• KSZ8041 PHY with K60

    I am using the Micrel KSZ8041NL PHY with a K60 tower based custom board. The PHY schematic matches that of the development boards. We are finding that with some boards we cant get onto the network when we connect it...
    Jonathan Whyatt
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  • Configuration lost for TWR-K64F

    When building the uTasker project for TWR-K64F, errors are reported by IDE. It shows undefined symbols RETAIN_LOADER_MODE, USB_HOST_POWER_CONFIG, USB_HOST_POWER_ON and USB_HOST_POWER_OFF. I fi...
    Wenqiang Li
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  • Measuring speed with Hall effect sensing on a BLDC motor.

    I came up with what I think is a novel method for measuring speed from the Hall effect inputs that I believe is better than what I've seen in example BLDC projects from NXP.  The common approach measures the time...
    Lance Fisher
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  • Dual USB operation on Kinetis parts with FS and HS USB

    Hi All   People needing both FS and HS USB operation on Kinetis parts (FS + HS as 2 x device, 2 x host or host/device or device/host), please take a look at this: https://community.nxp.com/thread/534803#com...
    Mark Butcher
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  • Strange MK20 GPIO Receive Issue

    Hello,   I'm writing a built in self test and having issues with some very basic sending/receiving. On the MK20DN512 I have PTA17 (output) tied to PTA16(input), and I'm setting PTA17 high then checking PTA16 to ...
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  • FRDM-KW36 - unable to debug

    Hi,   I would like to start working with FRDM-KW36, but unfortunately I got stuck at the beginning ...   When I click "Debug" button, MCUExpressois showing me an error like in attachment. I use version v1...
    Adrian Chmiel
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  • TWR-KV58F220M + TWR-SER = No connection

    I want to establish Ethernet connection in my project. Two boards connected with a tower rack. First I configure related pins   void BOARD_InitPins(void)   {     /* PORTA18 (pin 72) is conf...
    Evgeny Erenburg
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  • MQX 4.1 Demo for ksplayer

    I am trying to run the NXP ksplayer demo for KwikStik ver5 board and have some problems.  I have downloaded and followed AN4523 app note from the NXP webpages. From what I see the latest version is MQX 4.1. I hav...
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  • TPM channel on K27

    Good morning. I'd like to use the TPM counter and its channel for some timing uses. Prescale must be set at 128, so with a 24 mhz of bus clock I have 187, 5 Khz for tpm clock. One channel (..ch2) must be set to get...
    attilio rossi
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  • LPTIMER Problem

    First I setup the timer   static uint32_t added_val = 0;   void LPTMR_Setup(void) {     lptmr_config_t lptmr_config;       lptmr_config.timerMode = kLPTMR_TimerModeTimeC...
    Evgeny Erenburg
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  • HDMI to UVC

    Is there a way to convert a live HDMI stream and output a USB Video Class (UVC) output so a PC can see the stream from within Skype or some other webcam type application? How about the other way around? Connect a webc...
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  • K10  Slow Power Application of VDD causes lockup

    Experiencing power lockup of K10 LQ12 part.   Over heats immensely.  Trying to make it clear to community, this is mature product in Alpha Beta production.  The strange problem surfaced after a PC...
    Howard Lehman
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  • How to use the DSPI driver for multiple slaves

    Hi all.   Assume that I've got 2 SPI slaves connected to my Kintetis device, for example one using {CPHA=0,  bitsPerFrame=8} and one using {CPHA=1, bitsPerFrame=16}.   It looks like we need 2 CTARs co...
    Stephen Langstaff
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  • MCUBOOT for KW36 MCU

    Hello Guys, Regarding NXP's Bootloader (iMCUBOOT), From what i could gather: NXP Kinetis bootloader implementations can be: 1- "ROM-based" bootloader (Preprogrammed in device ROM by NXP & unerasable)...
  • Re: [Kinetis Microcontrollers] - Re: Glitch filter setting of the IRQ-pin of KEA

    Hi Jing-san   Thank you for a sample code of irq.c.zip. However, since some header files are missing, I couldn’t try this. Instead, I created a test code by myself. Now, I’m a little confusing about...
    Hiroyoshi Suzuki
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  • Using IAR EWARM to program flash configuration field

    There are non-volatile registers in the Kinetis family flash that store the default protection and security settings of the MCU.  These include the registers FSEC, FOPT, FEPROT, and FDPROT at addresses 0x40C - 0x...
    Derek Snell
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  • Error in fsl_adc12.c

    I am using an MKE18F512VLH16 MCU.   I have found a small issue in the ADC12_DoAutoCalibration function that is in the fsl_adc12.c file.   The function attempts to reset the SC3 register back to its origina...
    Sean Dvorscak
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  • Storing a lot of data, what processor,and how to connect?

    I have and audio application for which I want to be able to read and write a lot of data at the same time. So what's a lot of data? Well I want to use an Audio codec which will take 24bit samples at a rate of up to 96...
    John Whitmore
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  • What is "Allowed Error" in the Timing Dialog in Kinetis Design Studio?

    We are using the MK10DX64VLH7 Kinetis micro-controller. (I am attaching a screenshot) When we configure the TU2 Timing Dialog for 7.8125 Hz, we get this setting called "ALLOWED ERROR" set to a default value of ...
    Bob Nayar
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  • MKM34Z256VLL7 controller mmCAU unit, required more information on the letter designations used.

    I'm working with  MKM34Z256VLL7  controller. It processes operations required when processing encryption/decryption algorithm. The support for algorithms is mentioned in 32-bit register maps, denot...
    shaik Nisar Ahmed
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