• Not able to connect with MKE15Z using J-Link

    Hi All, I am new to NXP and Cortex based Micro-controllers, and working on a project. Everything was working fine, but I think I messed up a setting in the project and due to which I am not able to connect with my bo...
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  • MK22 USB HID transfer packet speed

    Hi,   I imported the generic HID example using MCUXpresso IDE, and changed the interval time to get the maximum theoretical transfer speed of 1000packets/s:   #define HS_HID_GENERIC_INTERRUPT_OUT_PACKET_SI...
    Bernat Albet
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  • Notification of internally generated FB_TA?

    I am using the Flexbus on a k64 to communicate with an FPGA. I am using the FB_TA signal as the primary way to terminate transactions but I do have autoAcknowledge enabled and waitStates set to 63 as sort of a fallbac...
    Larry York
    created by Larry York
  • K64F infinite UART IRQ loop

    Hey guys, I'm using the SDK's UART RX and TX Functions in order to send or receive data   UART_TransferReceiveNonBlocking() and UART_TransferSendNonBlocking()   The IRQ Callback sets a finnish Eventbit ...
    Julian Heni
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  • PIT DMA and MCUExpresso

    Hello I try would change a IO Pin very time syncron. For this I try to use DMA and the PIT. To startup use the example twrke18f_edma_memory_to_memory. This example work. Now I tried to expand this example with the wor...
    Tobias Härter
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  • Having trouble setting NVIC interrupt priority on KL05

    I am using a KL05Z32 and I cannot seem to set NVIC priority for two interrupts.  I am trying the same method for the PIT and the I2C interrupt.  When I run the code with a debugger and I directly inspect the...
    Jeff Haller
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  • FTM QuadratureDecoder

    I'm trying to read the quadrature signals generated by motor's encoder. I implemented a solution similar to the example "ftm_quad_decoder" with the difference that I use a global variable to add the values read to ea...
    Fabio Benevento
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  • Unable to write to COP

    Hi,   I am trying to implement a watchdog timer in my code, and I think the register is being addressed before I use the init function, but I can not find where.  I was able to find the disable in the syste...
    Evan Griffith
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  • Port MCUBoot2.0.0 to TWR-K60D100

    Abstract MK60 is a popular MCU in Kinetis K family. NXP has prepared some kinds of bootloader for TWR-K60D100. But as we all know, MCUBoot2.0.0 is the most update bootloader for Kinetis family. It is a configurable f...
    Jing Pan
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  • ADC Trigger Spacing

    I am using a MKE18F16 MCU.  I was having issues while using two ADCs simultaneously (ADC0 and ADC2).  The issue was that ADC2 was performing significantly worse than ADC0.  The same AutoCalibration...
    Sean Dvorscak
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  • MK66FN2M0VLQ18 BSDL file

    Hello:   We produce and test one board with chip Kinetis K66 MCU MK66FN2M0VLQ18, it's show JTAG port on the chip. it need to be tested with Boundary Scan.   can any one tell me where I can found the B...
    Li Guohong
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  • KL03Z32 Stuck in VLLS3 After Programming

    I have a very strange problem, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.   I have a device that goes into VLLS3 mode and wakes up via the LLWU_P4 connected to a push button.  In general this wo...
    James Morrison
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  • FlexNVM Dflash Read issue on K64FX512

    K64FX family includes a FLEXNVM and FLEXRAM.  I tried to write and read the FLEXNVM flash, I assessed and programmed  the piece of space of flash,  Before program it, I erase  a section space and...
    Andy Hsu
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  • SPI transfer loses byte when interrupted by PWM

    MKE02Z64 has PWM, PIT Timer and SPI transfer start interrupts.   I am using a scope with a SPI bus module to see the transfers.  I can look at the last trasfer of memory when a failures occurs because of a C...
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  • Unable to debug Freedom K22f board in MCUXpresso IDE

    Hi,    I want to test a simple led blinky example code on Freedom K22f development board but i am unable to find the debug interface for connection in debug configuration. I have attached the screensho...
    Prasanna Naik
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  • Software breakdown on interrupt?

    Hi, I´m new with the Kinetis Controllers and I get a problem with the Interrups. I´m using the IAR Workbenck and a Jlink programmer.   If I put my software on an MKL03Z8VFG4 every time a interrupt ...
    Matthias Harms
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  • FTM0 PWM on MK20DX256

    I'm using a Teensy 3.1 with MK20DX256 MCU. I'm writing to the metal (not using Teensy libraries). I can't seem to get PWM working. I think I need a basic example for FTM0. My code below.  TIA   My init c...
    Thomas Dowad
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  • KEA FTM register write enable/disable clarity in WPEN AND WPDIS

    These are two related register descriptions from the KEA Reference Manual. The description has contradictory information and other parts make it unclear what is really happening and I hope someone with NXP can clear t...
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  • NXP Touch Tuning not Opening Properly in FreeMASTER

    Hello Everyone. I am new to the NXP and I have to use NXP micro MKE15Z in a project for touch-related application. I found one tool for Touch Tunning but it's not working with FreeMaster 2.5 and also with the latest...
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  • Basic kw41z ADC Concept - Beginner

    Hello Community, I hope everyone was safe in this difficult situation.   I'm a beginner and new to this microcontroller (KW41z). I was struggling with the ADC interrupt concept.  I tried with an exa...
    Manoj Kumar
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