• PMSM vs ACIM reference solutions.

      In the picture above are PMSM and ACIM control loops. It is obvious that they are pretty similar. After browsing in the reference solutions "MCRSP_ACIM_V1.2.0" and "MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0" I saw that on applic...
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • GD3000 48V battery system feasibility

    GD3000 datasheet said part support 48V system, but bootstrap circuit could become 96V (48V x2) while switching output, it is over the maximum ratings. Does GD3000 really support 48V battery system without damage? Is...
    Hitoshi Matsunaga
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  • Running AC motor,error code 0x80000101

    This problem occured when we tapped the "start" button,trying to power the board to control the AC motor. How to solve this problem?
    晖 张
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  • How to change the frequency of pmf on S12ZVML

    Hello,there,    I test the demo code MTRCKTSPNZVM128->MC9S12ZVML128_PMSM_Sensorless which control algorithm is foc,and it works well.    Now,I want to test the motor's performance on different...
    xiaofan gu
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  • BEMF observer(AB axis – F16) in RTCSEL Library

    Hi, For our motor control application, We are using a Back EMF observer to measure the speed of the motor. There are two types of Backemf observers(AB axis, DQ axis) are available. We need to use the observer with AB...
    Muthu S
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  • Resolver Interface / Sine wave generator

    Hi everyone,  I met a problem with the SWG (Sine wave generator) module with the MPC5643L processor. I want to use this module to generate 10kHz excitation wave for a resolver. As we know the frequency of the ex...
    Yang Sun
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  • BLDC motor control

    Dear Sir/Madam,   I am R&D a project based on S32K_BLDC_Sensorless platform and the software platform is "MTRDEVKSBNK144_S32DS". I have a question now: When my application starts running a motor, It always...
    alex wu
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  • RTC osc. monitor

    Hello, I'm using MKM34Z256VLL7 and I'm trying to manage the rtc oscillator loss monitor and its flags. At power up, the rtc monitor is set (at the end of BOARD_BootClockRUN() function):   /* Set Rtc osc. monitor...
    Matteo Perego
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  • Can I get the source code  of an12200sw SpeedMeasure.h ?

    HI,all    I used IMXT RT1052 development the dual servo , I have so problem  in speed measurement,and I get this AN12200SW demo help my works.  so i want get so detial in  SpeedMeas...
    clogord ou
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  • fixed point parameter scaling

    I do the motor control In the Fixed-Point MCU MC56F84766, I have some questions about parameter scaling: for example,when we do PID control, then, we discrete it, The discrete time domain representation of the ...
    Yuyi Li
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  • s12zvml PMSM Sensorless Report Error

    Hello Everone!    there is a problem relate to PMSM Sensorless ,when I use BDM DEBUG the motor program,The following error occurred, the error "xiaofan gu" Also mentioned,But I do according t...
    YG Y
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  • s12zvml bldc sensorless

    hi all:    I debug the motor source program, some "macro definition"  i do not understand,please someone provide some reference document  help me debug,       ...
    YG Y
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     HI ALL:       I want to download the S12ZVML-MINIBRD_BLDC source program on the official website, but I do not found the source. please someone provide it for me .    &...
    YG Y
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  • PMSM FOC control with position sensor (encoder)

    Hi All, I need example project with PMSM FOC control, but with position sensor (encoder), instead of available examples, which are SENSORLESS. Best Regards, Peter
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • MC33HB2001 and PWM driving

    Hello !   I have been trying to drive a 12V, 0.8A BDC motor using an nRF52832 or STM32F042K6 to drive a MC33HB2001 using PWM.   I did understand that IN1/IN2 could be grossly compared to DIR/PWM on other d...
    Corentin Bazille
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  • MCAT for two motors

    Hi All,   I'm using an example project from "MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0" and also FreeMaster+MCAT "pmsm_ref_sol.pmp". For my application I need to handle parameters for two PMSM motors in one FreeMaster+MCAT project...
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • Motor control toolbox for MPC5643L

    One of our customer, has a question regarding the chip MPC5643L. They are using your motor control toolbox (Version # 1.2 ) together with Matlab 2013b for model based application software design, and one of the ...
    Swetha Jayakumar
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  • MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0

    Hello,   I'm using reference solution from MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0 package. For my project it is necessary smoothly to be switched between open to closed loop and vice-versa during the rotor is spinning. The idea is ...
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • MCAT - Motor Idendifier Tab for acim_hpv-kv58f application

    Hi, I am trying to develop an inverter product based upon your ACIM reference design using the NXP high voltage development board (HVP-MC3PH) with a KV58F daughter card. I am able to compile and flash the software int...
    Charles Wheeler
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  • PMSM Back EMF & Core losses

    Hi, I have a question on PMSM. We are running PMSM as a Alternator to get the generating voltage at various speeds with the help of another motor. With this data we can calculate the flux per pole of the magnet but...
    Sandeep Sv
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