• KDK for MK10DX256VLH7

    We have a new custom board with a MK10DX256VLH7 on it, and I'm just getting set up to write some software. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a KSDK available for that package.   On https://mcuxpresso.nxp.co...
    Andrew Parlane
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  • KV58: Acessing ITCM

    I plan to create a few data variables in ITCM (RAM Partition 2) to run a few memory tests on a MKV58F1M0VLQ24 MCU. Do I have to configure register(s) to enable ITCM? If yes then which register(s)?
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  • R&D work to replace MK10DN32VFM5 with MK10DX32VFM5

    So I understand that N stand for No-Flex Flash Memory and X stands for Flex Flash Memory. The X version has a dual Flash bank (2*32kB) and can be firmware updated in the field – swapping between the 2 banks. Cou...
    Jakob Riis
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  • k66 RESET_b is pulled down by chip

    I use Jlink commander "unlock kinetis" but it time out. There's only one 4.7k pull up resistor on RESET_b but it always at 30mV. 
    W hl
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  • LPUAT config problem and old drivers

    Buongiorno, vi vorrei proporre alla vostra attenzione questo problema al quale non riesco a trovare soluzione.   in allegato vi allego una foto della scermata.   Non riesco ad allineare le versioni del dr...
    Vanny Cecchinato
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  • GPIO to power a sensor

    Hi, I just wandering if a single GPIO can power a sensor which its current supply is only 200uA. The sensor has about 3uF of decoupling capacity so it will be a current peak to charge those capacitors when...
    Pablo Liberman
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  • Not jumping to application from secondary bootloader

    I have gone through many related threads on this forum, like "Jump from Seondary...", "Kinetis bootloader...", etc. but haven't found the answer.   For failsafe update of firmware we have implemented a...
    Mohsin Butt
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  • UART / CAN Transfer examples

    Based on FRDM-K64 example I use UART and CANBUS in Transfer mode. In this examples (respectively frdmk64f_uart_interrupt_transfer and frdmk64f_flexcan_loopback_transfer), however, in callback only a few status  ...
    Fabio Benevento
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  • How to jump to the other image in the internal flash?

    Hi,there I am developing with mcu:MKL17Z128VLH4, I tried KL43 too. How to jump to another image in the internal flash? description: 1, burn project A to the mcu, this image locates at 0x00000 address. 2, burn...
    yilong wang
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  • KW36 : Wireless Uart Send Uart stream iphone behaviour issue

    Hi,   Greetings for the day !   I would like to understand the behaviour of send uart stream feature of KW36 with iphones. I have flashed W_uart example in FRDM_KW36 board.   My issue is that when i...
    Prakash Velayutham
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  • EZ_Port Pin Standard Config Pull Up Down

    Hi,   i am using a K22FN1M0VLQ12 and was wondering if the EZP_CS! pin has an internal pullup.   I am having trouble with a board because EZP_CS! is externally pulled low, so its entering EZPort mode and i ...
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  • Jump to ROM bootloader from application in MKL03

    Hello,   I have a system which has several MKL03 MCUs connected by a master MPU via I2C interface. I also need to reprogram the MKL03s via I2C using the ROM bootloader. I can do this just fine when the ML03 is b...
    Daniel Campora
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  • SPI as 3 wire and gpio pin for cs

    Hi,   I am working on sensor interface which have two SPI interfaces. For accessing data, I have to use different cs pin. So please let me know how will i configure spi as 3 wire interface and gpio for cs, ...
    vijith G
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  • Output a kHz range clock through a GPIO?

    Hi I'm trying to output a 4 kHz 50% duty cycle square waveform through a GPIO. What is the simplest way of doing that?  It doesn't need to be exactly 4 kHz. I accept some tolerance around the target.&...
    Andre Luis Vilas Boas
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  • Basic kw41z ADC Concept - Beginner

    Hello Community, I hope everyone was safe in this difficult situation.   I'm a beginner and new to this microcontroller (KW41z). I was struggling with the ADC interrupt concept.  I tried with an exa...
    Manoj Kumar
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  • I am working on kinetics K22F controller. I am trying to control the I2C(master) with DMA. But the I2C communication is not stopping even if the slave is sending NACK. How can I solve it.

    I2C DMA nack K22F frdmk22f #i2cma
    Brijesh Vargehse
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  • ADC conversion time doubts

    Hi,   I am using Kinetis K12 device MK12DN512VLK5. I have few doubts regarding the ADC conversion time calculations given in the reference manual.   The reference manual provides the below formula for cal...
    Deepak Kukreja
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  • What is the bus clock frequency range for ADC on Kinetis K12 (MK12DN512)

    Hi,   On the MK12DN512VLK5 Kinetis K12 part, what is the clock frequency range for the ADC. The reference manual mentions in couple of places that the ADC clock frequency should be in the specified range but I c...
    Deepak Kukreja
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  • Simple way to reallocate USB stack to SRAM_LOWER

    Hi,   I'm wondering if there is a simple way to reallocate all usb buffer/stack to sram_lower because if i add usb stack to my project my SRAM_UPPER is overflowing and i got whole SRAM_LOWER free so i could fit ...
    Grzegorz Mikitiuk
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  • Measuring the ADC amplitude with K32L2B

    I'm working with the FRDM-K32L2B3 kit and I'm trying to measure the amplitude/crest of a wave that lasts approximately 1μ. There is up to 2k samples per second. What's the best strategy here?   The goal is ...
    Eric Smith
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