• fixed point parameter scaling

    I do the motor control In the Fixed-Point MCU MC56F84766, I have some questions about parameter scaling: for example,when we do PID control, then, we discrete it, The discrete time domain representation of the ...
    Yuyi Li
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  • s12zvml PMSM Sensorless Report Error

    Hello Everone!    there is a problem relate to PMSM Sensorless ,when I use BDM DEBUG the motor program,The following error occurred, the error "xiaofan gu" Also mentioned,But I do according t...
    YG Y
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  • s12zvml bldc sensorless

    hi all:    I debug the motor source program, some "macro definition"  i do not understand,please someone provide some reference document  help me debug,       ...
    YG Y
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     HI ALL:       I want to download the S12ZVML-MINIBRD_BLDC source program on the official website, but I do not found the source. please someone provide it for me .    &...
    YG Y
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  • PMSM FOC control with position sensor (encoder)

    Hi All, I need example project with PMSM FOC control, but with position sensor (encoder), instead of available examples, which are SENSORLESS. Best Regards, Peter
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • MC33HB2001 and PWM driving

    Hello !   I have been trying to drive a 12V, 0.8A BDC motor using an nRF52832 or STM32F042K6 to drive a MC33HB2001 using PWM.   I did understand that IN1/IN2 could be grossly compared to DIR/PWM on other d...
    Corentin Bazille
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  • MCAT for two motors

    Hi All,   I'm using an example project from "MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0" and also FreeMaster+MCAT "pmsm_ref_sol.pmp". For my application I need to handle parameters for two PMSM motors in one FreeMaster+MCAT project...
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • Motor control toolbox for MPC5643L

    One of our customer, has a question regarding the chip MPC5643L. They are using your motor control toolbox (Version # 1.2 ) together with Matlab 2013b for model based application software design, and one of the ...
    Swetha Jayakumar
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  • MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0

    Hello,   I'm using reference solution from MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0 package. For my project it is necessary smoothly to be switched between open to closed loop and vice-versa during the rotor is spinning. The idea is ...
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • MCAT - Motor Idendifier Tab for acim_hpv-kv58f application

    Hi, I am trying to develop an inverter product based upon your ACIM reference design using the NXP high voltage development board (HVP-MC3PH) with a KV58F daughter card. I am able to compile and flash the software int...
    chuck wheeler
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  • PMSM Back EMF & Core losses

    Hi, I have a question on PMSM. We are running PMSM as a Alternator to get the generating voltage at various speeds with the help of another motor. With this data we can calculate the flux per pole of the magnet but...
    Sandeep Sv
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  • How to calculate the Motor Parameters for 6 pole pairs bldc motor

    Dear NXP team,   I am using MC-LVBLDC motor driver and FRDM KV11z for driving a motor, but the motor is not spinning at all. After going through the code, I observed that the motor parameters in "m1_bldc_appconf...
    Haaris Moosa
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  • LTspice/GD3000

    Hello, I need LTspice model of MC33GD3000/MC34GD3000 gate driver. Somebody can help me?
    Beyza Sağlam
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  • Who has experience with the SPC5675K with BLDC, Hall Sensors and Phase current measurement?

    Hello to all. I am new in this forum. I plan to use the SPC5675K (Dual Core processor) as a BLDC controller with 3 Hall Sensors for position measurement and current measurement on the motorphases. But I am not so fa...
    Norbert Speda
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  • Kinetis MKM34Z256VLX7: VREFST flag does not set as expected

    Hi, I am using development board TWR-KM34Z75M and I have found a problem about Vref stabilization flag. The VREFST flag is supposed to be set when the signal is stable, but this is not whap happens. From the moment ...
    Matteo Perego
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  • Bug in GFLIB_AtanYX_F16

    I'm using the CM4 version of the RTCESL library. The function GFLIB_AtanYX_F16 has an error flag as output type which the documenation claims to be a bool_t type that is 16 bit wide.   However, it seems the...
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  • MCAT:unable to measure motor parameters

    case:00162660 Problem: We are trying to run a 1.2 kW 24 V BLCD motor with Freemaster and MCAT with sensorless FOC, but we are unable to measure the motor parameters. We keep getting "Wrong characteris...
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  • Need a suitable EVM board

    Hi there, I have been back to high power design. My system contains 3phase, 380V, 50Hz ac input, secondary surge protector, Aux Tr ( single phase, 380V/220V, 300VA), phase transformer( 3ph, 380v/12v,0v,12v,100VA) and ...
    Md Mubdiul Hasan
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  • DRM128 source code

    Is there an application code example which shows how an FTM output can be used to get position and speed?  I'm curious what the suggested way to use the various fixed point datatypes is.  All the available e...
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  • MC33937 Zero Crossing on PhaseX outputs

    I am looking to use the MC33937 on a new project, and while going through the datasheet I noticed the PhaseX outputs from a comparator (50% of Vsup).   The datasheet says that this use used for fault detection (...
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