• SD card on K21

    Hello. Currently, I am working on TWR-K21 with the Kinetis K21 microcontroller and using sample NXP project sdcard_fatfs through SDIO. When running project I see the following situation: After turning 'ON' the S...
    Evgeni Kosakovski
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  • Vin1 and Vin2 CMP DAC of MK60DN512VLQ10

    Hi,       In my design i need to use internal comparator in MK60DN512VLQ10. I read comparator in chip manual. I have not found source of Vin1 and Vin2 of 6-Bit DAC of Comparator.       ...
    Nandish Jasani
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  • Question on freeMASTER

    Hi there I'm new to using freeMASTER & would appreciate if someone can help with following 1. How to use a command line to issue START command to freeMASTER to start with logging. For our test appli...
    Vinod Pandey
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  • K64F512x Ethernet issue

    I am coding the lwip FW on MK64F512x board. The waveform of the TXD0/TXD1 on ping 46, 47 are without any signal and always keep on the low level. It is seem that lwip does not act. The SDK used is version 2.8....
    Andy Hsu
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  • kw36 keeps resetting

    I downloaded the wrong code in it and with the oscilloscope I see the reset pin is being pulled down all the time: I can't erase it with jlink either, the connection fails. What should I do?
    mo xinyu
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  • K60 - Can I Leave Reset Pin Floating?

    We are designing a product that uses the K60 MPU. We are not planning to use the RESET_b pin (except for programming the MPU). Can this pin be left floating (it has internal pull up resistor) or should it be pulled hi...
    Hugh Worrall
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  • Kinetis K60 ADC readings ar way off

    Hi --   I am designing a Kinetis K60 into a project.  I have two boards that both basically work, but the ADC readings don't match.  For simplicity I will focus on the readings from the bandgap, but al...
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  • external RAM for Kinetis KV5x (MKV58F1M0VLQ24)

    Hi all,   we are using the Kinetis MKV58F1M0VLQ24 on a custom pcb and plan to implement an additional, external RAM (>= 512kB) via the FlexBus interface, as the memory of the µC doesn't suffice our need...
    Julian Schork
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  • K70 and DDR2 SDRAM unstable work

    Hi All, on our custom board ( based on MK70FX512VMJ15 and MT47H64M16HR-3 AAT:H TR) we have problems that appear randomly in the field. The device can work up to 20 days without any problems. Then one DDR byte lane can...
    Vitaliy Avramenko
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  • K70 DDR2 read failure with increasing temperature

    Hello everybody.   We are using K70 controller (MK70FN1M0VMJ15 rev. 3N96B). Architecture is the same as the tower TWRK70F120 supplied by NXP.   To reproduce the issue, we are running a simple test softwa...
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  • KV46 ADC accuracy issue

    We are now using Kinetis KV46 series controller and want to have all ADC results with less than < 4 counts swingings, given a very stable source.   In our setting, all of the ADC ch are enabled with ADCA...
    Zabel A
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  • Cyclone FX error $00000007

    Hello, I asked the question to the P&E support but I think I can also ask the question here:   On the Cyclone Fx: Version / Revision: Rev A - v10.13-2.3 Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Hello, I'm usin...
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  • I2C issues depending on Release/Debug(MKL02Z32)

    Hi, I have been using the I2C code for couple of month and it has been working from time to time. The problem is that sometimes the I2C bus is busy and sometimes not after reset. It seems like when running in Release ...
    claes kjellstrom
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  • sprintf with float specifier - how to make it work?

    I'm using KDS 3.2.0 with the MKE02Z64VLC4 processor and need to use the sprintf/snprintf functions with the float specifier %f.  However, it will not work.  It shows nothing.  I some other posts that ha...
    Bill Sousan
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  • Is enabled security and disabling Mass Erase enough to protect Kinetis K63 based devices from unauthorized access?

    Hi,   We are developing a product using Kinetis K63. As the security is of paramount importance for the application, we want to make sure that once the product is deployed in field it can not be accessed by anyo...
  • FTM counter synchronization of KV31

    In the KV31F Sub-Family Reference Manual,I can see “However,the FTM counter must be synchronized only by the enhanced PWM synchronization” from FTM Counter Synchronization. I think this sentenc...
    相国 尹
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  • S9KEAZN64: How to disable the watchdog?

    Good morning. My name is Daniele Fingolo and I am a software developer of SMH Technologies. I'm trying to program the S9KEAZN64 device in question with a programmer that we developed. We are able to communicate with ...
    Daniele Fingolo
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  • is there any i2c (master) to spi (slave)  bridge conerter

    Hi,    we need spi(salve ) to i2c(master) converter for one of our applications, Is there any module available like that? we found i2c(slave) to spi(master) converter SC18IS602B. But our application requi...
    jhansi palepu
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  • MKL16 UART can not receive

    Hi , I had some questions about Uart receive when i use uart base on MKL16 . I had create project by PE(Driver Suite v10.4) ,now uart can send data ,   but can not receive data . Belows is my codes: ...
    Li ADai
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  • Internal flash memory security

    Hello, I am using Kinetis k64 and configuring it's internal flash memory to be secured. In NXP's memory security application notes AN4507.pdf  its written that "This means that firmware residing in the fla...
    dotan goldberg
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