• KMS discontinued :-(

    I have just finished a design SW+HW based on the Kinetis Motor Suite and to my surprise it is now announced the KMS is no longer supported and that distribution of the MCU with KMS pre-programmed is discontinued ...
    Peter Schrijnewerkers
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  • How can I download the old version of SDK_2.3_MKV31F256?

    I need to use SDK V2.3 with KMS. KMS defaults to KV31F512 and the reference code is based on SDK 2.3. Now KV31F256 generates V2.5, so look for the old version of SDK_2.3_MKV31F256.  
    Jerry zhang
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  • Is there a way to program MK20DX128VFM5 for TWR-KV46F150M

    Recently, I designed my circuit board exactly the same as the TWR-KV46F150M board. Due to the MK20DX128VFM5 is blank, I need to program P&E Micro v119 image (.sda file) or CMSIS-DAP Debug Application for Ope...
    Inseob Kim
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  • Modify current sense

    I need to modify the freedom project to work with my custom design, the voltage and current range is easy enough to change but I have two in phase current sense rather than 3 low side. What is the correct way to set i...
    Jacob Martyr
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  • Kinetis motor suite(KMS) can't communicate with TWR-KV46F150M.

    I'm trying to operate TWR-KV46F150M and TWR-MC-LV3PH with KMS. But the KMS shows up an issue message that is below when I try to configure communication port.   ----- Notification ----- An issue has preven...
    Inseob Kim
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  • Kinetis KV31x Motor Control with HALL Sensors (speed control and Torque control)

    Hello,   My application needs a Hall sensor based BLDC motor control because of high startup torques and motor starting at Full loads conditions. I want to evaluate  Hall sensor based control usin...
    Naga Penmetsa
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  • Problem connecting HVP-KV46F150M (HVP-MC3PH) with KMS

    I can not connect to the HVP-MC3PH-Kit (High-Voltage Development Platform|NXP )! Are the circuit boards (HVP-KV46F150M) not programmed with acim kms software? How do I have to proceed to connect?     ...
    Roberto Foelix
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  • KMS GUI command set and syntax

    Hello, Is there a publicized KMS UART command set and syntax requirement/example document for the KV31? I’d like to multipurpose UART0 for the KMS-GUI, our own command set and possibly our own automated configur...
    Mark Grillo
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  • Running Motor Tuner on my own Motor

    Hello,   I am trying to run the Motor Tuner on a Brushless DC Motor that I have. It is a 24VDC, 0.6AMP (0.42AMP RMS), 500RPM, 15OZ-IN, 2 Pole Pair motor.   I determined the number of pole pairs by running...
    Jacob Andrade
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  • Measuring Linix Motor's Rotor Flux

    Hello,   I am trying to measure the Rotor Flux of the Linix Motor, but I am getting the "KMS has detected a sensor issue. Please confirm usage of an incremental encoder...." error.   I have tried multiple ...
    Jacob Andrade
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  • KV31 fixed point math

    Hi,    I am using FRDM-KV31F and FRDM-MC-LVPMSM boards to control a PMSM motor using Kinetis Motor Control, and I noticed that fixed point math is used for the FOC algorithm. Is it possible to use floa...
    Marius Rad
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  • Problem connecting TWR-KV46F150M with KMS

    Wondering if anyone has used TWR-KV46F150M with KMS I am having the following message.   " An issue has prevented communication with target MCU: The ping message was not acknowledged. Please check physical ...
    Abdullah mamun
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  • How to connect HVP-46F150M to KMS?

    Hello, I am developing a 3-PHASE ACIM motor control using a HVP-46F150M and a HVP-MC3PH. At first I tried using the freeMaster solution, where I was able to run my motor, but the calibration process was not succesful...
    Eduardo Carletti
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  • How to use KMS with a resolver feedback

    Is it possible to use kinetis motor suite with resolver feedback?     Thanks and Regards Athulya varier Hexmoto controls.
    Athulya Varier
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  • Can't connect HVP-KV31F120M with KMS

    Hi,      When i connect the HVP-Kv31f120M with KMS I'm getting an error message which is the same as discussed in forum " Problem connecting KMS to FRDM-KV31F". All the solutions as discussed have been...
    Athulya Varier
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  • FRDM-KV11z + MCUXpresso IDE + KSDKv2 + I2C example for external sensor

    Can someone help me with a simple I2C example with no interrupt. I tried the SDK example. But doesnt working for an external sensor (TCS3471).
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  • Is there an example available for creating a motor control application with Kinetis Motor Suite that is not using the Motion Planner?

    I have used KMS to identify my motor parameters and create a simple motion plan using the USER_RUN_PLAN command that I successfully downloaded and ran on my eval platform.  I now would like to create an applicati...
    Randy Fields
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  • Motor Measure issue in position control

    Dear,        When i start a position with LINIX-45ZWN24-40 BLDC motor(24V, 2P, 4000R/M) and EB38S6A-1000-3L G2 Encoder, i found a problem in motor measure step as below. Could you tell me how to r...
    Banson Dou
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  • Low RPM application

    I need to operate my motor over a speed range that starts below 1 RPM.  Does the motor firmware and Kinetis Motor Suite support this range?
    Randy Fields
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  • How to test KMS project with Freemaster

    I have completed one kms project. And i want to test this software with freemaster. So how to do?
    Banson Dou
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