• SDK K02, Spi Delay After transfer (Tdt)

    Hello,   I'm using a k02FN64VLH10.   I want use the SPI to transfer 4 bytes to a analog converter. The ChipSelect signal must not be unasserted between theses 4 bytes.   Then in McuXpresso SDK config...
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  • k22f - no longer connects to SWD

    Hi There,   I am having a very odd issue with a custom design using the k22f.  I have built a number of 4 prototypes with all having the same behavior.   I can initially connect to the K22F just fine...
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  • ADC/GPIO/Clock Startup Stumper

    Came across an interesting issue and currently not satisfied with the "fix" performed. Some background, during testing of the MKEAZ128 chip a custom control board an issue was found that seemed to be an issue with the...
    cody hubman
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  • How to transmit continous data from FRDM-KW41ZMCU to ble device (NXP IOT toolbox is app)?

    Hello, I am trying to transmit a "Hello\n" message from FRDM-KW41Z MCU to NXP IOT Toolbox (wireless uart). But i am not able to receive any message. I am using demo example - "BLE-wireless uart" , wireless uart ...
    Pooja Vernekar
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  • Using NXP(Freescale) VID and PID

    Hello. I am developing my commercial product that will have a USB-CDC communication protocol. I do not want to pay $5000 for my identifier. According to this, I have several questions: Can I use Freescale's VID 0x25...
    Evgeni Kosakovski
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  • DDR2 setup time (tDS)/hold time (tDH) for DQ referring to data strobe (DQS) during read operation

     Hi all,   I am running the DDR2 batch simulation. Before starting the simulation, I have developed the memory controller timing model (MCU model: MK61FN1M0VMJ15) through DDR2 controller timing model wizard...
    Sing Yew Chan
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  • No source available for "g_pfnVectors() at 0x0" error when programming MKV11Z64VLH7

    Hi guys, I am using MCUXpresso (on MacOS) and Multilink FX (Rev. A) to program MKV11Z64VLH7 chip. My circuit schematics is shown on image bellow. I have created blank project, using only GPIO drivers. I...
    Zbyšek Voda
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  • Stacking FRDM K64F and OM5578 and SE050ARD arduino shields

    I'm a newcomer to embedded electronics and have read some introductions about SPI/I2C/UART on sparkfun.   I'll like to know whether the OM5578 (PN7150) and SE050ARD Arduino shields can be stacked together on a F...
    Douglas Tan
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  • Continious DMA with SPI1 TX k22

      Hello , In my project I send data to DAC through SPI. Also in the project i am using USB. Max samplrate of DAC is 1MHz, so if i use interrupt to load PUSHR of SPI i got stacked with USB.  But there is a ...
    Alexey Usoltsev
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  • Any ADA resources for Kinetis ?

    Hi,   I'd like to replace C with ADA when programming on Kinetis micro-controllers. Any pointers to resources helping use ADA on Kinetis ?   Note : I already know Adacore GIT repositories managing GNAT fo...
    Nicolas Pinault
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  • Input impedance AFE MKM34Z256

    Dear all,   Where can I find more information on the input impedance of the integrated sigma-delta adc in MKM34Z256VLx7? The datasheet has some information about the sar converter, but I cann...
    Diego Asanza
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  • ADC output voltage

    Hello I work with a MKE18F512 and I have to use the ADC. We work with 5V Supply and a external 5V Ref Now I have the problem that the any ADC pin is at 2,5V and delivers up to 20µA out current. Could this be ...
    Tobias Härter
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  • Reset always logic low for MK10DX128VLL7

    Why is Reset always logic low for MK10DX128VLL7 after power on, even with no external connection to Reset Pin 52? is this due to mass erase ever implementation? This is found as JLINK indicator goes to red as long as...
    Charles T
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  • DMA buffer to Tx UART on K10DN512

    I am using a K10DN512VLQ10 chip in the older Kinetis Design Studio V3.2.0. I am not using any libraries and the drivers are self developed.    I want to start using the DMA controller to transmit variable l...
    Gerrie Heath
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  • Build SDA Image

    Good morning   I am trying to build the binary image for SDAV2 following the link OpenSDAv2    I downloaded the Python v2.7 and the uVision V5.29   Also from github the CMSIS-DAP-master I...
    Pietro di Castri
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  • Can't connect to K02 with USB Multilink

    Hello   I already used the pemicro USB multilink with Kinetis K60 and K70 (On CodeWarior and KDS)   Now, I start a new project on a K02 with MCUXpresso.   But when I want start the debug, I get the f...
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  • TWR-KV58220M Debug Issue

    Hello,   I have a TWR-KV58220M board and i cant debug with J-link or PEmicro universal(via JTAG port). I’ve tried to unlock it  by using MCUExpresso Gui flash tool(Resurrect locked Kinetis Device) an...
    Yazılım Test
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  • Altium PCB for FRDM-KW41

    Dear All,   Is it possible to get the Altium Design files for a FRDM-KW41 board? Unfortunately, I was not able to convert the reference OrCad Layout files into the Altium.   thanks in advance   Guil...
    BASTIEN Guillaume
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  • DAC source code for KW40z

    Hi, I am using Freedom-KQ40z, i need the sample DAC code for my application. Please help me
    Revathy Arumugam
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  • Quesiton About MKV58 Bootloader Application

    Hello,   I have a questions about NXP Bootloader 2.0. In SDK V2.5 TWR-KV58F220 i have example application "flash_loader". After i run this example I can connect with "Kinetis Flash Tool" and update firmwar...
    Yazılım Test
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