• Hard fault when configuring 2-channel FTM on E series

    I'm seeing a hard fault exception when configuring FTM0 or FTM1 (both 2 channels) on a MK02Z16 device (also tested on KE06Z with same results).  The same code sequence works fine on FTM2 which 8 channels so not s...
    Jonathan Guy
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  • Temperature measurement with ADC

    I am using MK61FN1M0VMJ12 microcontroller. I am trying to read it's temperature with built in sensor with ADC CH 26.  But I get constant reading of 64875(ADC0_RA) in differential and value 64 when in single ended...
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  • Can the OpenSDA Interface circuit be simplified that is currently on the FRDM-K64F development board?

    Can the OpenSDA Interface circuit be simplified that is currently on the FRDM-K64F development board?  Are the level shifters actually needed?  If so, what are they used for if the the MK20DX128VFM...
    David Moulin
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  • MKW41Z - Debugger disconnects when VDD1P8 is increased

    Hi,   I'm running a custom board with MKW41Z on it, powered from 3V3. In my hardware initialization routine (inspired from the FRDM-MKW41 examples), I'm increasing the output voltage of the built-in DC regulator...
    Alexandru Stefan
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  • GPIO Direction vs Output_Enable

    I just need some clarity here.  I am porting some code to a K8x from an ARM MCU from another manufacturer.  They have a GPIO Data Output Enable Register. There is no concept of 'direction', as the GPIO ...
    Denis Collis
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  • Unexpected behaviour of UART in K22 when baud rate is changed

    Hi,   I am using custom board with MK22FX512AVLQ12. I am using UART of the controller with baud rate set as 19200 and Parity Even. I am using an external application to send and receive data from UART. The parit...
    Vaibhavi P
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  • KBI Interrupt on KE02

    I am attempting to use the KBI0, Pin 1 Interrupt on a KE02Z processor.   I am using Kinetis Design Studio 3.2.0 with Processor Expert version shown below:   The KBI Processor Expert (Sync_Int:init_KBI) c...
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  • Freescale keaz flash security

    Hello. I made device using keazn64 uC on board. I need to lock any action via swd(reading flash image). I tried to edit flashConfig section in stratup file but it doesn't help. I use segger j-link for debugging. How s...
    created by VITALI HARUDKA
  • MKL27Z644 Bootloader

    Hi, I have NXP_Kinetis_Bootloader_2_0_0 and I would like to create flash resident bootloader (with USB HID interface) for MKL27Z644 device. Unfortunately, it seems there is not sufficient support for it (NX...
    Martin Dušek
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  • SWD pin 30 with PWM/IO - MKE02Z16VLC4

    Hi, greetings. What's wrong? How to I use FTM1_CH0 as PWM output?  (pin 30 = PTC4/RTCO/FTM1_CH0/ACMP0_IN2/SWD_CLK)     PWM[Number, bits] > 9 x 16?     It is an only input pin, ...
    Daniel Tonn
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  • hard fault caused by BusFault

    Hi all, I encounter frequent hard fault as soon I use CAN & USB at the same time. I'm using FreeRTOS  on a MK64F MCU. I tried to analyze fault registers to find out the cause of the hard fault but I'm not s...
    Johannes Bruder
    created by Johannes Bruder
  • GUI Development on Kinetis (K2x/KV5x)

    I am looking for a GUI Library that I can use for GUI development on a K22 (or KV58) MCU. Preferably, the library should be platform independent, and easy to integrate into custom application. However, libra...
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  • K22F ADC operation at very low temperatures

    Hi,    I'm using MK22FN512VLH12 at pretty low temperatures, typically -30 deg Celsius and it seems that device can get stuck while polling kADC16_ChannelConversionDoneFlag.    My setup is as...
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  • Frdm KE15z "0 available SWD Devices detected. Connect a device and try again"

    Hi,    I am having a problem. When trying to initiate Debug, the probe is detected: But when I pressed OK button, it cannot access to SWD link: I tried with reset button, restart my computer, bu...
    Nguyen Dao
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    Hello,   I want to use KW36A chip in buck auto start mode. I have the VDCDCIN and DCDC-CFG and PSWITCH wired together.   Is it all thats required to power up the MCU?   I have not connected the 1P8OU...
    Kiran Sajeev
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  • The non-standard 4-wire SPI protocol

    Hello. I am starting work with a new project. The LCD with which they chose based on ST7789H2 driver and works through the SPI protocol, but instead of two lines MISO and MOSI, only one is used, which changes from MIS...
    Evgeni Kosakovski
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  • K66F MCU gets blocked. No communication possible

    I was trying to upload code through a bootloader we've implemented on our k66f and after loading the firmware we wanted to update, it enters in an state in which we cannot connect any more with it. This is the script...
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  • KW36 LLS3 mode debug

    I would like to debug the demo: frdmkw36_demo_apps_power_manager. My configure is LLS3 mode, the wake up source is button, and I set a breakpoint at "PRINTF("\r\nNext loop\r\n");". However when I press the b...
    mo xinyu
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  • Connection between FRDM-KE06Z and IAR I-Jet

    HI.   I want to use the SWD in the red frame below (IAR I-JET and FRDM board are connected by SWDIF and debugged) According to the Freedom KE06 User ’s Guide: (1) Cut the resistor R58 on the FRDM board ...
    jun yamada
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  • FRDM-KE06Z Bootloader Error

    Hi.   Thank you for your help. FRDM-KE06Z will cause an error. When the USB cable is connected, the LED blinks 8 times and then stops and repeats. The LASTSTAT.TXT at that time is programming ... Attach the INFO...
    jun yamada
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