• Simple PWM pulse string on KEA128

    I'm having an issue getting this to work on a FRDM-KEAZ1284Q80 evaluation board. I'm attempting to make a simple unending pulse train of square waves at 1kHz. It does make pulses but in an odd pattern.  It also ...
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  • Flash operration

    How to calculate the FLASH writing time of MKV3x serious microcontroller? The formula for that. Why is it not working in high speed mode?
    Kalaimani Arumugam
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  • MPL3115A2

    We ordered MPL3115A2   ,but we found the marking is different with the former ordered part,the part second line marking is ‘MSON’,the former part second marking is 'HAOL', pls see the follow...
    May May
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  • How to solve the error "Fatal error- Failed to read CPUID for Cortex device" for MK60FN1M0VLQ12 controller ?

    Hi, I am getting an error "Fatal error- Failed to read CPUID for Cortex device" when i try to program the controller using IAR embedded work bench. Before programming, i erased the controller memory by clicking Erase...
    Gangadhar rao
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  • Flexcan stall status

    Hi, I am using the FlexCAN on the FRDM-K64 demo board starting from the example. It happened several times that the internal controller stall on TxBusy status and I am no longer able to send any packets. How sh...
    Fabio Benevento
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  • Not able to communicate using SPI1 in KW36

    Hello,   I am using FRDM-KW36 module. I want to use the SPI1 for my Flash memory. If I use the normal code than able to communicate with Flash memory using SPI1. But if I use the BLE code and implement the SPI1 ...
    Chintan Patel
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  • Secure mode and OTA updates

    My K8x gets locked when programming.  This is not a problem in a development environment, where I use Segger J-Link commands to unlock it.   This is not viable in a production environment, with Over-The...
    Denis Collis
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  • How to calculate the I2C bus capacitance

    The KEAZ128's Reference Manual description:  Our questions: 1.The KEAZ128 I2C baudrate,Can it reach 400K? 2.How to calculate the I2C bus capacitance?Is there a detailed calculation?
    zhiyong zhang
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  • K64 ADC differential mode in unsigned reading

    Hi    Differential mode works from (1^N-1) /2 , means from minus to plus half range. there should be a possibility to make it unsigned differential mode   Can some one tell how to do it in the...
    Eli Arad
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  • KL26Z I2C getting stuck on data register writes?

    I'm able to write the slave address and get a response from the device, but get stuck waiting for a response after the second write. Upon further examination, I find that the second write does not change the value in ...
    Cameron Ehlers
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  • Enable ETM on FRDM K64F using openocd

    Hello  All,   How can I enable ETM and hence ETB too using openocd on Kf64f? I have the latest version of openocd 10.0.   Regards, Seema
    Seema Kumar
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  • FlexNVM Dflash Read issue on K64FX512

    K64FX family includes a FLEXNVM and FLEXRAM.  I tried to write and read the FLEXNVM flash, I assessed and programmed  the piece of space of flash,  Before program it, I erase  a section space and...
    Andy Hsu
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  • S9KEAZN64 internal clock configuration

    Hi, I wanted to see how to configure the internal clock of the S9KEAZN64 to be 40MHz?Can you provide a reference code?
    zhiyong zhang
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  • Linker Questions: emWIN (v.6.10) and IAR 7.80.4

    Has anyone compiled emWin 6.10 library (emWin_M4F.a) with an IAR EWARM 7.80.4 project and got "Warning[Lt009]: Inconsistent wchar_t"? Is this overall a real issue? Or should this warning be generally ignored?   ...
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  • K66 HS USB isochronous IN - how to reach 192MBits/s?

    Hi All   In order to reach 192MBits/s on an isochronous IN endpipe I have a large buffer holding the data and expect that the HS controller sends this buffer autonomously - sending three 1024 byte packets in eac...
    Mark Butcher
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  • K66F AKU242 MIC1 levels are really low

    I'm writing an application that uses the AKU242 on-board microphone to process ambient sound.  However, the input is really low.  During testing, it really only records tapping directly on top of it.  I...
    Aaron Minner
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  • DMA buffer to Tx UART on K10DN512

    I am using a K10DN512VLQ10 chip in the older Kinetis Design Studio V3.2.0. I am not using any libraries and the drivers are self developed.    I want to start using the DMA controller to transmit variable l...
    Gerrie Heath
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    I am using frdmk64f_agm04_sensorfusion_freertos_agm04 SDK, and I want to read via UART I can't read from UART.  I got an error after flashing the SW whenever I call GETCHAR or SCANF.   and debugging ses...
    Micheal Saleab
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  • GPIO Outputs

    Micro: MKV10Z32VLF7 IDE: MCUXpresso   I am trying to configure two pins on this micro to be digital outputs: PTC6 (pin 39) & PTC7 (pin 40). Code as follows:   gpio_pin_config_t PortC6 = {kGPIO_Digital...
    Sean McCartan
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  • Issue of UART DMA

    I am working on UART DMA function and the UART2 baud rate is set as 115200. PC also set baud rate as 115200, Both send and receive is correct. However, one of them set different  baud rate, for example, MK64F512...
    Andy Hsu
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