• LPC资源需求

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  • LPC54018 CAN interface die when MCU working some time

    大家好!   在测试LPC54018 CAN通讯时候,CAN总线通讯偶发性死亡(CPU正常工作,CAN网络通讯死亡)。   通过CAN分析仪检测发现CAN通讯异常(如下图),重启CAN连接的其他设备都没有用,只有重启LPC54018的电源才能恢复正常。   附件MCU配置。  
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  • QEI - INX CNT can not count, when A / B(SIGMODE =0) stop. 

    中文 : 功能說明 : 設計Z偵測到脈波輸入時,觸發中斷,清除AB向脈波計數值。   問題描述 : QEI - 當AB相沒有收到任何輸入脈波時,INCNT無法計數。 當AB相有偵測到輸入脈波時,INCNT才會計數。 這現象會導致,編碼器AB 輸入停止時,無法成功清除AB相計數值。 有其他方法可以讓Z 計數獨立計算,不受INGATE(index gating configuration) 影響嗎?   Engl...
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  • 几个LPC1778的DA输出不一样(The Da output of several lpc1778 is different)

    中文表述(In Chinese): 您好, 我最近调试LPC1778时遇到点问题,使用内置的DA输出三个相同设计的电路输出的值是不同的,而且差别较大,程序上和电路上是一样的,不知道有遇到类似问题的朋友吗?或者哪位朋友知道这种问题的原因? 万分感谢! In English(英文表述): Hi, I recently encountered a problem when debugging lpc1778. Using t...
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  • Understanding LPC55S6x Revisions and Tools

    At the time of the LPC55S6x launch, the latest silicon revision of the LPC55S6x is revision 1B. Since Nov,2019, all the LPCXpresso55S69 EVK boards marked as Revision A2 are equipped with revision 1B silicon.  &#...
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  • LPCXpresso LPC1769 Emulator Not Found

    hi all, I am new here and just begin to work with the LPCXpresso LPC1769 eva-board for one demo project. I installed LPCXpresso V8.22_650 IDE, LPC11Uxx-Debug-Probe-VCOM driver in my Win7 X64 system. With the exampl...
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  • LPC802 IR application

    Hi, I am doing a project about receiving the input value from a remote via IR. The protocol tends to be NEC Please check the link if you need want more information for NEC NEC Infrared Transmission Protocol | Onlin...
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  • HADC and DMA of lpc4370 cannot be interrupted

    I use GPDMA to transfer HADC data from ADC to memory. The code is the reference of Mr. Benjamin Artes, and I made a small change to the code. But I found that the DMA interrupt could not be triggered. Here i...
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  • LCD Driver PCF2119 Sample Code

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by alan_nn on Tue Apr 01 21:46:12 CDT 2014 The PCF2119x is a low power CMOS LCD controller and driver, designed to drive a dot matrix LCD display of 2-lines by 16 characters or 1-l...
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  • [LPC55]Avoid “Crypto” Enabling Discontinuous PRINCE Sub-Region

    When we use LPC55Sxx PRINCE feature, we need enable PRINCE sub-region “crypto” by setting SR_ENABLE register. If we “crypto” enable discontinuous sub-regions and erase part of them, we may find...
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  • LPC Link2 debug i.MX RT1052 EVKB failed

    Hi NXP, I bought a LPC Link2 hardware and used it to debug i.MX RT1052 EVKB board, but I met some issues. Before start debug, the LPC LInk2 can be found. see below pic and next steps, download image, and sto...
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  • LPC1754 BootLoader+APP(IAP updata)

    english:       I recently used the LPC1754 chip, and after adding BootLoader, the app and BootLoader were merged into.bin or.hex through Jlink to burn, the machine could run normally. With the ser...
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  • LPC845,how to use external crystal as the chip clock source?

    I use the LPC845-Example-Code-Bundle-IAR code to test my board. when I try to use SystemInit() (system.c)to initialize my system clock. some definitions was chip_setup.h. My question is how to config these. For e...
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  • LPC54608 USB DFU function support

    I have a question about LPC54608 USB DFU.   Could you know how to get the example code of LPC54608 USB DFU.  Because I see the below picture( UM10912.pdf ) LPC54608 can support USB DFU, but I can't find...
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  • JLink cannot connect to MCU

    I have made lpc55s69 pcb,and the debug interface on board is JTAG-SWD type.I placed an 100K Ohm pull-up resistor over the SWDIO pin and a same value pull-down resistor on SWCLK pin,referenced to the official EVK. B...
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  • SCT appliction for outout Specified freq and Specified pulse number

    I wirte an API for PLS(freq, PLS_num)//freq :1~200k , PLS_NUM 0~ 10000 . for example ,PLS(200K,100) : SCT will send 200K Hz 100 pluse. when SCT complete a plule , SCT interunt will happen and count pluse number , tha...
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  • SCT -  PWM 200K Hz 100puse,not use interupt to STOP。

    SCT0產生一個200KHz AB pulse輸出波形,當user設定100次pulse(200KHz AB) 後,自動將SCT0關掉. (不用中斷去關掉SCT0,因為隨MCU的負載量變大,會導致來不及去關掉SCT0,導致額外多輸出101次的波形) SCT0有甚麼方法可去完成這個應用?不使用中斷。 -----------------------------------------------------------------...
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  • SCT  applicaion - count PWM pluse number

    how to count PWM  pulse  by SCT ? for example . sent 200K 100pulse(duty 50~40%) to SCT。 SCT can count 100 pulse(can not use SCTinterupt)  please give me example.thanks.   -------...
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  • LPC51U68: Need help with SPI slave bytes shift issue

    Hello my friends:   I’m new for LPC51U68. Now I’m migrating from LPC111x to LPC51U68 and encounters some issues, one of major issue is SPI slave byte shift.   Environment: 1.Modified LPC1114...
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  • LPC1547 secondary bootloader cannot jump to application

    Hi guys,  I want to write a secondary boot loader for the LPC1547, but it always fail to jump to application. Is anybody have ever write a secondary boot loader for LPC15xx? It will be very pleasure if any body ...
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