Z 計數獨立計算,不受INGATE(index gating configuration) 影響嗎?   Engl...
    yansin lee
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  • ADR instruction

    I have just upgraded to MCUXpresso 11.1 and all the addresses calculated by the ADR instruction are now messed up. See screenshots. . . (the software is for an LPC15xx) Previously, the name of the label required "+1...
    Ian Benton
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  • Lifetime of LPC54608

    Actually we are using LPC54608 Controller to interface 10 types of devices through serial ports. But the customer has asked me that, what is the lifetime of your major components in the product. In my routing pro...
    Avinash G
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  • DMX signal reverse polarity detection

    Does anyone have a neat way of determining if a DMX signal is inverted? (Data+ and Data- interchanged, so that the received signal is inverted)
    Ian Benton
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  • I want to use an SSD1306 display with a LPC1549 mcu

    I know that there are different possibilities to use this kind of display with Arduino based boards but for a small project i would like to use the LPC1549 (which has all i need aboard) in combination with an small SS...
    Serge De Maseneer
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  • IDE (MCU expresso vs Keil)

    Presently we are using Keil IDE for our development. Recently we  have seen LPC MCU Expresso IDE. Is there any advantages if we use LCP MCU Expresso IDE rather than Keil IDE.    Regards, Avinash.
    Avinash G
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  • Pin Interrupt on port 2

    I just read in the documentation that Pin interrupt can be selected on alle GPIO pins on port 0 and port 1. Is there a way to implement this on Port 2 also (we are using Port 2 Pin 0)?    In my project im u...
    Lasse Kristensen
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  • Hard reset

    Is it possible to hard reset the LPC1769 controller using the LPC-LINK2 controller?  We are using Keil IDE for our development. regards, Avinash. 
    Avinash G
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  • SMBUS Driver

    Is there any driver available for SMBUS protocol in LPC1769. I mean, we want to develop an SMBUS protocol with GPIOs.  If any driver is available please share the link. If the driver is available for the LPC800...
    Avinash G
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  • Integrated RTC to human reaadable format

    Hi,   Some microcontrollers from NXP include a RTC module (which is not a true RTC chip). This module has a 32 bit counter that counts once per second to keep track the time even when the main power su...
    Fco. Javier Rodriguez G
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  • 1549 SPI data capture

    Hi I am using a LPC159 using the SPI to receive data fro a AD7193, a 24bit ADC. What is happening is that after 24 clks, is the first 8 clks do not load anything, the next 8 clks load the hi bits and the last 8 clks ...
    Eddie Mallon
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  • Brown-out due to slow ramp-up time of Vdd?

    Hi,   I have a question concerning the ramp-up time for Vdd in conjunction with the brown-out detection. We are using an LPC1519 and the brown-out is configured to reset at 2,64V. After a reset has occured, th...
    Kai Becker
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  • Recover from CanBus fault

    What's the best way to get the CANbus going again after it has stopped? Example - customer disconnects the CAN cable - CANbus interface detects the fault and stops. What is the best way to restart it without having t...
    Ian Benton
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  • LMA in the wrong place?

    I'm writing a bit of assembler, which has to initialise the RAM so I put the data in the .data section. The assembler should have made a table of the data to be initialised at the end of the program in flash and lab...
    Ian Benton
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  • ADC conversion clock cycles

    Hi,  I got a small doubt. In LPC1768/69 ADC is SAR type. for a 12 bit resolution, it should take 12 cycles for complete conversion. But in user manual mentioned that, A non-burst mode conversion requires 65 clo...
    Avinash G
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  • checksum in code for CORTEX-M3

    Does the user code contains checksum in internal flash without intervention of user? I read the below statement in LPC-1769 user manual: When there is no valid user code (determined by the checksum word) in the...
    Avinash G
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  • Programming using Python

    Is it possible to write code for NXP controllers using python scripting? Present using devices: LPC17xx, LPC546xx, LPC1519, MKE04 series, LPC8XX series. If any of the device supports python, please suggest the IDE. ...
    Avinash G
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  • LPC1549 USB IAP

    Hello,   I don't have much experience with microcontrollers. I use MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.0 I developed my custom PCB with LPC1549 and I would like to program it by USB IAP. If I use LPC link2 to download my co...
    Daniele Menchini
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