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The LPC546xx IAP EEPROM Write page API  does not enable the EEPROM clock for the write operation. This causes  EEPROM write operation to fail when using the IAP API.  This problem does not occur for IAP Read EEPROM page command.


The workaround is to enable the EEPROM clock  ( set bit 9) in AHBCLKCTRL0 register of SYSCON before calling the IAP EEPROM write function.



Hi folks,

Attached is a sample source code for OTP programming in NXP LPC54018 MCU.

Brief about the example:

The example programs 4 words of data each into OTP bank 1 and OTP bank 2. The example uses LPC54018 SDK drivers. The complete SDK for LPC54018 can be downloaded from Welcome | MCUXpresso SDK Builder .

Hope this is helpful !

Best Regards,


NXP lpc54018