• Round robin ADC on HVPKV31

    I'm trying to modify the KMS generated code to enable the round robin sampling of analog inputs on our custom board.  I'm looking in the ADCS_getUserSamples function within the HVPKV31F120M_POS_MXP_1_2_...
    Matt Schafer
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  • Getting errors using FRDM-MC-LVBLDC shield

    I recently bought an NXP development kit for BLDC motor control. The kit includes the following NXP parts FRDM-KV31F MCU development board FRDM-MC-LVBLDC motor interface shield FRDM-MC-LVMTR motor   My objec...
    Belenie Amoranto
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    I am trying to control the PMSM motor connected to KV31F based on trigger I receive from FRDM-K64F via UART using Kinetis Motor Suite (KMS). UART0 in KV31F is being used for PMSM motor control and I'm using UART1 to e...
  • MCZ33976EG电机归零问题

    MCZ33976EG电机驱动芯片,进行电机归零时,两路输出gauge0和gauge1有先后执行顺序之分吗?我在进行步进电机归零时,我用了4个33976的芯片,分别控制8个步进电机,归零时首先让其逆时针旋转到最大角度,然后让其分gauge0和gauge1两组分别发送归零指令,发送完成之后,给定6ms的反弹时间。 1)当指针在零位附近时,归零相对比较准确; 2)当指针未在零位附近时:@       ...
    r z
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  • Motion Sequence Builder will not compile

    When using the Motion Sequence Builder tool in the Kinetis Motor Suite, I am having trouble compiling the code. Everything works fine when I am working in sensored velocity, but when I am in sensored position it ...
    Michael Bray
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  • A problem connecting the KMS to a custom hardware

    Hello, I have a problem connecting the KMS to a custom hardware. I'm working on a Windows 10(32 bit) machine, using the MCUXpresso v10.1.0 and KMS 1.2.0. I do the flash programming and debugging using a SEGGER j-link...
    rumen pasev
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  • How to get RDB

    I want get a PMSM RDB,how to get it。   Thanks。     KEA128BLDCRD: 3-phase Sensorless BLDC Motor Control Reference Design Based on Kinetis KEA128 MCUs
    chuntian cai
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  • Spread Spectrum PWM

    Does the KMS support spread spectrum PWM?   Has anyone attempted to modulate the pwm frequency to spread out the switching noise?
    Geoffrey Lansberry
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  • How to use Kinetis Motor Suite with absolute encoder?

    On the basis of the topic presented above,is it possible to use Kinetis Motor Suite with absolute encoder by some methods? Thanks.
    Kao chung-shang
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  • BLDC motor control for speed track

    Hi, we need to control a BLDC motor (turbine blower system to get air flow and pressure) with hall sensors in order to get fast and accurate speed track, fast acceleration (first quadrant) and fast deceleration (secon...
    Mariano Tisera
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  • Transferring KMS motor parameters to project based on motor control library

    Wondering if anyone can point me to the right direction to transfer motor and tuning parameters to the example project comes with the PMSP project based on the motor control library of the FRDM-KV31F SDK .  ...
    Abdullah mamun
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  • how to add custom high voltage motor power stage with frdm-kv31f

    hi  we have build our custom high voltage motor control hardware for pmsm identical to hvp-mc3ph (where we used same components used in hvp-mc3ph without pfc stage) so when we tried to use frdm-kv31f to load ...
    shams iqbal
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  • Need help selecting the right Kinetis V micro

    I'm interested in developing a new custom board for position control of a brushless direct drive servo motor. It looks like the easiest path forward is using the Kinetis V microcontroller series and the KMS firmware l...
    James Morash
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  • Does the 33HB2001 chip CCP pin come equipped with reverse current protection?

    I have several 33HB2001 chips to power several loads. Their CCP pins, while each having their own charge pump, are also connected in parallel with each other. I'm concerned that if any of these CCP pins had a lower vo...
    Ming En Tay
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  • "KMS" vs. "MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0"

    Hello, we are new to nxp, KMS and KDS We are interested to control 24V cooling fans for trucks and harvesting machines with the MKV31xxxx.     A) Status with KMS: With "Kinetis Motor Suite Lab Guide" and ...
    Walter Hochhuber
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  • Change PWM frecuency

    Hi! I changed PWM frecuency from 20Khz to 70Khz but the CPU use was very high (about 98%). So I add a counter inside ADC1_IRQHandler before call rda_push_int(); and now the CPU use is 51%. I ran the motor t...
    Juan Mas
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  • Medical documentation

    Hi! We are using KMS for a medical device and we have to do all the documentation about the library. We have the kinetis motro suite api reference manual. But we need more information about the wrappers functions ( S...
    Juan Mas
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  • Breaking from one speed to another

    Hi! i'm using KMS and I want to break a motor from one speed to another. Actually I break from 30000rpm to 3000rpm in 400ms. How can i do to break more fast? I modify acceleration limit and Jerk limit but i can't...
    Juan Mas
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  • KMS1.0.1 ConsistencyCheckOnConnect_SNLESSVEL_5061

    I'm using KMS1.0.1. The product is finished and working, at least for motors that were characterized several months ago. Recently when trying to use KMS1.0.1 I get the following error:     whenever I co...
    Vickus Boshoff
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  • frdm-kv31f and kms

    How can I verify the KMS flash integrity?   Programmed the FRDMKV31F_SNLESSVEL_KDS and KMS works on the board. Motor tuner gives error that measured resistance is a large negative value? Obviously, motor is conn...
    Andre Scherz
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