• how can i set multiple Rx IDs in CAN Protocol?

    i am use LPC1833 Controller also i have LPCOpen SDK 
    Nitin Kanani
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  • Problem when start location is not 0x00

    Hello everyone!   I am working with a LPC1317, which it contains an initial bootloader and application. I am developing the Application, which I want to start it in 0x1000. I have configurated it (in MCUXpresso...
    Miguel Bermejo
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  • Flash read/write on LPC54102

    Hi,   i am using board which contains NXP's lpc54102. I am trying to write data to a flash (Sector 15 , Address 0x0007E000) and read it using memcpy() function. I am using Chip_IAP_CopyRamToFlash() api to write ...
    Chethan Kumar
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  • DMX signal reverse polarity detection

    Does anyone have a neat way of determining if a DMX signal is inverted? (Data+ and Data- interchanged, so that the received signal is inverted)
    Ian Benton
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  • SIE USBDevIntClr

    i need to get device connect status. if i want to use USBDevIntClr variable in code with IAR , which file should i include ? or could tell me how to build the example of the Read Current Frame Number comman...
    jay ch
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  • USB connect state

    how to check USB connect state for lpc1343 at chip endpoint? when will it enter USB interrupt handler? what does (*rom)->pUSBD->isr(); do?  
    jay ch
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  • snarf binary

    im losting my project workspace,  so i want to get my binary from the chip lpc1343 by jtag, how could i do  it?
    jay ch
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  • LPCXpresso add header file to include path

    I would like to add simple own library to project include path. Project structure (I created folder delay)   -project    -Includes    -src    -Debug ...
    Mateusz Kiełbasa
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  • lpc1343 value error

    i am starting to maintain an old IAR project  there is a global variable, volatile dali_terminal_t terminal_arr[64] = {0};  terminal_arr is about 768 bytes.   below figure is before the statemen...
    jay ch
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  • LPC linker configure

    these figures are about the project memory usage and the linker configuration, i can not tell if it is right because new to undertake it.       the "override default" item has been selected.  ...
    jay ch
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  • lpc1343 capture level

    what is the low/high level for the P1.5 capture         /* For receive, this module uses TMR32B0-CAP0 input (capture and interrupt on both edges) */ /* TMR32B0-CAP0 input (P1.5) is connected to P1...
    jay ch
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  • lpc1343 USB_Setup halt

    im new to lpc, but i found that  code halts at (*rom)->pUSBD->init(&DeviceInfo);  line.  i dont know how  to handle it .  my  project is DALI_SDK_v2.0\LPC134xMaster
    jay ch
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  • Ask about SYSCTL_CLOCK_PINT of LPC11Cxx

    I am going to merge source code from chip LPC11U24 to LPC LPC1115(using lib chip LPC11Cxx for LPC1115) But i don't know why the lib chip LPC11Cxx not declare SYSCTL_CLOCK_PINT   #if !defined(CHIP_LPC11CXX)...
    Hau Lam
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  • I am suffering about Frequency of LPC 1343.

    Hello   I humbly apologize for my poor English as i am still a beginner. I am suffering about Frequency of LPC 1343. Currently I am creating a function to communicate with PC with UART, I set Frequency to 72 M...
    Joh N
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  • EEPROM NXH5104 sample source code

    I'm going to use EEPROM NXH5104 in my product .  Do we have any sample source code which implement the read/write function of this chip ?
    Hau Lam
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  • SPI1 slave on LPC1115

    I want to use the SPI1 on LPC1115 as slave and other MCU (example : STM32) as Master So when the Master want to read/write data from LPC1115 , LPC1115 will read data from other chip(A1006) via I2C and response to Mas...
    Hau Lam
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  • LPCXpresso LPC1347 I2C

    Hi Ladies and Gents, Im near enough ready to go back to Arduino having spent 3 weeks and getting really nowhere with this board other than Blinking the LED and using UART. So I am trying to use an external I2C RTC D...
    Ray Routledge
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  • digitally signed drivers for LPC1343

    Hi guys,    I'm following the app note "AN11018" which explains how to do a USB composite device on the LPC134x. However, the .inf file that was included seems to be outdated, beacuse it is not digitally si...
    Jesus Orozco
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  • Input clamp current

    Hi,   What's the maximum input voltage level on an un-powered device? What's the maximum input clamp current of an IO?   I personally find the documentation on the input structure of LPC GPIO pins quite u...
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  • CRP3 and user code invalid

    Hello,   I noticed in the user manual that the LPC1317 uC will enter in ISP mode if the user code is invalid and the code protection is CRP3.  However,  I don't see in the document which ISP commands a...
    Christian Grenier
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