• How to configure P0.10 as Match-Output?

    Hello. I am using LPC1114FBD48. I want to use pin 29 (P0.10) as a PWM output. However, it is not output by PWM but always outputs "HIGH" status. I need help with what is the problem. Let me briefly list the code I tr...
    Lee JungWoo
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  • LPC1114 vs LPC11A14 headers and config files.

    Hello,   I have a code that is running on a LPC1114 but I need to port it to a LPC11A14 because of the EEPROM.  Some functions are in different pins.  I can configure the new pins with LPC_IOCON but m...
    Thiago rodrigues
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  • LPCxxxx flash programmer 'mxli' with Raspberry Pi support

    Hello Guys,   I'd like to announce the update of my open-source command-line flash programmer 'mxli' . I know, that many programmers don't appreciate using command-line tools these days, so skip this, if you're ...
    Marc Prager
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  • QEI - INX CNT can not count, when A / B(SIGMODE =0) stop. 

    中文 : 功能說明 : 設計Z偵測到脈波輸入時,觸發中斷,清除AB向脈波計數值。   問題描述 : QEI - 當AB相沒有收到任何輸入脈波時,INCNT無法計數。 當AB相有偵測到輸入脈波時,INCNT才會計數。 這現象會導致,編碼器AB 輸入停止時,無法成功清除AB相計數值。 有其他方法可以讓Z 計數獨立計算,不受INGATE(index gating configuration) 影響嗎?   Engl...
    yansin lee
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  • Evalutation Board for LPC11E37.. Any solutions??

    I'm looking for a development board for LPC11E37 but i didn't find any solutions. I find only a  LPCXpresso board for LPC11U37H  for LPC11U Not E. LPCXpresso board for LPC11U37H | NXP  What...
    saimon vallio
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  • USBD_API->hw->Init() will fail by garbage beyond the end of USB_FsConfigDescriptor[]

    Hi.   I'm testing LPC11U35FHI33/501, now about USB-ROM driver with the example of 'nxp_lpcxpresso_11u37_usbd_rom_composite' from lpcopen_v2_03_lpcxpresso_nxp_lpcxpresso_11u37h.zip.   The sample works well,...
    Shige URATAN
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  • LPC11U6x - DMA and SSP

    I've been banging my head on this for a couple weeks now... I've followed Jeremy's Ping Pong ADC code, and that's what I want - just read in all the words from the MISO and store into to buffers. I don't care what is...
    Chris Pflieger
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  • DMX signal reverse polarity detection

    Does anyone have a neat way of determining if a DMX signal is inverted? (Data+ and Data- interchanged, so that the received signal is inverted)
    Ian Benton
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  • driving HT16C21 I2C, LPC11XX

    Hello, I'm a beginner at ARM developing and I am struggling at the moment to drive an LCD_Driver "HT16C21" using the i2c example in Keil after modifying it. my MCU is lp1114/302. I modified PCF8594_ADDR in i2c.h to HT...
    Elmaghrabi Mansour
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  • Integrated RTC to human reaadable format

    Hi,   Some microcontrollers from NXP include a RTC module (which is not a true RTC chip). This module has a 32 bit counter that counts once per second to keep track the time even when the main power su...
    Fco. Javier Rodriguez G
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  • LPC11C24 enter ISP mode abnormally

        The LPC11C24 user program can be run at the beginning, but after a few months of testing, serveral chips enter the ISP abnormally, and then each time after power-on, they still enter the ISP mode. Only b...
    Kunsen Chen
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  • How do you setup USART4 for use in ring buffer LPCOpen example?

    Hello, I'm using a UART example from LPCOpen 3.03 LPCXpresso 11U68 and I'm not seeing the correct output echoed back to my COM terminal.    My configuration: 1) MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.1 [Build 3241] 2) per...
    Kevin Gardner
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  • LPC11c14 PWM

    Good morning,   I am trying to get some example for PWM that use nxp_lpcxpresso_11c24_board_lib and lpc_chip_11cxx_lib. I downloaded the v2.00 package release date 09/13/2013 but there is not PWM ...
    Alvaro Lopes
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  • How to start with LPC11A04?

    I'm successfully installed LPCXExpresso v8.2.2 and downloaded lpcopen_3_03_lpcxpresso_lpcxpresso_11e68.zip. lpc_chip_11u6x, lpc_board_nxp_lpcxpresso_11u68 and demos_switch_blinky successfully imported a...
    John Smith
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  • Recover from CanBus fault

    What's the best way to get the CANbus going again after it has stopped? Example - customer disconnects the CAN cable - CANbus interface detects the fault and stops. What is the best way to restart it without having t...
    Ian Benton
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  • Interrupts at the same priority when active together do not execute back to back

    I have a design where timers 16 and 32 have their capture inputs enabled and each generates an interrupt at level 0. In each ISR the captured value is copied to a register, a flag set and the ISR completes. Ther...
    Ian Holmes
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  • Gpio based sensor integration in lpc11xx platform

    Hi, I gone through the below thread and need the same code required for lpc11u6x. Is this code is working.. Can I have full code of this using this sensor.. wait function is missing.. Plz share the full source code f...
    Lofna Kumari
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  • reading value from GPIO

    Hi, How to read value fro gpio input in lpc11xx mcu. After reading done, and the same gpio how to configure as output in runtime. Regards
    Lofna Kumari
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  • LPC1100-based LPC-Link 2 ?

    We're considering using an LPC-Link 2 debugger (OM13054UL) to program devices.  Our distributors (eg. Element14) provide two variants of this debugger, one based on LPC1100, and another based on LPC4300.   ...
    Ivo Clarysse
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  • Where do driver files come from?  LPC11EXX migration from LPC1114

    I have some experience with a set of apps for the LPC1114 family under LPCXpresso (currently 8.2.2), but have recently redesigned for a LPC11E67 100pin device to get access to more peripherals.   With the previo...
    David Smith
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