Brendon Slade

New debug probe firmware & drivers for MAX boards

Blog Post created by Brendon Slade Employee on Sep 11, 2017

You may be interested to know that we recently released a new set of debug firmware and Windows 7 drivers for our boards that feature the LPC11U3x MCU as a debug probe (so all the "MAX" boards). The new firmware can be found under the Software & Tools tab of the board page you are using (where xxxxx is the board part number, such as om13071, om13097, etc.


The intention is for this firmware to be used instead of the Mbed-based firmware and driver that has been used up until now, if you are not going to use Mbed (you can continue to use the Mbed version if you so wish however). Some reasons to consider the new firmware & driver:

  • The CMSIS-DAP implementation is newer, so a little more robust and faster
  • The VCOM / serial port driver supports autobaud, with speeds up to 115200
  • The VCOM driver has a cleaner installation (mbed serial port driver needs board to be plugged in to install, which is a little unusual)
  • The firmware auto-detects if a target serial port connection is present and enumerates a driver if they are.
  • The new firmware gives a unique ID per board, allowing multiple board connections at once.


Downloading the package will give you a driver for Windows 7 & 8 (not needed for Windows 10, MacOS or Linux), plus the debug probe firmware image. Follow the firmware update instructions for your board to update - its a simple delete then drag and drop operation.