• KMS_1.2

    Is there any way that I can get the install package for KMS_1.2?  I am in the process of transitioning to the new SDK reference projects, but I'm not there yet, and I have an experiment this week that I need to r...
    Barry Kuban
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    Hello,   I'm just starting to deal with the FOC and the tools offered by Kinetis, and I'm still not aware of how to properly use them. I noticed that there are two possible sources of sample projects - "Kinetis ...
    Peter Kostadinov
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  • an oxide film

    Hi.   Thank you for your help. Please teach by controlling DC motor with brush. I heard that if it doesn't work for a long period of time, an oxide film may form on the brush and it may not work. Please let me ...
    jun yamada
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  • KV31F with KMS Not Working!!

    Hi,        I am trying to use KMS 1.1.0 with KV31F. Initially, I flashed KV31F with KDS 3.2.0 demo program (PMSM_ref_sol). It worked. I was able to control the motor speed using freemaster and SW...
    Niranjan ravi
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  • Convert KMS to MCAT project

    I've nearly finished developing an application with custom HW+FW based on Kinetis Motor Suite, and before moving onto production of larger quantities I see now that KMS support is discontinued.    I downloa...
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  • MKL15Z128VFM4 reliability report

    Where can I find MKL15Z128VFM4 reliability report or Qualification Report? And what's MTBF of MKL15Z128VFM4.
    John Wu
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  • BLDC control project based on AN4862

    Hello, I'm now doing a BLDC control project based on AN4862 . I have modified the EVB for my appliction, so i have some questions about softrware. i want to define the current AMP gain by myself , how can i modify t...
    Fazhi Chen
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  • How to implement current closed loop base on KMS

    I want to implement current closed loop base on KMS. How to do? Thank you for your support~
    Banson Dou
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  • No load current vibration in Torque Control when I use KMS

    I have 2 question about Cureent control of KMS as below: 1. When I test torque control with KMS (no load condition and bare shaft). I find Q-Aixs and D-Aixs current has a big vibration as the picture. 2. I define ...
    Banson Dou
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  • KMS read estimator module outputs from code

    Hello, I am trying to access the sensorless estimator's output speed from my main loop but I could not easily find how to do this since the est data structure is static inside drv.c.   I added a simple function...
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  • MP-A11 EVK questions

    Hello,   I'm looking at modifying the EVK design for a particular application, and had some questions:   * Is the Q2 protection circuitry needed for operation, or is it just for extra protection?   *...
    Andrew K
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  • KMS Error: Preconfigured variables not found in parsed symbols.

    I am currently using a fresh install of KMS 1.1, along with a fresh install of KSDK 1.3, and a fresh install of IAR (Embedded Workbench for ARM, Embedded Workbench shared components on a Wind...
    Kurt Winchell
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  • Floating point capability in GMCLIB

    Are there any plans to include floating point capability in GMCLIB?
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  • Sensless position control  FRDM-KV31F

    Hi Is there any example where i can use a pmsm motor and position control with the   FRDM-KV31F board?  I can run the sensless velocity but i cant find any example with go to angle.  I...
    Andreas Wickström
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  • Inertia SI Values

    The inertia values are measured through Kinetis Motor Suite and given in unit: [A/(rpm/s)]. How do I convert these values to SI units? I want to calculate the rotational energy.
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  • Issues with KMS Application when ported to custom hardware

    Hi I have started a sensor-less speed control application with KMS and took it to KDS to give is other functionality as needed. I have used a FRDM-KV31F board and every thing works as expected. I have recently receiv...
    Abdullah mamun
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  • Communication Error between KMS and HVP-3PH

    I'm using HVP-KV46F150M daughter board to study motor control and I wan't to run PMSM motor under Kinetis Motor Suite. According to KMS Lab Guide, I installed all the necessary programs, but I can't communicat...
    yongcheol shin
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  • KMS Max commutation frequency

    Dear Mr/Mrs   My company is designing a 150Kw inverter for electric vehicles power trains. This inverter includes SiC IGBTS, so a high frequency commutation could be desirable. KMS based microcontroller is an al...
    Borja Gomez
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  • KV31F512 part failures

    We have recently purchased KV31F512VLLP12P parts from two different sources and are having the same problem with all of them.  When we mount them on our motor controller board, 7 out of 10 did not communicate wit...
    Randy Fields
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  • Replacement solution for KMS position control

    We have a recent design about to go into to prototype production using the KV31F based off the reference design of the Freedom dev board. I developed the firmware around KMS's position control libraries and ...
    Mark Grillo
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